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The Capricorn New Moon
by Kaye Shinker

The Capricorn New Moon appears January 8, 2008 at 6:37 AM, EST, chart set for Washington DC.

New Moon forecasts show general trends for the month, here is the overview of the month ahead.

Mars remains retrograde until January 29 when you will begin to feel your energy return. Mercury starts his retrograde motion January 28 warning you to zip your wallet and your mouth. Mercury turns direct on February 18 after the Aquarius New Moon.

When I set the New Moon chart I set it for Washington D.C.  When you set a chart you need to set it for the capital of your country.  If there is a stellium containing more than three planets, it is really a good idea to calculate the chart for your country/state.  When you interpret a stellium you look at how the planets involved will react to each other, and then their location in the chart.  This also applies to your natal chart.

Happy together: Pluto, Jupiter, Sun, Moon and Mercury
The stellium of Pluto, Jupiter, Sun, Moon and Mercury blend together causing most folks to be extremely happy about the area of life where the stellium appears.

The population of the USA are the happiest people on earth. Tired, but very happy and maybe a bit chubby.  Who cares?  The rest of world?  The stellium of Jupiter, Sun, Moon and Mercury appear in the first house of the New Moon Chart.

What about the markets?
The sector emphasis of markets has changed.  Jupiter has moved from Sagittarius to Capricorn.  Read the article Jupiter in Capricorn in the articles section of the web site for more details.

We will find that the businesses in sectors supplying expensive clothing, designer accessories, fine art work, makeup, and beauty supplies will have to scramble to provide for the demand for their products.  Find a new hair style, new shampoo, new makeup, new razor etc.  Manufactures and distributors of these products will make a profit.  The New Moon appears in the first house.

The commodities markets will be very busy and profitable.  The commodities exchanges will earn a profit from all the activity.

Interest rates stable
Investors will continue to avoid financial stocks. With so many write downs, investors are trying to determine how the banks will earn money and pay their traditional high dividends. Financial Institutions will find it difficult to derive an income from rather inflexible rates. Therefore they will be reluctant to loan money to businesses or those seeking long term loans, but happy to send out all sorts of high interest credit cards. They will also think of ingenious ways to add charges to your checking and savings accounts. Be sure to read the literature they send. Neptune appears in the second house.

Corporate CFO's are trying to please the shareholders and finding it difficult. The old ways do not work. Mergers and acquisitions to increase shareholder value are met with resistance. Folks expect the company to earn money and share it. Even technology will find investors like to see earnings turn into dividends and their CFO's will begin to add this feature to their stocks. Uranus in the second house.

Mars and Mercury retrograde January 27-January 29
With Mars and Mercury retrograde at the end of January just about anything can happen. Nothing is predictable. Mercury retrograde spills over into the Aquarius New Moon. From January 27- February 18 the Mercury retrograde period suggests that traders go on vacation. Just park your money and retreat to a no wi-fi zone.

Weather and accidents are synonymous this month. Respiratory ailments will dominate list of medical problems. The company with the best antibiotics will earn good profits. High winds and blowing snow force cancellations of truck and rail travel. Expect delivery delays Military procurement officers have the money to spend on gadgets for their troops. Equities for military suppliers will do better than most. Mars in Gemini is in the sixth.

Elderly citizens will find staying close to home a smart choice. Insurance and taxes will become topics of endless discussion. Insurance companies will continue to find it difficult to make a profit. Accounting companies will need to spend extra money to retrain employees on various new tax laws. These companies will be required to keep their temporary employees longer and thus their expenses will be higher. Saturn falls in the eighth.

Dividends and Bonus money earned in 2007 will finally be paid in 2008. Folks will use the excuse of education to use their extra money to travel. Expect destinations to include museums, and exotic site seeing to be the focus of their extra income. Venus occupies the eleventh house.

Hospitals and Schools will require more staff than they can recruit. Maintenance of a germ free environment is a huge issue. Spies and detectives will gain public recognition and hero status. Pluto is in the twelfth.


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