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Aquarius New Moon

The World at Large, by Randall Ashbourne is sent each week. The analysis and charts are prepared by Randall. Take a look at January 12-13, eighth paragraph page 1. "There is a very strong chance, perhaps even a likelihood, that virtually all the world's markets will plunge-and plunge deeply-over the next few weeks" Read the rest, it is a fascinating discussion of the markets. Good call, Randall.

New Moon forecasts show general trends for the month, here is the overview of the month ahead.

The Aquarius New Moon is February 6, 2008 at 10:44 PM EST which is also a Solar Eclipse.

February 6 is the Chinese New Year and the First Day of Lent.

February 5 was Mardi Gras and the American Presidential Primary called Super Tuesday. Anheuser Busch Wins.

Where the eclipse is visible the weather of that day will stay that way. If you are planning a vacation to New Zealand, Eastern Australia or Antarctica during the next six months you might check the weather of that location on February 6.

Mercury Retrograde until February 18
As I explained last month, Mercury is retrograde from Jan 28-Feb 18. What to do? Repair your house, you computer, your car, your overloaded bookcase. ( Jupiter has left Sagittarius). The Textbook for Financial Astrology Book 1 Lesson 2 discusses the phenomena.

Actually, this is a good time to improve your diet. Stock your refrigerator with fresh food that requires little preparation.

Weather is a Challenge
Unusual weather is the topic of conversation east of the Mississippi. Folks who love precipitation will be very happy. Everyone else needs to take their vitamins, drink their juice, and wear clothes in layers. Unusual weather will add new sales to home improvement stores as well as apparel shops. People living west of the Mississippi can expect Mother Nature to shake, rattle and roll. The New Moon appears in the fourth house along with Mercury, and Neptune.

The weather channels will be very popular. Real weather problems will challenge First Responders. They will wear out their equipment. Manufacturers of the equipment will need to add employees to keep up with the demand. Pluto in the third is opposed to Mars.

People shut in by the weather will find interesting new ways to use their electronic gadgets. Some may learn to shop on line and others will begin to organize their stuff. Electronics outlets, hardware stores, and delivery services will benefit from increased sales volume.

In December's newsletter I leaked the gossip concerning Goldilocks. Remember she ran off with Santa Claus and the Grinch stole Christmas. Mrs. Claus is suing for divorce and believe me neither the Grinch or Scrooge will be able to figure out this accounting nightmare when our iconic matron arrives in court with her prenuptial agreements. Melting glaciers are just the tip of the iceberg.

Interest rates
Interest rates will remain low but "For Sale" signs are still very abundant. Commercial property starts losing value for lack of demand. Wall Street's problem of bundled mortgages will continue as their accounting guru's dream up new ways to repackage loans. The chaos will inspire entrepreneurs with forensic accounting abilities to sell their talent for an excellent wage. Other accounting types will be deluged with requests for tax accounting services. In fact anyone who can add two and two and get four every time will have a job. The fourth house New Moon conjunct Neptune (interest rates) will insist the loan portfolios are recalculated and divested of non performing loans.

Demand for transportation increases
Transportation and communications devises will be in demand. These companies will expand their networks, create new efficiencies, and take control of the asphalt and information highways. Expect equities in this sector of the economy to increase their earnings per share. The writers might settle their strike in time for the Academy Awards. Jupiter and Venus are in the third house.

Boomers retire
Massive retirements in mid level management are looming. Government and industry will find this group difficult to replace. A new sector to the economy is about to emerge. Seniors are dreaming about extended travel and making practical arrangements to simplify their daily living. Some will volunteer their work skills and others will seek part time contract employment. An entrepreneurial opportunity could be Temporary employment agencies for senior skilled workers. February is an excellent month to evaluate the needs of this group.

CEO's and CFO's are also opting for early retirement. February will be an extremely challenging month for the Wall Street Journal. Reporters will need a huge chalk board to keep track of the executives racing through the revolving door. Corporate Boards will find executive packages difficult to negotiate and as younger executives insist on a hiring bonus.

Community Colleges will find a demand for instructors of hobby type classes as well as accounting, import/export regulations, computer repair, and web marketing. Senior students are anxious to learn. Mars direct is in the ninth.

Bonuses and Dividends
Brokers will find bonus money difficult to collect, if it wasn't paid before the end of January. Shareholders will be disappointed by dividends allegedly being withheld to buy back shares as well as increase corporate cash reserves. CFO's are checking their retirement options. Saturn in the eleventh.

The generation moving into control was born to clean up the mess. They are the beginning of the baby bust when Pluto and Uranus were in Virgo.

Pluto is officially in Capricorn. Think Boston Tea Party.

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