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The Cancer New Moon
by Kaye Shinker

New Moon forecasts show general trends for the month, here is the overview of the month ahead.

New Moon in Cancer on July 14 is exact at 8:04 am EDT, set for Washington D.C.

Bastille Day in France

Changes are Dramatic
New Moon in the 12th trine Uranus in the 8th. We are working our way toward some very dramatic changes in business management.  The information age which is busily replacing the industrial age will have some very new ideas on ways to lead employees. Uranus will help management types think out of the box especially on ways to cut back commuting expenses.

Buying decisions are the focus
Buyers be aware,Mercury turned direct on July 10th and Venus will turn retrograde on July 27 giving you a short time frame to act on your decisions. This is a good time to make investments with 8% stops. If you are trading you need to know your exact goals and watch the market throughout the trading day. Take advantage of the tendency for Mercury in the 11th to help you think about P/E ratios and yield and the values required for your portfolio.

Venus Retrograde for 40 days
Venus retrograde on the 27th has a tendency to confuse your value judgment and you purchase items that become money pits. Check the Textbook for Financial Astrology for interesting details on Venus during Rx motion.

Another problem with Venus Rx is that it tends to magnify the feminine side of the warrior in all of us. We will defend our territory. The Mayans believed that their neighbors would invade whenever Venus changed direction. It is very likely that warrior behavior will heighten in the Middle East. Females in the Middle East may learn the value of saying "NO"

Jupiter Direct
The good news is Jupiter turns direct on August 7th. 80% of the time the market goes up following Jupiter's movement forward. If you have been thinking about starting a new business this would be a good time to start working on your business plan and finding all of the forms required by government entities. If you plan on purchasing a big ticket item this would be the time to start researching the prices. Remember your target date is September 8th when Venus will turn direct.

Saturn and Venus in the 7th denotes that diplomacy doesn't work. No one wants to compromise or share power. Venus is Rx so war machines are stuck on stupid and refuse to do anything. Even folks who think sabotage is fun will find it difficult to ignite the spirit of those who carry through with acts of terrorism.

Mars takes the Leadership role
Mars at the top of the chart puts a whole lot of energy directed toward businesses associated with the military. Major police/National Guard action is possible concerning the southern border states. The governors need help and the construction of a fence is a little bit more difficult than anticipated.

There are lots of changes and clarifications in the SEC accounting requirements. The problem is interpretation of IRS rules concerning hedge funds, junk bonds and investment trusts. The changes simplify the work of the CFO, but drive them crazy for a while. Saturn is moving into a trine with Pluto.

This is one month where everything ends for the best. Jupiter occupies the position called End of Matter.


Personal Commentary on the bombing attempts in England, by Kaye Shinker

As to the bombing in the UK, what is unique is the education level of the perpetrators of the attempted bombings.
In other words, if they were smart enough to follow the directions to become medical doctors how come they could not follow the internet instructions for building a bomb?

Mercury Rx has the advantage of causing folks to forget important little details.  Sometimes Venus saves us from destruction, and in this case Venus conjunct Saturn and opposed Neptune saved the London late night party folks.

Jupiter helped with his trine to Venus in the Gemini New Moon chart.

Terrorist cells are not in the Moslem ghetto - they penetrate every level of society and can't be isolated easily.  Law enforcement sees the problem (Mars opposed Jupiter) and works hard to overcome quite a number of obstacles (Mars square Uranus ) just before the Eclipse.  The Virgo Eclipse features a Grand Square which is most likely the indication of further difficult terrorist activity.

My own opinion, without the astrology to back it up, is that the liberal media and the university teachers have lead folks down the garden path to believing that the Moslem terrorist groups are isolated in poverty by education and opportunity.  This is quite the contrary, and there has been a 30-40 year penetration of all economic levels to infiltrate and strike the structure of Western society with one unique series of attacks.  

In the history of the Crusades there is a battle in Egypt where the Moslems use a series of tactics meant to lull the Crusaders into believing they had won the battle.  Behind the scenes they cut off the water and food supplies and isolated the leaders. Finally a rag tag group of survivors made it back to Europe to tell the tale. The terrorists know every detail of the Crusade battles and they plan to reenact them on the world stage.

Kaye Shinker


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