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The Gemini New Moon
by Kaye Shinker

The Gemini New Moon* appears on June 3, 2008 at 3:22 pm EDT - Chart is set for Washington, D.C.

New Moon forecasts show general trends for the month, here is the overview of the month ahead

*This Gemini New Moon is a Super Moon, meaning that the Moon is in Perigee and the line up puts a great deal of pressure on the earth's atmosphere and crust.   Expect challenges.

Last month, the Taurus Super New Moon was very destructive and claimed the lives of at least 150,000. The ring of fire should continue its volatile behavior. Gemini is an air sign, therefore, expect the atmosphere to misbehave.

Neptune and Mercury turned retrograde May 26, 2008, therefore, expect a dangerous volatile oil market.

Geminis will really feel this Mercury Retrograde and need to double check everything they do. They will need pajama days. Mercury will remain retrograde until June 18. The safest place for your money is in a vault. Mercury Rx in its own sign means read, rent movies, and go to reunions.

Uranus stations moving retrograde
Neptune is retrograde and Uranus moves retrograde June 26. They are very close to a semi sextile aspect which often predicts minor flooding and, therefore, crop damage to young plants. Watch the weather reports in USA farming areas.

This combination also makes for a volatile energy market, but allows for new inventions to find a market. Read every tiny paragraph in Investors Business Daily and check the new IPO's. Uranus and Neptune are very sneaky and inventions are their specialty.

Uranus Retrograde usually brings inventors out of the garage ready to share their ideas with friends and neighbors.

Transportation is Goofy
Pluto falls in the third house indicating a very powerful time for creative ways to conserve energy in the area of personal transportation.

Pluto is backing into Sagittarius and will arrive June 15. Confusion as to the future of energy dominates the financial markets. The political mantra heats up with environment vs. economics. Misinformation is rampant. This is another indication of folks with mechanical talent thinking out of the box. Think Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

Winter wheat abundant
Jupiter is in the 4th forecasting superb weather for growing crops and harvesting winter wheat. Abundant supplies will fill the Mississippi barges. Businesses that supply farmers will prosper. Farm equipment manufactures will accumulate long lists of back orders. I use the New Moon's 4th house to determine weather in the Eastern USA. You may set the chart for your capital and check the 4th. I talk about the New Moon for general predictions in Book 4.

Creative Fun
Speculators are in abundant supply whether they are playing on the exchanges or at the friendly neighborhood casinos. Neptune appears in the 5th and stimulates the creativity of artists, writers and children. It also suggests that taking a risk is fun and worthy of some extra time and effort.

Uranus appears in the sixth
Labor continues to have unusual problems. Managers have problems communicating and find employees reluctant to work extra days. Energy costs constrain even enthusiastic workers. Everyone has something special on their agenda. Uniform employees are under pressure to communicate clearly. First responders are taking long classes and learning new techniques. They are tired and find it difficult to work extra hours. Most uniformed services are understaffed and all are complaining about overwhelming paperwork and regulations.

The New Moon
The New Moon appears in the 9th house therefore the public is extremely interested in world economic activity,religion, travel, and educational opportunities. Earned income will be spent on various devises to make communications with international markets easier. Folks will discuss their ideas for enterprises that tap the global markets. Investors will finally risk their assets to study and make investments in emerging economies.

Mars at the Top
Mars appears in the 10th and ignites the energy of CEO's. Salesmen are encouraged to find new markets and new customers. Competitions for contracts are won with superior quality and not price.

Mars in the 10th often points to war and in this case it rules the 7th house. It denotes trouble and difficulty for governments, and in this case the war is bluff and bluster. There will be a great deal of military activity since Mars sextiles the New Moon. Victorious bluffing is the result.

Saturn in the 11th
Saturn here indicates splits within the political parties as well as Congressional caucuses. Compromise is impossible. The idea is to obtain power and too many are after the same power. Personal responsibility is a forgotten issue. If the taxpayers are lucky the congress will get nothing done.

Board of Directors for corporations will have a similar problem. Shareholders are insisting on yield. Buy backs, acquisitions and other devises to increase the value of the stock are not acceptable. Cash in the form of a dividend is.

The paradigm shift to commodities is with us. In Book 4 I introduce the concept and offer some charts for commodities in the Appendix. Commodities are very difficult to trade, but I wanted to give you an introduction to the astrology involved. Once you learn the basics you can apply them to your favorite commodity.

Goldilocks has decided to move to London she is putting her aversion to politics aside and taking on Dick Whittington. She is so excited. She heard that the London stock exchange is closing the gap in its competition with New York. She is planning to adopt Puss in Boots since Dick gave his excellent mouser to the folks in India. The whole scenario has really sparked her imagination.

Kaye Shinker



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