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New Moon forecasts show general trends and the financial outlook for the month; here is the overview of the month ahead:

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The New Moon in Capricorn is also a Solar Eclipse. It will occur on January 15, 2010 at 2:11 am at Washington D.C.

The area where the eclipse is visible starts in Africa, over the Indian Ocean and ends in China. The entire area has been shaking since the July 22, 2009 eclipse and several volcanoes are rumbling. (Follow the path of the eclipse: )

The eclipse is conjunct the natal Pluto of the USA 4th of July chart. Pluto is in the second house of the USA Sibley chart. The entire country must rise from the ashes like the mythical Phoenix in order to clean up one huge financial mess. It is probable that the dollar and the banking system will insist on being rebuilt. Extraordinary creativity will be required.

My optimistic suggestion: Capricorn likes to change the rules of the game. Pluto likes to destroy things. The current set of proposed rules are impossible to enforce. For the past six months governments and business have been making various attempts at changing the rules.

If you have a planet near 25 degrees Capricorn read my article, Economic Implications of the Solar Eclipse in Your Personal Horoscope

January 18, 2010 Jupiter moves into Pisces

This is a short visit. When Jupiter changes signs the emphasis of favored market sectors switches. Also, the markets get nervous when Mercury changes direction, and Mercury turns direct on the day of the New Moon.  It will probably be February before the dust settles.

In the Textbook for Financial Astrology I discuss all of the economic sectors ruled by Pisces. Jupiter means an abundant supply. When Jupiter transited Aquarius there was an abundant supply of electronic gadgets. Therefore, the prices for electronics plummeted. It did not mean that all technology type equities lost value, it meant that the best of breed gained value and their competitors lost value.

Which Pisces type equity will win the battle?  Remember when you wanted an iPhone last year?  What energy do you plan to spend money on this year?

Hints for using The Textbook for Financial Astrology

When thinking about Jupiter's transit through Pisces, read the list of the things Jupiter will expand (Textbook 1). Now, think which ones do you plan to buy or use?  Will you buy new footwear?  If Nike has shoes on sale will you buy a pair?

Now read about the stock and its competitors on your favorite financial site (Yahoo finance for example). At this point I look up the stocks Incorporation Date chart and IPO chart using Mike Munkasey's data. (available to purchase on our web site) If I see some favorable aspects coming up in the near future from those charts, then I study the stock's web site. I read the news about the company and their press releases. Are they really best of breed?

Do this for every sector suggested by the things ruled by Pisces until you have a short list. Now return to your financial web site and review your choices.

January 31, 2010 Saturn square Pluto at 4 Libra Capricorn

The 21st Century Reformation of science is underway with the second waning square. November 15, 2009 brought the global warming e-mail scandal to public attention through the Internet. The Internet continues to expose a cadre of scientists whose talking points are determined by the source of their grants.

Corporate and political interests have thrown money at science and the media to keep the focus of the general population on the plight of the sick and the underprivileged. Their honorable mission allows for massive profiteering.

The waning square with Saturn in the sign of justice and Pluto in the sign of government and business allows the Internet to continue to expose these scandals. NASA is probably next on the list since space agencies in BRIC countries have discovered the science of our solar system that NASA has failed to report.

The New Moon Appears in the Third House (Non USA members please set the New Moon chart for the capital of your country and note the house position of the New Moon - Textbook 4,  page 30 will help you interpret the new moon for your own country) 

The New Moon appears in the third house for the east coast and in the fourth house for the west coast of the US. The weather forecast is difficult for the entire hemisphere. Expect the continental plates to slip and slide during the next few weeks.

Transportation and communications will be the focus of attention with the New Moon in the third House. The Federal Communications Commission should be extremely busy discussing difficult problems such as band width and emergency communications channels. Electronic communications providers will spend most of the month looking for opportunities to find new ways to monetize their services.

Venus in the Third House

Corporations and governments will debate the subscription vs advertising services to the public with polls and questionnaires. The focus will be the amount of discretionary income the public considers reasonable to pay for these services. Also a new type of Internet pay per page view debit card could find trial runs among select consumers.

Vehicles and communications equipment will be in demand. Upgrades will become the focus of public attention. Employment in these areas will improve, especially in the older technologies where workers are giving notice of plans to retire. Entrepreneurs in the service sector of communications will add employees as demand increases. The New Moon gives Venus extra power and earned income in the transportation industry will increase. Truck drivers will earn their raise.

Neptune in the Fourth

Expect water damage on the East Coast.

Taxpayers will not be very happy if they are expected to bailout another insurance company.

Local governments will discover that their real estate tax assessments are flawed due to changing evaluations of a home's resale price and the occupancy of commercial real estate. Local and state legislators will be required to attend endless budget meetings.

Jupiter in the Fourth

Jupiter in the fourth can precipitate an earthquake and in this case along the East Coast of the USA and that includes the Caribbean.

The number of real estate transactions east of the Mississippi are likely to increase. People will happily work on home improvement projects keeping the hardware stores busy. Underemployed handy men/women should make their skills known.

Uranus in the Fourth

Uranus here brings surprises to the real-estate markets. Owners of commercial real estate will need to study new ways to sell their space. Innovations in electronics has reduced demand for some types of spaces requiring property owners to renovate their buildings. For example: As broadband expands its reach offices will require fewer and fewer square feet to operate. New businesses require a nice conference room and a bank of computers to operate efficiently.

Mars in the Ninth

Problem here is Mars retrograde at the top of the chart. Confusion prevails as International tensions create volatility concerning tariffs and monetary exchange rates. It is time to be wary of investments made outside of your region.

It is a good idea to avoid currency investments. Mars retrograde in Leo means gold and mining stocks will be volatile until March 10.

Saber rattling perpetrators attempt actions but they are thwarted when they try to follow through. The current challenge especially for the media will be to identify who started the fight. While Mars is retrograde the person who starts the battle loses.

Saturn in the Eleventh

Saturn is applying to a square with Pluto. Whoever tries to raise taxes on bonuses or dividends will lose their position of power. The corporate sport will be to hide as much profit as possible through acquisitions or spin offs. Executives will study ways to grow their businesses without diluting their capital. Small business will study their account books to find new ways to improve their capital and increase their cash reserves.

Pluto in the Second

Pluto is square Saturn and will be exact on January 31. During the month scandals concerning theft will surface at every level of the economy. Losses will continue in the financial services industry as hidden toxic assets surface. The IRS will expose tax fraud in an effort to increase compliance. Before investing in an ETF be sure you know the tax consequences concerning their earnings estimates. (FYI, ETFs that hold currencies, futures contracts or hard assets such as precious metals receive different treatment under the U.S. tax code.)  Be wary of claims of government guarantees.

Mercury in the Second

Earned income for the USA will come from hidden sources. Media old and new will add to the earnings prospects for everyone. Be sure you invest in your own education and learn to use your electronic gadgets efficiently. Uranus will be in Aries May 28th suggesting dramatic changes in communications. Now is the time to be alert and watch the descriptions of IPO's coming into the market. You are looking for new products that are outrageous.

GOLDILOCKS ( a Bulls 'n Bears Parody)

Goldilocks ran into Mama Bear's kitchen. Baby Bear was right behind her.

"Is Papa Bear home yet?" Baby Bear questioned as Mama Bear tried to give him a hug then saw he was covered with beads of honey.

"Do you think Papa Bear will have news today about Artful Dodger?" Goldilocks questioned Mama Bear as she leaned over the kitchen sink and turned on the faucets.  She picked up Baby Bear and scrubbed off all the honey.

"We sold a 1000 bowls of porridge today at the Kiosk" Goldilocks explained as she handed Baby Bear over to Mama's waiting towel.

She continued talking, "Papa Bear says Art will be in jail forever, he tried to run a Ponzi scheme with oil futures."

Mama Bear set Baby Bear on the table, drying his eyes and ears and then suddenly turned to Goldilocks, "Did Ferdinand answer his phone?"

"Yes, he said he's going to the wedding. He heard that India has lots of single heifers."

Baby Bear and Goldilocks heard Papa Bears keys in the door.

Baby Bear tumbled off the table and tripping over each other both ran to the door to open it.

"Papa, papa what happened to Art today?" they questioned simultaneously.

"It's a long story, I'll tell you after dinner, OK?"

The long story is on the Goldilocks blog


Kaye Shinker


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