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Capricorn New Moon

by Kaye Shinker - January 18, 2007

New Moon forecasts show general trends for the month, and I will try to give you some ideas concerning the national economic picture.

The Capricorn New Moon occurs January 18, 2007 at 11:01 pm. Using Washington, D.C. as the place, the Capricorn New Moon appears in the fourth house of the chart along with Mercury.

Discussions will center around the economic issues of housing, land ownership and farming. Folks will concentrate on housing prices, building and renovations. Housing prices will continue to favor the buyer. Older homes will sell best if they are charming, beautiful or have a spectacular view. Buyers have a lot of choices. There is still an abundant supply of new homes, but custom builders will find customers waiting in line. These people are looking at estate style homes with good size chunks of land and creative design for exterior and interior space.

Emerging is a change of taste among American households. Home furnishings, hardware, and lumber yards will find an influx of shoppers looking for ideas and thinking about ways to change their personal environment. They are looking for extraordinary ways to display their electronic toys. Spacious home offices will be required in new home building.

Farmers have plenty of money to spend and will spend their only free month adding new equipment and finding innovative ways to increase the productivity of the land. Most anticipate a good year ahead, and expect to use all of their land. Corn, soybeans, and sugar are potential alternative fuels and farmers will hedge commanding good prices on the commodity exchanges.

Neptune, Venus, and Uranus are in the fifth indicating an huge interest in gambling, sports, children, and entertainment. Creative ideas in these areas will keep you entertained and some will make headlines. However it is not a good idea to speculate in this genre of investments unless you are a fan of volatility.
It is a good time to give yourself a treat with visits to almost free entertainment venues.

Saturn in the 11th is forcing you to be thrifty. This of course is good for banks,and other financial institutions. It isn't good for credit card companies or retail. Generally people are stashing their bonus and their tax refunds. They are on the prowl for bargains and checking every purchasing idea on the internet.

Jupiter, Pluto and Mars are in the 3rd house. This could be very favorable for communications equipment as well as automobiles and airplanes. Travel will be cheap and adventure travel will entice the web shoppers. If you can schedule your vacation this would be the time to do it. Friends and family will devise parties and events and invitations are being written. You will find a great many travel offers that are difficult to resist. This means that industries that provide transport and accommodations will have plenty of customers. Also airplanes and cars will sell.

Kaye Shinker


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