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Neptune Fire Engine RED Flags
Addendum to the Textbook for Financial Astrology,  Book 2,  Lesson 9

by Kaye Shinker


A member of my stock club looks first for Neptune transits whenever she looks at the chart of a company. She believes Neptune represents either liars or thieves or chaos. And she believes that Neptune exposes them whenever it transits a planet in the chart of a company. Therefore the stock price is going nowhere. She never comes to a meeting without knowing exactly where transiting Neptune is at the moment and where it is going.

During 2009 Neptune starts at 22 Aquarius, moves to 26 Aquarius, turns retrograde to 23 Aquarius, and ends the year at 24 Aquarius.

The USA Moon in the Sibley chart is at 27 Aquarius. The American public has a Neptune transit all of 2009 and 2010. Liars, thieves, rogues, cheaters, fibbers, con artists will make headlines. The Better Business Bureau will probably have to hire extra staff just to keep up.

Vedic Astrologers note: 23 is an important degree in a Tropical chart.

Examples of Neptune Red Flags in Corporate Charts:

1. Transiting Neptune with a hard aspect ( conjunction, square, opposition) to Mercury.

  • Citigroup's Incorporation chart had transiting Neptune conjunct Mercury throughout 2007.
  • Goldman Sachs has Neptune opposed Mercury throughout 2009. Might be interesting.

2. Jupiter or Pluto transiting conjunct to natal Neptune.

Companies with IPO's in 1984 would have this aspect. Circuit City for example, has suffered during the transits of Jupiter and Pluto over its Neptune. Circuit City couldn't recover quickly enough before transiting Jupiter made a square Neptune February 2008 and finally filed for bankruptcy

3. Transiting Jupiter in opposition to Neptune.

Transiting Jupiter was opposed the Federal Reserve’s Neptune during December 2008 on its way to a conjunction with Uranus in January 2009. Definitely a picture of grand chaos for everyone involved. Thank Goodness this aspect does not return.

4. Transiting Neptune in hard aspect to Mars.

Poor General Motors whose Incorporation chart has transiting Neptune square Mars five times from January 2008 to December 2009.

5. Transiting Neptune in hard aspect to Venus

Bank of America's IPO has Transiting Neptune square Venus and transiting Saturn square Neptune throughout 2009.

During the past two years Neptune Red Flags have appeared all over the Incorporation and IPO (First Trade) charts of Companies in the DOW. A few escaped, but generally speaking most of the Dow stocks have “just gotten to big for their britches” as my grandma would say. Keeping an eye on personnel, suppliers and customers is extremely difficult.

The reason a company is placed in the DOW is that they have the largest market capital in their sector. They are just to big for one group of managers. They will be forced to downsize and sell or spin off their subsidiaries. They will do their best to maintain shareholder value, we hope.

Sometimes it is hard to spot Neptune aspects, but you must always check.

I thought I would play a game of Neptune and the Dow. The industrial index itself will suffer Saturn square Neptune, and Neptune square Venus throughout 2009. Therefore I suspect that Neptune will not slip by the stocks on the Dow industrials list.

Textbook 3 has all the charts of companies in the Dow. Using the charts we will do a bit of preliminary research to see if any one of the Dow stocks has a difficult Neptune transit. If Neptune did not make any difficult aspects to either the Incorporation Chart, or IPO Chart of the company, I wrote "OK" next to its call letters. If Neptune made a hard aspect to any planet in either Inc. or IPO chart I wrote "NO" next to its call letters.

Demonstration of Research of Neptune Transits to the DOW charts throughout 2009:






























What does this mean to the investor and the trader?

The investor would pick one of the stocks that says "OK" and then look at the rest of the chart, checking for a solar eclipse to Sun, Venus or Jupiter and then check the technicals using an online site and then double checking with Investor's Business Daily. If the stock passed all the tests then it could be a good investment.

Remember, in Financial Astrology "No" is a valid answer. The ones where I said "No" are for traders who know how to trade short and/or long and have very good discipline when watching their stops.

To demonstrate research I use Dow stocks because they make headlines on the Financial pages. However to make money in the markets you will need to look for stocks with a smaller market capitalization. Companies with an innovative product or the opportunity to grow.

Financial Commentators have nicknamed these stocks ‘’hidden gems". Before you take their word for it, check to be sure that the turquoise planet Neptune is out of the picture.

My suggestion is to make a list of these hidden gems, calculate their charts and then look quickly for Neptune transits. The easiest way to do this is to find out the number of the degrees Neptune will transit during the past few months and then to the year ahead.

Remember, in 2009 Neptune will transit 22 degrees of Aquarius all the way to 26 degrees. Therefore any planets in the IPO or Incorporation chart of a company at those degrees will be at risk.

If you own the Textbook For Financial Astrology, Book 2, print this article and put it at the end of Book 2. If, and when the Dow is revised, I will update Textbook 3, and I will make an announcement of the changes.

Kaye Shinker

Astrologicalinvesting uses Michael Munkasey's Company Data. The data includes the times and places for the companies mentioned above.

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