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The Cancer New Moon - Solar Eclipse
July 11, 2010

by Kaye Shinker

New Moon forecasts show general trends and financial outlook for the month; here is the overview of the month ahead

The New Moon in Cancer, Sunday, July 11, 2010 at 3:40 pm EDT Washington, D.C.

Cancer New Moon - Solar Eclipse Chart 2010

Click to view printable PDF chart.

The Cancer New Moon appears in the 8th and is also a Solar Eclipse.

The path of an eclipse tends to leave a rip in the earth's magnetic shield. Solar flares may penetrate the rip in the earth’s protective shield leaving many areas especially around the ring of fire vulnerable to natural disasters. The path of the eclipse is over the South Pacific stretching from New Zealand to Chili with total visibility on Easter Island (Rapanui).

It bodes further difficulties with earthquakes, volcanic activity, tsunamis and the path falls over the area where El Nino forms. The area is in winter season therefore agriculture is unlikely to have problems.

This eclipse directly affects the public’s opinion of the Dollar. Whether it is deflationary or inflationary the dollar’s value will change. Inflation might pay off the debt, but it puts every worker in a new tax bracket. Fixed income folks will be upset, and likely to blame the Government, the Federal Reserve, the IRS, and Wall Street. The solar eclipse will effect quite a few commodities and their charts are available in The Textbook for Financial Astrology Book IV. The issue for the next six months will be supply and demand of basic agriculture products. Current supplies appear to be abundant, but weather is of course the deciding factor and in this case flooding in critical areas could hamper supply.

During the week of the Eclipse, Pluto passes over an area called Bernard 92, an inky black cloud in space, whose position would be Sidereal 9 Sagittarius and Tropical 3 Capricorn. (Check for photo on July 5, 2010.  My suggestion is that it foretells the continued drafting of a hidden agenda by folks seeking unearned wealth.  Think of Cortez when his small band of troops marched into Mexico City.

July 21 Saturn Returns to Libra

Markets seem to prefer to creep up when Saturn moves into Libra, but this time the market volume trends will be low. Saturn is exalted in Libra and feels very comfortable insisting on quality and value. Retail establishments who offer quality and service will appeal to buyers. Retailers must provide the public with unique products and information. Retail will find their customers favorite colors are the metallic versions of gold, silver and copper. (link to article, Saturn in Libra)

July 23 Jupiter moves Retrograde at 3 Aries*

Throughout this week market volume is very slow. Traders are nervous and unlikely to take a position for more than an hour. Usually the market turns and goes in the opposite direction during the week leading up to the exact date of Jupiter retrograde. It is a good idea to take a vacation close to home during the last two weeks of July and the first two weeks of August.

July 25 Jupiter square Pluto at 3 Aries/Capricorn

The aspect appears in the money houses 2 and 5. The exact date should indicate a turning point in the market as optimistic Jupiter will become rather lazy during its retrograde period.

Myriads of scandals concerning misspent funds are exposed by a wave of retirees blowing the whistle.
Traders can count on a volatile market throughout the next 10 days where their wits will be rewarded. The next 20 days will find the double bottom.

July 26 Saturn opposed Uranus at zero Libra/Aries

Fifty percent of the time the Dow is up and 50% of the time it is down. This is the final opposition of Saturn and Uranus. It is in Aries and promises to be geologically destructive. It also promises political change.

The first one was November 4, 2008. The previous four oppositions seem to have forced political changes. Usually changes in government policy spills into the markets. As to space weather, each opposition has produced interesting coronal mass ejections.  The April 2010 opposition produced oil spills (careless behavior), lots of earthquakes over 6.0 and three significant volcanic eruptions.

The accounting side of every business will find their governments rewriting the rules, therefore suggesting the accountants will be anxious to keep cash in the company’s savings account.

Here is where you start looking for stocks and new IPO’s that benefit from the Smart Grid, liquefied gas, or provide gadgets for home grown electricity. (link to Uranus in Aries article)

August 3 Jupiter square Pluto

Headlines tell of even more scandals in the Financial Markets.  It has been 9 days since the previous Jupiter/Pluto square.  The domino effect continues.  The American public is now positive they have been hoodwinked and their displeasure with “Wall Street” will spill over to markets world wide.  A few international markets will escape and we will do our best to keep you alert to which ones on the blog.

August 4 Mars square Pluto at 3 degrees Libra/ Capricorn

This aspect often indicates a turning point in a market that appears to have made its double bottom.  Mars adds fuel to the firestorm that is brewing.  The problems of Enron, Worldcom, Bernie Madoff, Lehman Brothers were the tip of the iceberg.

The charts for the Dow 30 are available in the Textbooks, or as a separate download from our shopping page. Take your red pen and go through them circling planets that are between 2 and 5 degrees. This will give you an idea of the magnitude of the problems.

The New Moon in the 8th house (see chart above)

The Insurance business is difficult as payouts exceed premiums. Damaged property and loss of life is the problem. Tax revenues are a continuing problem for local governments. However, where there are problems there are also opportunities. Governments at every level are facing underfunded budgets and the inability to pay employees. The public attitude is not sympathetic to their lawmakers, therefore no new taxes, cut old taxes, and stop trying to enforce stupid regulations.

Mercury in the 9th house
New ideas in the publishing industry are gaining attention. Monetizing the internet is gaining acceptance as folks find the value in instant home delivery of their favorite publications. Content providers are taking risks that are beginning to pay dividends encouraging their creative ideas. Networking among creative people adds knowledge to the process. They are correct to believe there is money to be made with good information or an excellent story.

Venus in the 10th house
Women continue to move into positions of power as they use their income to influence commerce.  News stories will feature a plethora of women taking executive positions in large companies.  Women with entrepreneurial businesses will take the lead in their communities. The power of the purse is in the hands of women and they are learning to manipulate that power.

Mars in the 10th house
This position of Mars shows military victory; hopefully the Coast Guard gains control of the oil spill.  There is definite optimism in this position of Mars.  Experts finally put their ideas together and solve problems.  Possible success with military engagements abroad. There are enough aspects during this month to change military actions and achieve positive results.

Saturn in the 11th house
The markets turn their concern to dividends.  Boards of directors have determined that it is wise to retain as much cash as possible in the treasury of their company.  Investors afraid of tax consequences agree. Investors are also insisting on detailed financial reports from the companies.  This is a very difficult month for banks and other financial institutions.  Business, farmers, individuals are not interested in using borrowed money.  They are voting with their pocket books. They will spend their profits on expansion.

Pluto in the 2nd house
Folks are working hard to increase their income. They are using every benefit offered by their employer and community. Fraud is rampant, be careful out there especially with employment contracts.

Neptune in the 4th house
Precipitation is a problem. Tropical storms seem to favor the East Coast of the USA this month.  Folks finally notice that nation’s do not collect royalties from deep water oil wells.

Uranus in the 5th house
Disasters in places of entertainment make headlines. The commodities markets are near their highs and taking profits is a good idea. Wet weather is a challenge to crops and metals are taking some time off celebrating new highs.

Jupiter in the 5th house
Retail for children will profit this month.  Families are very concerned about education expenses. It is a good idea to avoid investing a lot of cash in the commodities markets.

A TransNeptunian Planet named Hades is at zero Cancer
His presence in the sign of home and family is as unpleasant as his name!  Fortunately Chiron makes a trine from zero Pisces and can heal the wounds with a spoonful of sugar.  

Until the next New Moon Eclipse January 4, 2011 this eclipse is in effect.  Expect change especially in the world of financial institutions.

Kaye Shinker


* ALERT! Jupiter goes Retrograde July 23rd, 2010. The Textbook for Financial Astrology has suggestions on types of business that thrive with Jupiter in Retrograde.

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