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The Aries New Moon - March 26, 2009
by Kaye Shinker

New Moon forecasts show general trends for the month, here is the overview of the month ahead.

Here's wishing you all a Fun April Fools Day, a Festive Passover, and a Happy Easter!

Humpty Dumpty rules this month as corporations begin to spin off their various subsidiaries and divisions.

Predictions and an overview for the months ahead are detailed in the Spring Equinox report. Be sure to read it!

The Aries New Moon occurs on Thursday March 26, 2009 12:06 PM EDT Washington D.C.

New Moon astrological chart  3/26/2009Click to view printable PDF chart.

Venus turns direct April 17.   Usually a Venus station will reverse the market trend. Venus direct in Aries will inspire the mechanics and engineers to test their inventions and introduce them to the public. The do-it-yourself trend will find momentum during the next few weeks as folks barter their skills. This is also a good time for bargain shoppers. Start making a list.

Entrepreneurs this isn't the best time ever, but if you must, there is a two week window after the direct station to start a new business. If you are ready then get 'er done. I have two ideas for new products. Solar Cells for toys and a fanny pack for my collection of cell phones, Ipods, Blackberries and keys.

The New Moon appears in the 10th house

Think optimistic. Corporate America's leaders seem to have their act together which inspires some confidence. Leaders are able to propose plans that have enough detail to satisfy the demand of market critics. They are also looking for calculated risks to acquire new products. Others are looking to divest their businesses of troublesome products or divisions. CEO's are working hard to add value to their products and services. Some are very involved in getting a divorce from government.

Venus retrograde in the 10th

Venus starts the month retrograde and suggests that the CEO's and CFO's review every source of income for their operation. They need to review every detail and discuss new ideas with managers. Tough decisions will be forced and a plan required after Venus turns direct. It is also a good idea to recheck the math on tax returns.

The financial implications of Venus retrograde is covered in The Textbook for Financial Astrology   

A special note to those who have birthdays from March 6th to April 17. It is not a good time to buy a house and those who have a Solar Return during this time period will need to put off expensive new purchases until your 2010 birthday. Venus retrograde through the houses is delineated in Easy Predictions with Solar Returns.  Look up your Solar return and note the house where Venus appears then read the message for Venus retrograde in that particular house.

Mercury in the 10th

Mercury is applying to a square with Pluto in this chart and suggests scandals concerning government, corporate, and labor officials. However amid all the gossip and indictments the general population is taking the opportunity to have fun meetings with old friends.

Uranus in the 10th

Change in leadership at every level of management is required. The baby boom is starting to retire or cut back on office hours. Management of government bureaucracy presents some very unusual problems. Corporate leaders are trying to divest government of interest in their businesses.

Mars in the 9th

Immigration legal and illegal causes controversy. International borders remain porous, and those unemployed will not be pleased. Lawyers and judges will find their services in demand.

Neptune in the 9th

This placement signals a great deal of work for lawyers since fraud, Ponzi schemes, and related scandals become the focus of the media.

The illegal activities of the various perpetrators is international adding to the colorful stories of these scam artists. The Madoff Ponzi scheme and others will continue to deliver evidence to explain the losses in banking and insurance.

Jupiter in the 8th

The government is collecting more funds than it anticipated. The public will notice. Tax protests are in the air. Will they be effective? Hopefully. April 15 will probably make you very aware of how much the government believes to be your share. Lots a sneaky taxes are adding Think poverty chic.

These past few months have been extremely stressful, exercise is the best medicine. A stressful economy has been particularly difficult for baby boomers who are learning how to entertain themselves. Older folks need your attention and you can learn from their stories.

Pluto in the 6th

There is a call for nations to work together to solve the economic crisis. They will actually do it using some very surprising tactics that rely on computer generated solutions. The underlying strategy will be to downsize wherever possible so that to big to fail does not happen again. Uniformed service personnel are feeling overworked and underpaid.

Saturn in the 3rd

Transportation is a problem. People refuse to buy things they believe will be obsolete in a few months. Electric or cross over cars are one good ad campaign away. In the mean time they will just take care of the cars they have.

Reminder: Predictions and an overview for the months ahead are detailed in the Spring Equinox report.

The Textbook for Financial Astrology is your basic guide to investing in the markets.
Please read the Lesson Nine Book 2 Red Flags before you invest in any equities.


Kaye Shinker



A Special note for members who own The Textbook for Financial Astrology Book 3

In the Appendix there are Incorporation and IPO charts for the 30 stocks included in the Dow. Those of you who own the book should delete AIG American Insurance Group, and replace it with Kraft. Since the change occurred during a retrograde Mercury, we anticipate additional changes.

The information for Kraft is: Incorporation Dec. 7, 2000, Richmond, Virginia 12:00 PM EST.(We use 12:00 pm since it is the middle of the business day and this particular state does not stamp a time on their incorporation documents) The IPO date is June 13, 2001 9:45 am New York, New York.


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