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The 2nd Cancer New Moon of 2009 - Solar Eclipse
July 21, 2009

by Kaye Shinker

New Moon forecasts show general trends and financial outlook for the month; here is the overview of the month ahead

Happy Solar Return to all of our Leo readers! (Even though the New Moon is in Cancer, the Sun moves into Leo approximately 14 hours later, at 12:36 pm on July 22, 2009)

The 2nd New Moon in Cancer of 2009 appears July 21, at 10:34 p.m. EDT in Washington D.C.
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Cancer New Moon #2 is also a Total Solar Eclipse.

Follow the path of the eclipse by going to

“The weather of that day will stay that way” is the saying that goes with the path of the eclipse.  Usually the path indicates an area very vulnerable to violent weather.   
Example: The 2005 eclipse was visible in New Orleans and Katrina pounded the city causing the levees to break.

I follow everyday and unless Jupiter and Neptune can talk the Sun into producing more spots then it is unlikely CME’s (Coronal Mass Ejection) will be a problem.

But, sun spots can form quickly! And any CME aimed at these emerging markets could devastate the entire region.  

More likely, since this is also a Super New Moon, are earthquakes and volcanic activity.  (A New Moon is considered a Super New Moon when it is closest to the earth - or Perigee. )

Both tend to be isolated weather hazards, however, volcanic ash tends to circle at high altitudes for a long time causing cool wet weather.  An example is Sarychev, a Russian volcano, that whirled around the globe - and even the internet! - in June 2009.  There are plenty of volcanos beneath the path of the eclipse,

Solar Eclipse in Your Horoscope

You can read the interpretations of how a Solar Eclipse effects the financial side of planets in your personal chart by clicking through to my article: Economic Implications of a Solar Eclipse in your Personal Horoscope

Alert: The Textbook for Financial Astrology Textbook 3 is updated with the Dow’s new members KFT, TRV and CSCO. Gone are GM, C and AIG. (If you have put off buying Textbook 3 because of the changes in the Dow, you should buy it now.)

Solar Eclipse in Corporate Horoscopes

We urge our subscribers in India, China and Southeast Asia to set charts for your capital city. Note the location of Pluto.
The effect of an eclipse on Incorporation charts and IPO charts is also interesting to watch. If you have The Textbook for Financial Astrology, Textbook 3, watch the charts of the Dow 30 as the eclipse hits various planets in their charts.   For example, the Incorporation chart for Boeing shows the Sun at 26 degrees Cancer, three degrees from the eclipse point.  GM has Saturn at 29 Cancer.

My favorite interpretation of an eclipse contact is the eclipse conjunct Venus, "Your guardian angel goes on vacation." Country charts of North Korea and Vietnam as well as Disney’s Incorporation chart will have that problem this summer.  Events related to an eclipse in Cardinal signs happen quickly.

Saturn opposed Uranus (helio point of view)

The heliocentric opposition of Saturn and Uranus is within a degree of exact. This means be very careful with your investments and make sure your stops are firmly in place. It also means the rumors are probably true.

Check the list of things ruled by Virgo and Pisces. Fraud is everywhere. Imagine Saturn holding Uranus upside down and shaking out his pockets.

The Jupiter Neptune conjunction remains in effect and therefore folks are still feeling pretty optimistic about their own future. Many are looking at their hobbies and devising ways to turn them into profitable enterprises. If you can’t determine your hobby, look at the list of web sites you frequent most often. That is your clue.

Eclipses: Three in a Row

The first Lunar eclipse associated with the Solar eclipse appeared July 7 and the follow up Lunar eclipse will be on August 5th.  Cancer eclipses tend to stress home, family and community. The Cancer Lunar eclipse is associated with a fun event, as in this case, a family gathering - and is followed by a Solar eclipse and a difficult family event where you say, "aren’t we glad we had an opportunity to have some fun before we had to become involved in all of the work associated with the follow up Lunar eclipse?" (Leo-Aquarius).

Most astrologers are nervous about the current changes we see in the sky patterns. An eclipse in cardinal signs forces change to occur quickly and with minimum warning. This eclipse is trine Uranus and folks could be extremely happy with a change that puts an emphasis on family enterprises.

Detailed information on the financial effect of eclipses on financial markets as well as individual corporate charts is available in each of the Textbooks for Financial Astrology.

The Solar Eclipse New Moon

The New Moon appears in the 5th House, and that means have fun with sports, kids, gambling on commodities, concerts, and theater.  In other words, go outdoors and play.   Equities in the entertainment category will probably be profitable.

The eclipse point will signal a change in game plan among those financial types who see that the current plan is about to fail with the direct motion of Pluto.

Mercury in the 5th

There are plenty of educational opportunities for children.  Of course the online school choice is viable, especially if one parent is available to supervise the child’s education.  Folks are investigating the possibility of keeping the kids at home next fall.

Theater, sports, and all entertainment venues are emphasized.  Expect entertainment gatherings to be fun, exciting, and enjoyable.

The commodities markets attract gamblers.  Expect huge volatility in prices as weather complicates pricing and demand remains totally unknown because the eclipse is falling across Southeast Asia.

Saturn in the 7th

The placement of Saturn in the New Moon chart tells us where to look for problems. The problem is open enemies. Everyone knows who they are and no one knows how to make them stop rattling their sabers. Saturn alone is direct, magnifying the problems of diplomatic inefficiency. International affairs cause long and grievous difficulties as the decline in foreign trade with emerging markets suffers from a number of natural disasters.

Pluto in the 10th and three surprises?

Surprise #1 - Business at every level is a mess. CEO's are overwhelmed and do not have a clue as to what to try to fix first. CEO’s are aggravating their boards of directors who in desperation suggest they retire or be replaced.

Surprise #2 - Government leaders are unable to pacify the continued dissent among the people.  People perceive that the power of government is being used against them in ways that are out of bounds and/or just plain weird.

Surprise #3 - Institutions are out of money.  Interest/dividend payments on endowment funds have almost disappeared.  Institutional leaders are not known for their money management prowess.

Jupiter and Neptune in the 12th

Secrets, rumors, and gossip expand out of bounds. The internet is bombarded by reports from investigators trying their best to expose as many scandals as possible. Fraudulent behavior has deceived the public for the past few years and while the two planets are together they are doing their best to expose every misapplication of funds. The proliferation of news on the topic is confusing and folks find it difficult to trust even their local media personnel.

Chiron, known as The Wounded Healer, The Maverick,and the Teacher, is exactly conjunct Jupiter. This month he is in the mood to expose the misdeeds of institutions. The Wounded Healer spreads his naturopathic knowledge concerning medical issues. Chiron The Maverick expands the ability of whistle blowers to expose the misdeeds of institutions via the internet. Chiron The Teacher is expanding every bit of knowledge available to the public.

Uranus in the 1st

Folks are restless. anxious and on a consumers strike. Their cash is spent on absolute necessities. They realize there is a need for changes in their home and community, but have no idea where to start. Most just put their surplus cash in a piggy bank and contemplate the vast stack of ideas sitting on their desktop, and their E-mail.

Changes in arts and music are beginning to appear here and there.  Fashion makes an eclectic change. Styles in clothing are getting ready for the next decade and shoppers are choosing fashions that are distinctively different from the past few years.  For example,  longer skirts and slacks, colorful shirts, hair styles that require little bit more maintenance and interesting shoes.

Mars in the 3rd

Mars appears in the 3rd and suggests a great deal of interest in vehicles.  Folks are reluctant to buy new vehicles.  Repairs seem to be the best solution.  However, it is difficult to convince folks to purchase any vehicle that isn’t fully equipped with a plethora of gadgets.  People travel locally and enjoy their chatty visits with neighbors and relatives.

Venus in the 3rd

The third house position of Venus indicates that folks will spend their income to solve communications problems. Cash is saved and spent to improve vehicles. Textbooks and educational materials are moving quickly to the internet as thrift conscious buyers find this to be the best solution.

Traditional Media continues to have very real distribution problems, they know they need to adapt.

According to Goldilocks... Ferdinand the Bull has a very bad case of jet lag as well as homesickness.  He is just moping around the Three Bears cottage and refusing to sniff even roses that are sent daily by CNBC. He keeps looking at his return trip ticket.

Kaye Shinker


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