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The Cancer New Moon - June 22, 2009
by Kaye Shinker

New Moon forecasts show general trends and financial outlook for the month; here is the overview of the month ahead

Happy Solar Return to all of our Cancerian readers!

The Cancer New Moon appears June 22, 2009 at 3:35 p.m. EDT in Washington D.C.
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This New Moon is considered a Super New Moon because it is perigee or closest to the earth. In addition to the perigee New Moon there is an exact semisextile of Uranus and Neptune which often foretells flooding. If you have earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes, or tornados in your neighborhood , it is a good idea to be ready to pack up your computer along with your favorite emergency supplies and box of important papers.

Uranus turns retrograde on July 1. This aspect has a 50/50 chance of changing the direction of the Dow. However, it has a tendency to push NASDAQ in the opposite direction with about a 60% probability.  If you are trading be sure to be extra alert on Tuesday, June 30th, and Wednesday, July 1st.

Jupiter and Neptune make their second conjunction on July 10.  Both are retrograde and this suggests behind the scenes scams are being perpetrated.  Alert traders might catch a few insider trades that do not make sense.   Stops are required, especially if you are up more than 20%. Optimistically, there are some interesting new technology offerings that could make it through the maze of tough astrological aspects in September. Pessimistically this could be the end of the Bear Market Bull.  Aspects are quiet until September, therefore, expect a very thinly traded market.

The New Moon appears in the 9th house
It foretells the focus of our attention is foreign relations, religion, law, higher education and travel. The Cancer New Moon often brings seasonal highs in the commodities markets. Commodity imports/exports are in the financial news. Stops are required in these markets as they will continue their erratic behavior right into the next new moon which is also an eclipse. Make sure your stops are firmly in place.

The New Moon opposes Pluto
Legal issues especially those concerning contracts will make headlines in the financial news. The New Moon opposition to Pluto and square to Uranus suggests continued conflicts concerning contracts made between business and governments.

Pluto in the third is concerned with local transportation and ways of rebuilding local infrastructure. New ideas abound and most of them are directed at moving people from place to place with the least amount of investment in vehicles or fuel.

The third house is about basic education and communication. People will take the time to make a serious evaluation of how to obtain marketable skills for the new economy that is emerging. The internet will be their first stop. The reality of the paradigm shift is beginning to seep into conscious thought and some are able to verbalize their thinking.  Folks realize that the internet has changed the underlying structure of the economy and believe this is the point in time to determine their role in the business revolution.

The New Moon is trine the Chiron Neptune Jupiter conjunction in Aquarius, 4th house. This aspect says enjoy every minute, take lots of pictures and share stories. Most folks will use the excuse of fuel prices and stay home, enjoy their community, play sports, fish, swim, and join friends at local festivals. Networking within their community, people are collecting ideas for future enterprises including supporters for new concepts for doing business. Everyone is restless and moving to a new location is another topic of discussion.

Garage sale signs sprout along the parkways.

Uranus in the 5th squares the New Moon
Entertainment's creative artists are displaying their talent and folks find new and interesting music, theater, and artwork. The arts they once considered appealing are now old fashioned. People find fascinating new sports, new activities, and new games to occupy their leisure time. Large media enterprises too cumbersome to keep up with the trends will begin to spin off their parts or file Chapter 11.

Venus and Mars are back together again. (Read my Hearts Desire blog , "Wish for Your Hearts Desire" )
In a past blog I wrote about your Heart's Desire. Venus and Mars are instigating a summer romance for everyone. In the 7th house this suggests partnerships whether wedded or business. It is definitely two people pushing their ego's out of the way to achieve a goal.  In Taurus the goal is very practical and useful to everyone. Entrepreneurs have the opportunity to consider branching out into a related part of their industry with additional partnerships. Now is the time to study and gather information.

Mercury square Saturn appears in the 8th promising mounds of paperwork.
Paperwork that has to do with funds, insurance and taxes accumulates. People realize they are asked to voluntarily spend way to much time with stacks of stuff that require them to fill in the blanks. Everyone needs to be aware of the fine print.

Saturn appears in the 11th
It is probably fortunate for business that congress will have problems passing new legislation. Saturn here also suggests difficulty with profit and earnings from corporations. Margins are thin and Financial Officers are thrifty anticipating expenses exceeding sales. Production problems are world wide also cutting profits. Mercury square Saturn describes unhappy shareholders and taxpayers.

(...don't miss Goldilocks' previous adventures in the Summer Solstice 2009) Goldilocks rented a horse trailer, filled it with flowers and met everyone at the airport. They arrived back on Wall Street just in time to say goodbye to the Bear family.

Baby Bear put his final honey pot filled with tips into the RV, Mama Bear made a final check of her kitchen and Papa Bear started up the RV. Papa Bear explained to Goldilocks that they might have to return to Wall Street around the first week in September because the price of diesel gas was over $2 and their fuel budget was based on $2.

Baby Bear's banner" Disney world or Bust " fluttered in the breeze as they drove away.
News spreads faster than the internet on Wall Street. Almost immediately Ferdinand and Goldilocks were showered with flowers. Along with thousands of brokers they pranced up and down Wall Street until everyone was exhausted.


Kaye Shinker


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