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Aries New Moon

Aries New Moon Financial Astrology Newsletter

by Kaye Shinker - April 17, 2007

New Moon forecasts show general trends for the month, here is the overview of the month ahead.

The Aries New Moon is exact April 17 at 7:36 am EDT. The Sun and Moon appear just above the horizon at 27 degrees Aries.

It's a Trashy Month ahead. Spring Cleaning Required
The Aries New Moon is usually good for Metals. This one is probably better for the metal recyclers. The shortage of raw materials will have to be filled. Junk dealers could be sitting on a mini-goldmine. Of course computer junk dealers may find drops of precious metals hiding inside their trash.

The 12th house placement foretells improvements required by legislation in hospitals, prisons, and government run institutions. Scandals concerning poor maintenance will continue at all levels of government. Red Tape is the culprit and no one knows how to dissolve bureaucracy. Industries that should benefit are trash removal, sanitation chemicals, and toxic disposal firms.

UTube types will delight in exposing poor maintenance especially if the trash and mold presents colorful patterns. The whole internet will benefit from hidden scandals concerning military procurement. If you can't keep your mouth shut, then don't steal or pad your expense account. Mars in the 11th square Venus is very good at exposing secrets.
Issues concerning Red Tape will make media headlines. With folks concentrating on the amount of their taxes, media delights in showing the incompetent government folks at work. The bad news is that taxes are due, but worse the government will waste every other cent you send them.

8th House Jupiter and Pluto increase IRS income
The New Moon is trine Jupiter therefore the IRS will collect more than they expect. Full employment has its benefits. Tax preparers will have a huge number of unexpected customers and a record number of extensions will be filed. Companies whose customers are the average taxpayer will add to their bottom line. Companies with specialized tax accountants will exceed projected revenues.

11th House Neptune and Uranus
Bonuses and dividends are still being paid and some in very unusual ways. Public companies will spin off subsidiaries to shareholders. Some will just pay one time dividends and buy the outstanding shares. The goal is to create a business that can be taken private by the major shareholders. Government requirements are becoming a huge burden and one way to avoid their scrutiny is to take the company private. This will give them a competitive advantage required in the global market.

4th House Saturn
The economy is fairly stable. Gasoline prices will influence real estate purchases. Saturn in the fourth suggests that buyers will continue to be frugal and transportation will be a priority consideration.
Saturn in the 4th and opposing Neptune is not good for weather or insurance companies. Earthquakes and volcanoes will make headlines especially around the Full Moon. Water in all the wrong places will keep rescue workers very busy. Spring storms find folks tuned to their radio's and insurance companies checking their bottom lines.

Saturn turns direct on April 19 and the markets usually move up during the following two weeks. May 6 finds Jupiter trine Saturn foretelling a small retracement back, but it is followed by Jupiter square Uranus on May 11 suggesting that technology stocks will catch a few upward trends before the Taurus New Moon.


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