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Stock Club Report, by Kaye Shinker -January 19, 2007

Stock clubs seem to develop a character all their own. One I belong to previously had a penchant for buying stocks that split. One I belong to now has a tendency to purchase stocks that spin off another stock.
Here is their story: Barnes and Noble was the first stock the club purchased for about $23. GME was valued at about $20 per share when it was spun off. Dec 13 BKS is 41 and GME is $56.

Barnes and Noble,(BKS), had a great spin. They had acquired a smaller store named Game Spot, (GME). They spun off the store at one share for every 2 share of BKS.
BKS data INC. 11/19/1986 9:00 am est Delaware
BKS data IPO 9/28/1993 10:19 am edt NYNY
GME data INC 8/10 2001 9:01 am edt Del
GME data IPO 2/13/2002 9:37 am est NYNY

BKS INC had tJupiter conjunct the Moon when GME issued its IPO
BKS IPO had tUranus conj Saturn and also the Sun and Moon

We don't know about Alberto Culver (ACV) yet but I'm thinking the Sally Stores will go up in value since they will appeal to a younger generation that doesn't go to beauty shops as frequently as their parents.
ACV data Inc 1/30/1961 10:00 am Del
ACV data IPO 1/23/2004 9:34 am NYNY
ACV Inc had tSaturn conjunct Uranus when the spin off happened.
ACV IPO had tUranus exactly conjunct Venus on the date of the spin off

Sally Shops (SHB) IPO data 11/17/2006 9:30 am est NYNY

The real test then is to find something that we didn't buy since our energy might precipitate the spins.
1986 Incs
Fox News - News corp (NWS) six months older than BKS
Viacom split into two publicly traded companies in 2005. CBS corp and VIAcom was one week older than BKS.
PGR Progressive Insurance (who knows what might happen)
APD Air Products I'll bet this one spins by years end

OK girls we are so talented. Last week we purchase Duke Energy
DUK data INC 11/27/1963 12:00pm Del
DUK data IPO 7/12/1961 10:00 am NYNY
In Dec. '06 tNeptune is conjunct Saturn and tPluto will conjunct Venus in Jan. and tUranus will oppose nPluto in Feb.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Executives from Charlotte-based Duke Energy Corp. talk about the company's planned spin-off of its natural gas business into a new, stand-alone company, Spectra Energy, 8:30 a.mCHARLOTTE, N.C. - Executives from Charlotte-based Duke Energy Corp.

Talk about the company's planned spin-off of its natural gas business into a new, stand-alone company, Spectra Energy, (SE), 8:30 a.m!


Notes to My Stock Club, by Kaye Shinker - Oct 21, 2006

Dear Stock Club;
While researching these past few weeks to reedit my Financial Astrology Textbook, I found that there was a surprising increase in the price of a stock when Jupiter came to a conjunction with Pluto. We would not have noticed this previous to 2003. Jupiter has recently transited Libra, and Scorpio and a large number of stocks were incorporated or issued IPO's during the '70's, '80's and '90's. One caveats, it isn't always true that the price goes up dramatically since other factors such as Neptune transits square something else in the chart can destroy any gains, however, it did catch my attention.

I've done a bit of research. The following stocks will have Jupiter transiting their Pluto in early Sag. I have rated them 1st and 2nd choice for various reasons.
DD means the company was incorporated in Delaware, NYNY means the New York City for the stock exchange. Prices Oct 20.2006 (click for company Data)


Starting A Stock Club, by Kaye Shinker

Before I sell you on the concept,  I need to reassure you about two points.

First there is a National Association of Investment Clubs,  The organization provides an insurance program that bonds the treasurer of your club.

Second You will learn a lot. This is a fun way to educate yourself on financial concepts, and the person who has given you financial advise in the past will loose their authority. You will become smart. You will learn stuff about money and finance that you never expected to learn.

For example one of our members explained to her mom how the spin off of the various assets of AT&T benefited her mother’s portfolio. Mom had relied on the knowledge of Dad, but when he passed away her source of information disappeared.

This maybe the first time in your life where you will earn money while acquiring an education.

The optimum size for a club is 6-10 members.   Each member signs the by-laws and agrees to the rules of the club. Each member should be prepared to take responsibility for each elected position as well as reporting on stocks to buy sell and hold. Each member must also be prepared to forgive their fellow members for mistakes and praise them for correct analysis.

OK here we go.  What I have noticed is that first time stock club members worry about when will we actually buy stocks.  The answer:  When we have collected enough money to buy something.

I recommend dues of $50 per month and that meetings will be held on the same day each month.  I also suggest that an annual membership fee of $30 will be collected to pay for such things as postage, membership in NAIC, treasures surety bond, and an independent auditor if required.  You may also have a club subscription to Value Line and/or Investors Business Daily.  Both offer on line sites and those interested in research can log onto the site with password commands.

  • Meeting # 1 read and sign by-laws (example of by-laws) and collect dues.

  • Meeting #2 give research assignments for 3 possible stocks to purchase, discuss E Trade, TD Ameritrade (or a chosen on-line broker) and elect officers.  E Trade has a specific method and sets of documents for investment clubs.  When you apply for a club account they will send all of the documents required.  E Trade requires two officers signatures for club accounts.

  • Meeting #3 listen to research reports and treasurers report concerning E trade. Deposit funds in Etrade account. Assign an additional 3 possible stocks to purchase.

  • Meeting #4 Treasury should be $1500 to $2000. There should be 6 reports. Members need to take the plunge and vote to purchase one.

  • Meeting #5 Discuss philosophy of club concerning the purchasing of stocks.
    Example: Clubs by the nature of the beast must be investors and not traders. What will be the minimum and maximum your club will pay for one share?

         Example: $10 may be to low and $80 to high.  Is there a sector that club members disapprove?

         Example: Restaurants. Is there a sector that club members prefer?

         Example: Oil Will the club strive for a balanced portfolio? What happens when the club has too many stocks in one sector? Will the club limit the number of shares of each stock they buy.      For example 20 shares is the minimum and 100 shares is the maximum. What is the minimum amount of time you will hold a stock. Assign research for 3 more stocks.

  • Meeting #6 Your club has now collected an additional $1500 so you have enough to buy another stock. Listen to the reports and review the previous 5 that you did not purchase. Very often a member will put a great deal of time into the research of a particular stock, and the club passes on that stock. Sometimes a member will do the minimum researching a stock, but all of a sudden the stock makes the news and the member collects all sorts of clippings and info on that stock. Therefore if the members know they will have several chances to review the stock they research, they will do a better job. Usually the collective intelligence of a club will pick a winning stock.

          For example the club I belong to purchased Barnes and Noble because it had a good chart, a good report in Value Line, and everyone in the club shopped at the store.

  • Meeting #7 Odds and Ends. Someday you will sell something and make a profit, therefore your treasurer will have IRS forms to give members. You might accidentally pass away and the treasurer will need to give your assets to someone. The treasurer has some forms for you to sign. Assign 3 more stocks to research. Your club has now developed its own personality and you have met all the requirements of the National organization, you are on your own.

A member joined our group because her previous stock club had just dissolved.The group met for almost 20 years. We of course asked her lots of questions and she was pleased to share her experience. She said her club had a policy of declaring a dividend every few years and then described the ways she spent the money she said she would never have had the self discipline to save. She gave herself a special vacation, helped her daughters with college tuition, and remodeled her kitchen.

The Astrology of choosing a stock can be done several ways.   If you asked me for a list of stocks to study, I would look through my charts and send you all the ones with the same Sun sign as the current Jupiter transit. I acquired this list from Mike Munkasey and he will sell you his latest version. If you need more stocks to study then I would then list companies with Jupiter in the sign of the current Jupiter transit. Not all of these companies would do well in the year ahead, but most would out perform the market.

As I write Jupiter is transiting Scorpio. The six companies I suggested to my club last July before Jupiter began its transit of Scorpio were ALL Allstate,(Inc Nov 5 1992 and IPO June 3 1993) BHI Baker Hughes (Inc Nov 3 1986, IPO April 6 1987) MERK Chicago Mercantile Exchange (IPO Nov 13 2000) CWE Consolidated Edison (Inc Nov 10 1884, IPO Nov 5 1952) COST Costco (Inc. June 4 1993 IPO Oct 22 1993) DIS Walt Disney Co. (Re-incorporation July 28 1995, IPO Nov 12 1957)  Inc means Incorporation date and IPO means the date that stock was first offered to the public. My criteria was that soon Jupiter would transit either the Sun sign of the date of Incorporation or the Initial Public offering.  Each stock listed above has increased in value since July 2005.  However my club didn't want to take a chance on Allstate because it was hurricane season, Baker Hughes price was already too high as was MERK. Consolidated Edison seemed boring, so they checked carefully the charts of Costco and Disney.

What did they check for in those two charts?

  1. Eclipses to any planets in the chart
  2. A stellium in Scorpio
  3. The sign where Jupiter appeared in each chart
  4. The current transit of Saturn and where it would appear in each chart.
  5. The current transit of Neptune and where it would appear in each chart.
There are quite a few astrological rules to observe and they are listed and explained in my Textbook for Financial Astrology.

There were quite a few stocks in the list I made for my club. I chose the names you might recognize. Our club has two other astrologers who look at these charts. We also have three non astrologers who read the analysis of Value Line and IBD. We check the charts when we buy the stock and determine a sell date.  We do have a few regrets concerning not selling a stock on the predetermined date.

One day they might be out shopping, find a great new product and when you find the astrology agrees, you often have a very excellent stock. This method also requires a sell date.

You can do this the other way around. Ask members to make a list of stocks they would like to own, research the stock and then check the astrology. Either way works. You should always leave room for club members suggestions.

Kaye Shinker


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Please help support our site by using our bookshop for all your shopping needs!
Please help support our site by using our bookshop for all your shopping needs!

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