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The Gemini New Moon
by Kaye Shinker

New Moon forecasts show general trends for the month, here is the overview of the month ahead.

The Gemini New Moon appears on June 14 2007 at 11:12 EDT Washington D.C.

Relax and Have Fun
The New Moon appears in the 5th house. Folks are really tired of serious. News programs ratings will sink and entertainment shows will increase their audience share. People will go to theatrical performances, comedy shops, concerts, amusement parks where smiles and laughter are promised. They will insist on bringing the kids and grand kids and nieces and nephews. IF there is the promise of educational that will just be a bonus.

News is Boring. Buy a Good Book
Uranus and Neptune are in the first house. The public will find one minute sound bite news concerning fraud and treachery totally boring. Difficult weather ( a surge protector is a wise purchase) is to be expected and if it doesn't rain on your parade. why worry. Problems seen in May have just turned upside down and old solutions don't work. Escape it all and go to the movies and stop at the bookstore on the way home.

Markets are Flat
Mars is in the second. Folks are putting a lot of energy into their jobs and trying to solve problems before they start. However old issues keep popping. The Markets have gone into zig zag mode and analysts are explaining how to make chocolate chip cookies. East Asia exchanges are challenging the markets, the price of energy is difficult to budget and what's with everything going private?

Mercury Retrograde
Mercury in the 6th continues to keep folks employed and many are bringing their work home. Mercury will retrograde later in the day of the New Moon and continues its backward motion until July 10. This means that you get to do everything twice. It is a good time to repair stuff, rewrite proposals, and read. It is a terrible time to start a new project, sign letters/contracts, or buy things that cost more than $10. Traders or investors might as well take the advise of the New Moon and stay home with the kids. Put in your stops and head for the mountains or the shore. Check The Textbook for Financial Astrology, Book 1 for suggestions of things to do.

Saturn and Venus in the 7th denotes that diplomacy doesn't work. No one wants to compromise or share power. Mercury is Rx so war machines are stuck on stupid and refuse to do anything. Even folks who think sabotage is fun will find it difficult to communicate their terrorism.

Research on the Web is recommended
On June 25 Saturn opposes Neptune for the third time. A Solar Flare from the opposition could cause satellite interruptions and power outages.The previous opposition which included Mercury Rx on Feb 28 saw a 400 point drop in the Dow. Correction is the best term for this and it will probably happen again. Traders will be able to bargain shop in the market place. If their stops brought some cash into their portfolio they will have a terrific time shopping.
Machinery and metals are a good starting point for shopping the Mall of Wall Street.

Jupiter in the 10th suggests that the leadership in Washington will actually do something brave. The could bring honor to the country and they could agree to make positive changes. Since it is Jupiter in Sagittarius I would suspect that the leaders would insist immigration laws were enforced.

Pluto in the 11th suggest the passing of leaders usually by natural causes. Wall street will probably lose some CEO's CIO's and CFO's. Of course a few will just retire or quit before they are fired.

Earthquakes and Solar Flares are a Problem for Technology
Jim Berkland and others feel that this New Moon will bring earthquakes to the West Coast since a tidal serge is predicted. Whales swimming in the Sacramento River would be one indication of off shore changes in the ocean. If a large number of lost animal ads appear in California papers then expect a good size tremor. The ring of fire is extremely active and this can interrupt tech manufacturing.

Kaye Shinker


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