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The Aquarius New Moon - January 26, 2009
by Kaye Shinker

The Aquarius New Moon is also an eclipse.   It is exact January 26, 2009 2:55 AM EST Washington D.C.

New Moon forecasts show general trends for the month, here is the overview of the month ahead.

Happy Chinese New Year, The Year of the Ox 4706 in the Chinese Calendar.

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The energy is very intense and focused. When I'm making a prediction concerning this eclipse I expect that the prediction will remain in effect for about six months. Eight planets in this eclipse are very close together (within 60 degrees), and the energy of the eclipse is very focused on the topic of money and personal transportation.

The planets are very connected to each other. Mars and Mercury are in Capricorn (Saturn's sign) and Saturn is in Mercury's sign of Virgo.  Uranus is in Pisces, ruled by Jupiter, and Jupiter and Neptune are in Aquarius, ruled by Uranus. (A very good description of this Mutual Reception can be found in The War of the Gods, where Randall Ashbourne explains, "Mutual Reception between planets removes the power of a 'King' to do damage ".

On the USA east coast the focus is on earned income, employment and unemployment.  On the West coast it is transportation and communications as the stellium moves to the third house.   Set the chart for your part of the world and notice which houses are occupied by the huge stellium of planets. That area will of activity will be very intense.

Babies born during January and February 2009 promise to be very extraordinary individuals contributing their special talents to space exploration, research, inventions, business and creative endeavors.  Keep track of these special babies, and make sure they have the opportunity for an excellent education. A similar group was born in January and February 1962, and include the current King Abdullah of Jordan as well as Garth Brooks, and a few of my student astrologers.

The URL for the path of the eclipse is while you are at the web site look at the path of the July 22 Solar eclipse which is also a Super Moon (the Moon is in Perigee/closest to the earth).

Mercury will remain Retrograde until February 1st

That means if it requires your signature or it costs more than $10 you don't need it.  If you still want the item on February 2nd then go back and buy it and I'll bet it costs less.

This is one of those times when I love being an astrologer. The US Congress wrote and passed and the president signed the TARP bill within the boundaries of Mercury Retrograde. So far if it could go wrong, it has gone wrong.   Now Congress is rewriting or retrofitting the TARP bill plus other programs that are supposed to stimulate the economy.  Will the second half of TARP happen under this Mercury retrograde?

Saturn opposes Uranus: Exact February 5, 2008

One of my Financial Astrology aphorisms is "when an aspect is over, it is over".  This aspect is over February 5th but it will return as an applying aspect in August.  In between these dates Jupiter and Neptune make two conjunctions and this could be one of the most creative, innovative times in World history.  

Guard your valuables. The opposition returns September 15, 2009, and once again the financial news will discuss liars, crooks, and thieves.  White collar criminals with extremely ingenious schemes will be exposed.  I discuss this aspect in my article Review Lesson Thirteen.

This time it will take about three months for the scandals to become public and reporters will be writing book shelves full of books on the various characters that come to light during the entire Winter Quarter.

Mars conjunct Jupiter February 17, 2009

After February 5 the sky will release the markets for a few weeks allowing the index averages to move.  Mars makes an applying conjunction with Jupiter that is exact on February 17. The indexes are full of energy and gradually moving up. Very difficult weather prevails on the west coast. Tempers will also get out of control. Add to this the Full Moon on the 16th, and emergency personnel will have their hands full.

Five planet stellium in the second house

Jupiter is conjunct the New Moon and should be considered part of the eclipse. Everything will happen very quickly. Jupiter is in the sign ruled by Uranus and Uranus is in the sign ruled by Jupiter. This means that new ideas concerning electricity as a source of energy will expand the market place.

The New Moon appears in the second house and the only topic of conversation during the month will be Money. There is a good chance that all of this discussion will bring up the Dow and other averages very quickly.

Old sources of income will disappear and New sources of income will emerge. The Sun , Moon and Jupiter conjunction are determined to rearrange the economy and they are going to start with earned income. The very large portion of the unemployed are high income extremely well-educated folks. This work force is exhausted by the past few years of economic boom. Their time off will be limited. After February 5th self-employment opportunities abound. Folks with an unemployment package will take a chance on deploying their unique ideas. This group of unemployed people work with their brains not their brawn.

Mars and Mercury are Conjunct in Capricorn

The subject is earned income whether it is in your house or in the Halls of Congress. Mars and Mercury suggest that someone needs to think, who are these people who are out of work. It is white collar workers who are looking for jobs or new businesses. Shovel is not one of their vocabulary words.

Mars and Mercury are Trine Saturn and in Saturn's sign of Capricorn

There is a real chance that people will work on their budgets, translate their job skills into a new business. Example: 2009's empty big box store transforms into 2010's computer recycling center.

Neptune in the third house

Beware of get rich quick schemes. Be very careful with your E mails and check your computer's firewalls. Expect one of the computer companies to offer a deal buy one get one free. There is a huge inventory that needs disposal. The price for all types of vehicles may seem like a bargain, but it isn't.

Uranus and Venus are in the Fourth House

If you must sell your house advertise it as unusual and charming. If you must buy a house be sure it will suit your needs for a very long time. Real estate taxes should also be a very serious consideration. Water is a big problem this month. If you are buying along the east coast re-inspect the property after a good snow storm or heavy rainfall. Be aware that unusual weather prevails. Note that the path of the eclipse appears south of India and that natural disasters will add to their economic problems .

Saturn in the Tenth

Saturn makes it very difficult for governing bodies and managers at every level of business. Due diligence is not happening. Employees refuse to be nimble fearing the loss of their job. CEO's are choosing voluntary retirement. Large corporations are being forced to spin off their subsidiaries. It is especially difficult for the new president and congress because they have not encountered so many unemployed white collar workers. Everyone knows that throwing money at a problem does not solve the problem.

Pluto in the first

Demand destruction is still in effect. The disintegration of the super market shopping center is generating surplus commercial real estate. No one is buying anything they do not absolutely need right this minute. People are even searching the internet for directions on how to fix their broken toys.

We have started the paradigm shift. Science says there is life on Mars. The Internet gives just in time reality to free speech. The people are seriously questioning government at every level including the complex taxing policies of the government.

Pluto in Capricorn means the rules are changing and some are changing every day.

The public is taking advantage of inclement weather. The weather is giving them a chance to explain to their representatives exactly what problems they see and some are explaining how they would solve the problems. The ability to communicate with the new media is making it easier for the average citizen to explain their position.

My question to the policy makers in every government: If there are two million folks unemployed and about half of them have been let go by financial institutions, then they are well educated and computer literate. It is unlikely that they know very much about the building trades or electrical trades. Is the government is throwing money at the problem promising to rebuild the infrastructure with unemployed workers who are not able to tell the difference between a shovel and a hoe?

Goldilocks sold her braids and was able to loan Papa Bear enough money to refinance the Bear cottage on Wall Street. Goldilocks has taken an apartment nearby. She is still helping mama bear with the porridge business which is extremely profitable especially on snow days when baby bear can make deliveries.

Goldilocks is totally infatuated with the Artful Dodger. He stops by with his friends for porridge every morning. Mama Bear is very upset and swears she would like to take her big wooden spoon to Art's rear end. However he does bring business to Mama Bear's porridge concession and another profitable month will get them Disneyland.


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Kaye Shinker


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