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The Capricorn New Moon - January 4, 2011
by Kaye Shinker

The New Moon at 13° 38' Capricorn, January 4, 2011 4:02:36 am EST Washington D.C.

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January 4 Solar Eclipse at 14 Capricorn
The Solar Eclipse appears in the second house and is applying to a square with Saturn.  Earned income and investment income will be the focus of attention during the next six months.

This eclipse signals the paradigm shift as to how folks earn money and invest their money.  They are investing their own cash into their business ideas, therefore they will be frugal.  Banks have some very difficult problems to solve, therefore their loan portfolios will remain thin.  Regulations are biting into their favorite money making products.

This eclipse will insist that folks budget their earned income. They will demand quality and value for every bit of cash leaving their pocket.

January 4 Jupiter conjunct Uranus at 26 Pisces
The conjunction has a very good reputation for bringing up the market averages.  The averages usually go up into the conjunction and then gradually move higher in the weeks that follow.  For the past six months the conjunction has gradually pushed up market averages suggesting a gradual improvement in the economy. 

The first week of January is filled with optimistic aspects, therefore review your investments and consider selling the stocks that seem to have reached their peak.

January 22 Jupiter enters Aries
Favored sectors are changing.  Usually the markets will fall for the few days moving into the Jupiter sign change as professional traders sell out holdings in one sector and buy in another.  Check The Textbook for Financial Astrology for lists of sectors favored by Jupiter's transit of Aries.

Market bubbles like Jupiter and Uranus in Aries!  If an investment seems to good to be true: IT IS and it could be your favorite ETF.  Take this opportunity to sell profitable ETF's.

January 26 Saturn Retrograde at 17 Libra
Saturn retrograde puts the emphasis on the accounting departments of businesses.  Changes in accounting rules and tax laws will keep the CFO’s very busy.  The effect on markets is negligible and does not reverse a trend.  This week, however, could be a buying opportunity because Jupiter is changing signs.

The New Moon Eclipse appears in the 2nd House (see chart above)

At 13° 38' Capricorn, the eclipse is in the middle of the sign of business and government.   Many new business will be formed during the next six months replacing some rather old ones.   Ways of acquiring earned income change.  New styles of banks, brokerages, financial services will be created and attract new customers away from old institutions. These new businesses will develop and prosper with sweat equity and their own cash.  Their business plans will be filled with unique ideas promising to deliver quality products, maintain cash on the balance sheet and execute honest contracts with customers.  Now is the time to begin new business ventures.

Pluto appears in the 2nd House
Currency trading is the focus of attention with various Central Banks attempting to control the demand for reserves. Public pressure that focused on the value of the Dollar has now moved to the Yuan, Euro and Yen.  Businesses will continue to accumulate reserves of the raw materials they use to manufacture products.  Just in time, inventory is becoming impossible as commodity prices fluctuate rapidly.

Mars appears in the 2nd house
Labor is earning money and putting their cash into savings accounts.  Retail can expect disappointing earnings as the next quarter begins.  Weather continues to keep shoppers close to home and very conscious of value.

Neptune appears in the 3rd House
Legal issues concerning theft and fraud haunt many large public companies.  Wikileaks is just the tip of the iceberg as whistle blowers learn there is cash to be made in publishing articles about their inside information.  Expect scandals concerning elementary education and personal transportation.

Jupiter appears in the 4th House
Agriculture will have some extra good luck as the snow cover in the Midwest keeps the ground moist and warm.  The housing market will be close to its bottom and it appears that it will be about three months before the statistical folks notice.  

The real estate market will begin to feel the energy of the nodes changing signs in March.  Bargain shoppers are beginning to find real estate worthy of their cash investments.

Uranus appears in the 4th House
Real Estate taxes are a big problem for local governments, and home owners are protesting valuations.  Weather disasters continue to plague local governments and rescue workers will be busy.  It is a good idea for everyone to follow the hurricane preparation guidelines.  Now is the time to consider the value of getting off the grid.

Saturn appears in the 11th House
Congress is serious and fully intends to cut and defund programs and even deregulate.  Government workers will be encouraged to retire or find new jobs.  Hard to believe, I know, but the USA is on a Saturn return and Congress has decided it has the power of the purse.  Saturn in the 10th house of the USA natal chart means that the business of America is business.  Legislation will be forced to favor business.

Venus appears in the 12th House
Charitable contributions will increase.  Folks will toss an extra dollar into the collection plate.  However, any institution with a hint of scandal should consider closing up shop.

Mercury appears in the 1st house
Local news outlets will continue to fold as the internet replaces them.  Any restrictions on the flow of news will infuriate the public.  Everyone feels their right to speak is sacred.

Kaye Shinker


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