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The Aries New Moon
by Kaye Shinker

The Aries New Moon occurs April 5, 2008 at 11:55 pm EDT*
*Chart is set for Washington, DC.

New Moon forecasts show general trends for the month, here is the overview of the month ahead.

Pluto turns Retrograde on April 2,2008. Saturn will turn direct on May 2, 2008.

Pluto retrograde is significant as a turning point in the major averages. He returns to Sagittarius June 15, adding another turn in the averages, and we all have to revisit the unsolved Sagittarius issues.

Saturn direct is excellent because we have been avoiding a lot of accounting issues in corporate America (and everywhere else). The Financial pages will fill with stories containing really foreign words like cash, balances, earnings, and profits.

Watch Alternative Energy Issues
Pluto falls in the first as it did in the Equinox chart.  Power is the focus of discussion.  Most of us will find interesting experiments with Solar, Wind and Hydroelectric sources of power.  Finding enough and using what is available will provide all of us with interesting stocks to research. Efficient use of the current supply will become a national media campaign.

Earned Income Rises
Jupiter occupies the second house. Earned income will increase, but folks will probably be too busy to spend it. Many will spend their extra dollars to pay down debt since it is less time consuming than shopping. This is not good for the credit card industry. Others will stuff their cash in a rainy day savings account.

The New Moon is applying to a square to Jupiter, therefore, we can anticipate banks and other financial institutions working overtime to determine their commitment to capital reserves. Sorting out Sub-Prime mortgages will challenge the accounting department of every financial institution. Expect very strict requirements for every penny lent.

Communications Equipment ?
Neptune and Uranus are in the third house. This means avoid purchasing communications equipment unless you have a young family member capable of teaching you how to use it! In fact, if you absolutely need such a devise, take the kid shopping with you. Your mind is so busy that trying to learn a new skill results in a muddle.
However, there are lots of new gadgets out there and a few will become very popular, and of course a worthy investment. Take notes.

This is the water shed month for media. Wi-Fi has moved into broadcast and print media and starting to take over the audience. Satellite radio, and eventually TV, will loose.

Agriculture Thrives
Venus, Mercury, and the New Moon are in the fourth. They suggest that crops and plantings will flourish, especially at the lower latitudes and eastern seaboard. Agriculture and the machinery for crop production will keep that segment of the economy over employed. However, an abundant supply of food products also can lead to lower prices in the commodity markets. Agribusiness will earn excellent returns and the farmers are very happy.

Medical Scandals
Mars is in the eighth. Scandals concerning medical institutions will dominate the news. Notice the price of stocks in the pharma sector. If you are considering any as investments be sure to do diligent research, including the latest news on their best sellers. Behind the headlines are interesting shortages in pharmaceutical supplies.

Garbage and funeral operations will attract investor attention.

Taxes are due and the IRS may find quite a few new tax payers who are filing for the first time. The U.S. government is sending economic stimulus rebates to those who file.

Markets Push Up Tuition Costs
Saturn is in the Ninth. Higher education and religion are suffering from endowment-itis. The return on their investments into mortgage backed securities is a lot less than anticipated. This means they will raise tuitions and/or pass the plate a few extra times. Demographics (the baby boomlet of 1990) is sending a huge group of Freshmen to college. Applications for admission will stress the staff and there will be pressure to accept local students.

Continuing the Saga of Goldilocks...
Goldilocks has decided to remain in Spain where life is quiet and stress free. She continues to lavish Ferdinand with exotic flowers preparing him for his first performance in the Bull ring. Dick Whittington can wait and who knows maybe she'll take Cinderella up on her job offer.

Kaye Shinker


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