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The Cancer New Moon
by Kaye Shinker

The Cancer New Moon, July 2, 2008, 10:18 pm EDT Washington DC

New Moon forecasts show general trends for the month, here is the overview of the month ahead

*This Cancer New Moon is a Super Moon, meaning that the Moon is in Perigee and the line up puts a great deal of pressure on the earth's atmosphere and crust.   Earthquakes and volcanic action are the result especially around the ring of fire.  Expect more challenges - this is the third Super Moon in a row.

The New Moon appears in the fifth house of this chart, and the focus of attention is on gambling, taking a risk, children, the theater, and the arts. Everything is to do with these topics, and they are questioned and they are news! Will the actors strike? Yes. Will children have to walk to school for lack of diesel fuel? Yes. Are the casino's losing customers? Yes. Will the guru's of Wall Street have their credibility questioned? Yes. What about the arts? They are used to critics and probably will not notice.

Weather dominates the Financial News
Uranus continues to apply to a semi-sextile aspect to Neptune. Water is a problem. Abundant in one area and sparse in others. Of course, this will disrupt agriculture and commodities continue to move limit up.
The public is confused and as a result they are creating unusual ways of dealing with a variety of scare supplies. Cancer is the sign where famines occur.

I'm adding Chiron conjunct Neptune to this interpretation and stating that river systems and water transportation systems are news worthy. Ships and barges find navigation difficult, harbors are stressed and sailors are tired.

Mercury in Gemini in the 4th
Weather along the Atlantic promises to be very windy.
Folks see the home as a communications center. People are finding ways to connect to shopping, education, as well as work. Students on vacation from school assist with the research projects.

Emergency personnel continue to earn overtime wages. Service workers and labor are working hard and their earnings are spent on at home activities. Many of these workers are spending their extra income completing projects around their homes and feeling pretty accomplished.

Energy Becomes a Control Issue
Mars is moving to a conjunction with Saturn. Diplomacy and conservation fail to change the price of oil and food. Consumers are ready to fight the perceived enemy. A lot of energy is spent trying to keep things orderly and under control.

Pluto falls in the 11th
Shareholder discontent is very evident as companies report earnings and no increase in dividends. Capital reinvestment is required to take some of the risk out of price of energy. Legislation written to help relieve energy problems meets with speculation concerning unintended consequences, and few bills make it to a vote.
This is particularly true when it comes to sorting out mergers, and acquisitions. Shareholders are not pleased with CEO's who thought they were picking up a bargain, and it was a white elephant.

Local Governments Confront their Budgets
The public understands how governments have to dig themselves out of the hole of lower tax receipts. No one can afford higher taxes therefore folks are actually demanding fewer services. Senior citizens are asked to volunteer to fill the personnel gaps left by lower tax receipts.



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