The Solstice to Equinox Challenge

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The Solstice to Equinox Challenge Game has ended - below is the recapp of the game.
Investopedia Stock Simulator

Rules for the Solstice to Equinox Challenge were as follows:

  • Each would have bought at least 1 (one) stock between December 21, 2006 and January 1, 2007, and would buy up to 5 (five) stocks before January 15, 2007. (Holding five stocks on January 15, 2007.)
  • Each could trade these stocks - buying and selling, adding other stocks - but at no time after January 16 would they hold less than 2 (two) stocks or more than 5 (five) at a time.
  • The Winner gets to keep all the fantasy money (or real money if they traded their real portfolios with the fantasy one) and the Loser must bake a dozen chocolate chip cookies for the winner.

    MEMBERS WERE INVITED TO JOIN IN AND TRADE ALONG WITH MARLEY AND KAYE – but were not constricted to the rules of the challenge. This was because Marley and Kaye wanted members to use their astrological knowledge to freely trade the market and get acquainted with trading on-line.


Congratulations to all those who played along with Kaye and I!   We hope you learned a lot and will use what you learned to make money in the market.

It was a tough market to trade in – it started off right after the New Moon on December 20, with Pluto conjunct the Galactic Center as the sun ingressed into Capricorn; ending with a New Moon Solar Eclipse in exact square to Pluto at the Galactic Center as the sun ingressed into Aries - along with a month of Mercury RX!

According to Ray Merriman in his book, The Ultimate Book on Stock Market Timing, Volume 1, “the last phase of a bullish cycle will contain the steepest decline of the entire greater cycle.” (Ray’s books are available to purchase in our online bookshop)

We haven't have seen that decline yet, but we certainly did experience a decline in the market during a time when Kaye, in particular, doesn’t like to trade – during Mercury RX!

I don’t really have as many qualms about trading during Merc RX (see my article ) but I found myself hesitating and not making the greatest decisions during this Rx period.  I can give myself the astrological excuse that Mercury stationed on the critical degree of my ASC/DSC axis – but who knows?  There are, quite honestly, better and easier times to trade, but even in a tough market there are stocks that do well.  You try your best to eliminate risk, cut your losses and make the best of what you have.  When it was all said and done, my portfolio was worth $95.980.83. Down -4.02% .

The good news was that I could recover from my bad trades.  Kaye was ahead of me going into the RX period, but in the end I did a little better than Kaye.  My greatest loss was in one stock, not setting a stop-loss on a stock I had become very comfortable trading.  A sub-prime lender, NFI, Novastar Financial, just as Mercury was stationing shocked the market by announcing a terrible fourth quarter and year-end 2006 results AFTER the market closed. My trading group and I, who had been trading this stock for a long while, unfortunately were faced with a shocking 41% gap down in overnight trading when NFI put out their news. Sadly, we threw flowers on the table and buried the blind faith many of us had in this company and it's management. As traders we will all experience times like these; my lesson from it all is to set my stop losses regardless of how comfortable I am with the stocks I'm trading or with the astrology of the times.

I am confident that although I had a bad quarter, I will end up with a strong finish at the end of the year with the stocks I own in my portfolio. I'll keep you posted!


"If you become a teacher, by your pupils you are taught"

This is a line from the song, Getting to Know You in the King and I. It has been my favorite ditty since the first time I heard it.

Resti won our stock stimulator contest! He was an excellent student and although a bit slow about taking his final exam he earned his certificate of Master Journeyman and had taught one of my beginning classes to start on a teaching certificate.

Someday I hope to meet him. His prize is the recipe for my Pecan cookies. The reason for my sending the recipe and not the cookies, is that he lives in the Philippines. But if he comes to visit the USA, and in particular our recovering city New Orleans, I can promise him Crawfish boiled to perfection, and a chocolate pecan pie.

This was a tough market to call, and you can get tired or busy with other things when you have a 4% drop. You have to put in stop/loss parameters, and the simulator doesn't allow that option or if it did I didn't find it.

Second was Jtscake and third was malcolmm. You all did great.

Muzicman88 was also a student and he came in fourth. Others could have been students but 'you've gone and changed you handle on me'. (I get more Cajun everyday!)

ps - Marley will have a big tin of chocolate chip pecan cookies on my next trip to Houston.

PSS Our next contest will be announced as soon as Marley and Kaye can agree on a date.

Purchases posted on cost basis - included brokerage fees of $19.99 per trade (Market) or $29.95(Limit/Stop-limit)

Kaye's Stocks


                 Portfolio Interest Earned                  + $ .63
3/20/07              MO Dividend Earned            + $86.35
MM b
350 sh.
@ $42.77
3/16/07             TWX Dividend Earned            + $60.00
800 sh.
@ 18.00
(- 30.28%)
 Portfolio Interest Earned                  + $6.27
300 sh.
@ $58.26
 HAL  s
500 sh.
@ $29.79
 Portfolio Interest Earned                  + $19.90
800 sh.
@ $25.78
 DKS  b
400 sh.
@ $51.97
  TWK b
1000 sh.
@ $22.88
1000 sh.

(+ 2.4%)

 Portfolio Interest Earned                  + $17.35
 HAL  b
500 sh.
@ $31.31
1,000 sh.
@ $20.43
MO  b
200 sh.
@ $86.35


DETAILED SUMMARY - (By date of transaction)

3/16/07 Bought 350 shares MM @ $42.77

MM, Metal Management, Inc.

Inc. - 6/5/86 12:00pm, Delaware

MM and its subsidiaries engage in the collection, processing, and marketing of ferrous and nonferrous scrap metals.

3/15/07 SOLD 800 shares SHFL @ $18.00

2/20/07 Bought 300 shares GSK @ $58.26

INC Dec. 6, 1999 12:00 pm GMT England
IPO Jun 10 1987 9:30am NYNY

I own this stock.

Astrological Reason - The overlying Pluto trine the MC in the IPO which will continue through April.
Feb. 7th Uranus trines the IPO Mars followed by Jupiter conjunct the IPO Saturn. I will probably sell it when Jupiter opposes the Sun March 16.  Sometimes a Jupiter opposition Sun will push up price more than expected.
Jupiter is conjunct the Inc. Sun then Uranus since Jan 31. This is followed by Uranus square the Inc Sun.

Technicals: News from the company indicates that they will introduce 10 new products. Generally a good sign for a drug company. Goldman upgaded the stock. The P/E ratio is 16 and the yield is 3.2. IBD rates the stock 71 composite rating, 74 earnings pershare, 32 relative price strength A Industry group, A Sales and Profit, C+ accumulation /distribution.

2/09/07 SOLD 500 shares HAL @ $29.79  -$779.98

I had to pick one stock to sell since I wanted to buy Glaxo Smith Kline. GSK.  Therefore I sold HAL today in the morning.  I had determined that it would be a good idea to sell HAL around Feb 11 since Saturn would square Mercury in the Incorporation chart at the begining of March. However I did not sell it in my personal portfolio because of aspects in the IPO that continue to be favorable.

1/26/07 TWX - Dividend declared

TWX declared a cash dividend of $0.055 per share on the Company’s outstanding shares of Common Stock, payable to shareholders of record as of February 28, 2007 with an anticipated distribution date of March 15, 2007.

1/17/07 Bought 800 shares SHFL @ $25.78

You might be good at rearranging a deck of cards, but are you a Shuffle Master? Shuffle Master has sold or leased more than 18,000 of its single- and multi-deck automatic card shuffling devices, which in addition to the company's chip sorting devices, help increase casino security and efficiency. The company also develops table games with names like Let It Ride, Three Card Poker, Fortune Pai Gow Poker, Royal Match 21, and Casino War. About 3,600 of its table games can be found with the company's card shufflers. The private equity firm Wind Point Partners owns 66% of Shuffle Master.
Astrology: Should be at a low with Saturn square Pluto. The aspects that follow ar Jupiter sextile IPO Jupiter, sextile Saturn and Uranus trine MC. Jupiter will conjunct the Sun Feb. 19 and then move into Uranus sextile Uranus. I don't expect any big moves. The Incorporation chart has Pluto conjunct gambling Inc. Neptune from Jan 28-April 4. Transiting Neptune is conjunct Mercury on Feb. 17 which could indicate a new product announcement and a sell on Feb 17.

Technical: Louisiana and Pennsylvania have approved gaming at their racetracks. This could favor the company products. Also Saloons are using table games to entertain patrons. The P/E ratio is 135 not very good at all but there ar very few shares outstanding so this changes dramatically.The 52 week low is 25 and the high is 40.

1/17/07 SOLD INTC @ $20.92  +$490.02

1/17/07 Bought 400 shares DKS @ $51.97

See Dick's shoppers run, putt, dunk, dribble -- and buy. Fast-growing Dick's Sporting Goods operates some 290 stores in 34 states. The stores contain on average five smaller shops ("Store-Within-A-Store") featuring sporting goods, apparel, and footwear for leisure pursuits ranging from football, golf, and cycling, to hunting and camping. Dick's also sells merchandise online. Dick's bought rival Galyan's in 2004 and Golf Galaxy in 2006.

Astrology: Dicks is probably pulling back due to transiting Saturn opposed IPO Uranus. However, by Jan. 24 it should have some bits of good news as Saturn sextiles the sun followed by Jupiter trine Jupiter then Jupiter conjunct Pluto on Feb. 11. The next favorable aspect Uranus trine Venus is exact March 11 therefore I should sell before that time. The Inc chart has a nice jupiter conjunct Mercury good news aspect on Feb. 19. The New Moon emphasis on the 5th and Jupiter in Sag I'm thinking Sporting goods is a good play.

Technicals are not great. Dicks is coming down from a 52 week high of $56. Its P/E is 23. but sales have increased 23% over the past year. This quarter could be busy for the store with Spring sports on the horizon.

1/17/07 Bought 1000 shares TWX @ $22.88

Even among media titans, this company is a giant. Time Warner is the world's largest media conglomerate with operations spanning film, television, cable TV, publishing, and online content and services. Its film and TV production companies include New Line Cinema and Warner Bros., while its television properties include CNN, HBO, and Turner Broadcasting. Time Warner Cable is the #2 cable operator (behind Comcast), serving more than 14 million subscribers, while its AOL online access unit boasts more than 17 million Internet users. Venerable Time Inc. is the top consumer magazine publisher with such titles as Fortune, People, and Time.

Astrology This should be an interesting play since there are a series of long term aspects. We start with Jupiter conjunct INC Pluto. followed by Jupiter sextile IPO Sun and Uranus sextile Venus Pluto is trine Jupiter and Jupiter is trine Uranus with Pluto conjunct the MC and that is just February. In the IPO chart the February aspects are a bit more illusive with Saturn sextile the IPO Sun Uranus trine Saturn and Jupiter sextile Mercury ending with Jupiter conjunct Pluto on March 1st on the date to sell. The Uranus trine Saturn on Feb. 6 suggest that there will be news of a spin off.

Technicals: New product announcements are good for stocks and there will be some demonstrations at the Time Warner center in New York. TWX is close to its 52 week high. The PE ratio is 15.8 and it does have a yield of almost 1%.

I own this stock.

12/28/06 Bought 1000 shares HAL @ $31.31

All Halliburton wants is to be the largest engineering/construction and oilfield services company in the world. The company's KBR (Kellogg Brown & Root) division has two segments: Government and Infrastructure provides Commercial and heavy construction Halliburton's Energy Services Group provides oilfield services such as pressure pumping, production enhancement, and well drilling. Due to extensive government contracts, Iraq by itself accounts for 24% of sales. Halliburton is spinning off KBR.

Astrology: During the next three months transiting Jupiter trines the MC then Neptune, Pluto and finally conjuncts the IPO natal Jupiter. Saturn will oppose the Moon on Feb. 7 which could be a good sell date as would Saturn trine Jupiter on Feb. 24th.   INC chart shows some difficulty with Neptune square Mercury and the MC but surprising Uranus sextile Jupiter from the first of Feb. and exact on the 20th.

Technicals: Halliburton plans to spin off the 81% of KBR to shareholders with the sale to be completed in April. KBR 's IPO date is 11/16/06 and these shares are currently $26.72. HAL P/E ration is 11.80, EPS $2.64 and yield .95. 52 week range is $26-42. Usually the price of a stock will rise right up to the spinoff.

Practical technicals are that current offshore drilling is extremely active, More troops are moving toward Iraq and heavy construction along the Gulf is just getting underway.

12/28/06 Bought 200 shares of MO @ $86.35

The world's largest tobacco firm. Altria operates its cigarette business through subsidiaries Philip Morris USA and Philip Morris International. It owns some 87% of Kraft Foods, the world's #2 food company (after Nestle?), which makes Jell-O, Kool-Aid, Maxwell House, Oscar Mayer, and Post. The tobacco giant bought Nabisco in late 2000, folding it into Kraft. Altria owns about 29% of SABMiller plc.

Astrology: IPO T. Neptune trine Saturn flows to a square with Jupiter the Jupiter trines Neptune and finally of Feb. 24 T Uranus is conjunct Uranus which is about the time Altria should divest itself of Kraft. INC Now T. Saturn is Conjunct Saturn thus the price is a buying opportunity.T.Pluto will sextile Uranus through March.

Technicals: Spin off of Kraft may be announced at Jan 31 2007 shareholders meeting , The P/E is 15.93, EPS is 5.40 and the yield is 4. 52 Week low is $68.56 and High is $86.58.

Practical. Cigarette manufactures price per carton was raised $1 last week, Foreign sales continue to increase.

I own this stock.

12/28/06 Bought 1000 shares of INTC @ $20.43

Industry: Microprocessors
Here's a key piece of intel for you: Intel is by far the foremost semiconductor maker in the world. Although occasional strategic and technical errors have cropped up, Intel remains famous for its superior execution in all parts of its business, and shows no signs of falling from its lofty perch atop the chip industry. Best known for its Pentium and Celeron microprocessors. Most computer makers use Intel processors; PC giants Dell and Hewlett-Packard are the company's largest customers.

Astrology: IPO T. Jupiter will trine Mercury in January then the Sun. Uranus will trine the moon, Mars but oppose Venus right before the end of our contest. Saturn trines Neptune on Feb. 2 and then sextile Pluto on Feb. 7 a period were it might be wise to cash in for profits.  Inc chart has T. Uranus conjunct the Sun now and then it sextile saturn and Neptune through January.  T. Uranus then sextiles Pluto in March and Jupiter conjuncts the Moon exact Mar 30. The sell would be best about the end of Feb.

Technicals: Fifty two week low is $16.75 and high 26.63. The P/e is 20.44 EPS is $1.00 and the yield is 1.9.

Practical. Apple is using Intel products in its new computers.

Marley's Stocks


Portfolio Interest Earned                   + $4.89
200 sh.
  @ $38.95
600 sh.
  @ $40.75
700 sh.
  @ $22.51
(+ 0.01%)
600 sh
@ $32.11
500 sh
@ $43.19
Portfolio Interest Earned                   + $26.51
2/28/07           QSII Dividend Earned            + $200.00
600 sh.
  @ $7.82
(- 65.52%)
2/20/07             CAT Dividend Earned            + $90.00
700 sh
@ $22.46
CAT  s
300 sh.
  @ $65.03
(+ 5.52%)
Portfolio Interest Earned                   + $37.23
500 sh
@ $47.34
500 sh.
@  $46.42
(- 7.86%)
500 sh
@ $50.40
   XOM s
100 sh
@ $73.98
600 sh.
@  $20.61
400 sh.
@  $44.78
(+ 4.9%)
NFI  b
400 sh.
@  $21.88
 NFI  b
200 sh.
@  $23.96
CHL  b
400 sh.
@  $42.58
Portfolio Interest Earned                   + $24.81
CAT  b
300 sh.
  @ $61.63
  200 sh.
@ $37.47
  XOM b
100 sh.
@ $76.73


DETAILED SUMMARY - (By date of transaction)

3/19/07 - I decided to take all profits today, selling the three profit making stocks and holding the two non-profit making stocks as per the rules of the game. (not owning less than two stocks). The Jupiter transits have run their course for these stocks during this time period. (I still own ASFI in my personal portfolio because their are still good Jupiter transits coming after this game is finished.)

3/19/07: SOLD 200 shares of QSII @ 38.95

3/19/07: SOLD 600 shares of ASFI @ 40.75

3/19/07: SOLD 700 shares of GLW @ 22.51

3/05/07: Bought 600 shares of ASFI @ $32.11

ASTA FUNDING, INC, - IPO 11/14/1995, 9:30am EST

Sector: Conglomerates

Asta Funding, Inc., is a leading consumer receivable asset management company that specializes in the purchase, management and liquidation of performing and non-performing consumer receivables.

Astrology: Jupiter conjunct Mars (March 2 and will RX back on this point) Jupiter conjunct Jupiter (Jupiter Return) March 12 @ 18.50 D and will Rx back on this point.

Technicals: News that they have a definitive agreement to purchase a portfolio of approximately $6.9 billion in face value receivables for a purchase price of $300 million plus 20% of net payments after recovering 150% of the purchase price plus cost of funds kept this stock from going down in the face of large sell-offs in the rest of the market.
Moving Averages: The moving averages are trending higher which suggests that there has been buying interest in this stock.  The 10 and 50 day moving averages indicate that ASFI is in a bullish trend.

Today was a buying opportunity.

3/02/07: Bought 500 shares of TSL @ $43.19

TRINA SOLAR LTD - IPO - 12/19/2006, 9:30 am EST

Sector: Technology; Semi-conductor, Specialized.

Trina Solar Limited is an integrated solar power products manufacturer based in China. Trina sells and markets its products worldwide, including in a number of European countries, such as Germany, Spain and Italy. The Company sells most of its products to system integrators.

Astrology: Jupiter transiting sector. IPO Conjunction of transiting Jupiter to Mercury, then Jupiter Rx will again conjunct Mercury, Moon, then station direct on it's Mars. Jupiter direct will reconnect with all these planets, including going on to conjunct Pluto and the Sun followed by Venus when Jupiter goes into early degrees of Capricorn. This looks very positive and the stock should do well this year.

Technicals - The Chinese market on Tuesday fell 8.8 percent, sparking a global sell-off, but rebounded almost 4 percent Wednesday. The pull-back created a buying opportunity for this stock. It was trading below the 10 dma after bouncing off the 20 dma. It's trading inbetween the two today.

On a personal note, there is a growing worldwide market for new solar technologies and mass production facilities. Analyst projections, focusing primarily on exports from China to other countries, overlook the huge additional demand in China - with China having one of the biggest air pollution problems in the world.

I own this stock.

2/28/07 QSII - Dividend

2/27/07: SOLD 600 shares of NFI @ 7.82 -$8,883.89

NFI's earnings report was released 2/20/07 after the close!

"On February 20, 2007, NovaStar Financial, Inc. shocked the market by announcing disappointing fourth quarter and year-end 2006 results and further warned that NovaStar expected to earn little or no taxable income in the next five years."

My trading group and I have been trading this stock for a long while and it had been very good to us.
However, when we were faced with a shocking 41% gap down in overnight trading we threw flowers on the table and sadly buried the blind faith many of us had in this company and it's management.

But! Ok, I thought, Mercury is Rx - and at the end of day there will surely be another media release.
And there was!  (At least I could count on my astrology for that!)

"...The company, said certain reports were "erroneously stated" ...."In our earnings release and conference call on Tuesday, we stated that we expect to recognize little, if any, taxable income... adding "it's the company's belief that NovaStar will generally be profitable on a GAAP basis over the next several years".   

More reports came out repeating:"Our belief is that NovaStar generally will be profitable on a GAAP basis over the next several years, as it was in 2006..."

Waiting it out, thinking surely after Mercury changes directions things will get back on course, I even bought more (personally in my portfolio) averaging my cost basis down under $9.00, and where I do expect it to bounce back to.

But, for this game I was forced to cut my losses after the reports that NFI is faced with two class-action lawsuits. I could no longer wait it out. Stock down now 65.52% and time runs out mid March.

Kaye wrote me saying - "Here is the problem - Check my Textbook 2 page 28 paragraph 4. RED Flag! Jan 31 T Neptune begins a square to Mercury exact Feb 19. This is followed by Saturn square Mercury exact March 16. Jupiter exaggerates the aspect. The Inc chart is Sept 13 1996 1:34 pm Maryland. It has Pluto square Mercury and the Moon from January through April. Not very good for making good relationships with the press or the public. Jupiter over the asc would exaggerate this."

I expect to actually earn a few dollars from this stock - there are still several very good Jupiter transits in this company's future without the influence of Neptune. My guess is that the company, being ripe for take-over, will be bought out.  If anyone is interested, I'll keep you posted! (especially since this is Mercury Rx, it will be a very good lesson - learned hard by me - but that is why we are playing this game.)

I can't stress enough the importance of protecting your position against just such a situation. While I may have known such risks, I honestly never expected to see this kind of pricing in NFI. I guess somewhere in the back of my mind I also got sucked in by what we perceived to be solid fundamentals and what I perceived good astrological transits. No trading plan is 100% and again, here is another example of overlooking the other planets - it's not always Jupiter and Saturn. A VERY reason to always use a stop loss!

2/01/07 QSII - Dividend declared

QSII declared a cash dividend of One Dollar ($1.00) per share on the Company’s outstanding shares of Common Stock, payable to shareholders of record as of February 13, 2007 with an anticipated distribution date of February 28, 2007.

2/07/07: Bought 700 shares of GLW @ $22.46

Corning - IPO - 5/21/1945, 10:00 am EST

Sector: Technology; communication equip.

I personally own this stock, (and have been watching it for a while now). This morning I saw a buying opportunity for Corning [GLW]; it's in the right sector and though it is currently experiencing Jupiter trines to Mars, the MC and Venus are next within a few days. The stock is reacting with a nice pop in price with regard to the positive media coverage it's been getting.

2/07/07: SOLD 600 shares of EXPE @ $21.67

A stock I decided to sell later in the day. The Jupiter transits have run their course short term for this stock and I decided to do a little profit taking. (I still own this stock in my personal portfolio because their are still good Jupiter transits coming after this game is finished.)

2/07/07: SOLD 300 shares of CAT @ $65.03

I still like this stock, (and still own some of it in my personal portfolio) however, in this game the rules are that we can only hold 5 stocks at a time. This morning I saw a buying opportunity for GLW and so I felt it necessary to sell. Also, the Jupiter transits have run their course in the short term for this stock.

On December 13, Caterpillar declared a quarterly dividend of 30 cents ($0.30) per share on its common stock, payable February 20, 2007 to stockholders of record at the close of business on January 22, 2007.

1/29/07: Bought 500 shares of CHL @ $47.34

When I saw that the stock gapped up at the opening I knew that THIS is when I should have bought back the stock LAST week when I bought it too high at $50.39. It has been an expensive mistake, but glad I used my stop loss because one never knows, it could have cost me more. However, at this point I've gotten back $430.00. Oh well I just have to lick my wounds and get on with it...sometimes it goes like this. Patience is what is necessary to avoid these kinds of transactions.

1/29/07: SOLD 500 shares of CHL @ $46.42

Sometimes it works, but as you can see the risk one takes is greater when the technical indicators and the astrology don't match up! I should have had more patience and waited for the dip.
I am hoping to buy back at a lower price but am willing to cut my loses here.  (Typically, I will cut my at 8%.)  The stock closed at $46.05 - glad I sold when I did.

1/24/07: Bought 500 shares of CHL @ $50.39

After profit taking on the 18th, I decided to buy back CHINA MOBILE LTD.  Technically it's overbought, and I could consider waiting for a dip in price, but because the Jupiter transits to it's IPO's Mars and Venus are coming up soon I feel the risk is worth taking. We'll see...

1/24/07 SOLD XOM @$76.73 -$294.98

I cut my losses and got out. The price popped up with the Jupiter square to Uranus, but quickly fell with the rest of the oil stocks this week. I don't see any upside for this stock at the moment. Technically, the risk ratio is greater than it is worth. Jupiter transits have passed. However, I still personally own this stock in my portfolio because long term I feel it is worth holding - but it's not worth holding for this challenge and short term.

1/18/07 Bought 600 shares of EXPE @ $20.61

Expedia, Inc.

EXPE - IPO - 11/10/ 1999, 9:30 am EST

Sector: Technology - Internet Information Provider. Online travel company, is one of the world's leading travel services companies.

Astrology: Jupiter transiting sector. Conjunction of transiting Jupiter to Moon and Mars and a square to the MC.

Technicals: A bearish pattern had developed - the stock was overbought and trading above the moving averages. I watched to see if it would pull back, and it did. End of day yesterday it closed giving me a buy signal technically. With the upcoming Jupiter transit to the IPO Moon January 31, I decided to buy. I also bought it for my portfolio.

1/18/07 SOLD CHL @ $44.78  + $880.02

Did some profit taking today and will continue to watch this stock and possibly buy back in before the Jupiter conjunction to Venus and Mars on Feb. 7.

1/17/07 ADDED 400 shares of NFI @ $21.81
        Cost ratio now = 600sh@$22.59

Stock has fallen and I found it an opportunity to add and lower my cost ratio. Am looking forward to the Jupiter conjunction to it's IPO ascendant January 30.

1/12/07: Bought 200 shares of NFI @ $24.01

Novastar Financial - IPO 10/31/1997, 9:30 am EST

Sector - Financial; industry, Mortgage Investment. subsidiaries operate as a specialty finance company. The company originates, purchases, invests in, and services residential nonconforming loans in the United States. It offers a range of mortgage loan products to borrowers.

Astrology - This is a stock I have personally been trading throughout the Jupiter in Scorpio period - and still own it. Although Jupiter has moved on into Sag, this stock still has a nice Jupiter transit coming up. Upcoming transits: Jupiter conjunct Ascendant (while still having a Solar Arc Pluto conjunction to the ascendant and a Solar Arc Ascendant to natal Mars) It did however take a nose dive as the Solar Arc Pluto first brought the stock down as Jupiter moved into Sagittarius (I sold it, but now have bought back in during this buying opportunity.) Also will have Jupiter conjunct natal Mars and Venus, however unfortunately for me, this transit will occur just after the Equinox. I am hoping the strength of these applying aspects will give it an early bounce! (Ever the optimist!)

Technicals - A clear buying opportunity. It's trading below the 10. 20. 50 day moving averages and hit it a 52 week low. Yesterday's close confirmed the buying opportunity giving a bullish signal with a white candlestick. ( a lower open and a higher close.)

1/12/07: Bought 400 shares of CHL @ $42.58

China Mobil (Hong Kong) Ltd. - IPO 10/22/1997, 9:30 am EST

Sector - Telecommunications Services; industry, Wireless Communications. CHL is a dynasty in China they are the leading provider of mobile telecommunications services in Mainland China and the largest provider of mobile telecommunications services in the world - providing a full range of mobile telecommunications services in all thirty-one provinces, autonomous regions and directly-administered municipalities in Mainland China.

Astrology - A favored Jupiter in Sag sector as well as being a Hong Kong based corporation. Upcoming Jupiter transits - conjunction to Venus and Mars while having a sextile to natal Jupiter (which adds a positive touch to the conjunction).

Technical analysis - Trading below it's 10 day moving average near the 20 day moving average gives a buying opportunity.

12/28/06: Bought 200 shares of QSII @ $37.47

Quality Systems II - IPO 12/01/1982, 10:00 am EST

Sector - Technology. Quality Systems is a developer and provider of computer-based practice management, electronic medical records systems and e-business applications for dental and medical group practices marketed under the QSI and NextGen product names.

Astrology: Upcoming Jupiter conjunction to Sun, Mercury, Venus, Neptune, and an opposition to the Moon.
Technicals did not giving me a firm buy signal. However, the 10 day moving average seems to be headed towards a bullish cross-over of the 20 day moving average, and the astrology has given me a strong enough push to buy.

12/27/06: Bought 300 shares of CAT @ $61.63
(price includes commission for three separate purchases - a mistake made by learning how to use the new software for the game!)

Caterpillar - IPO - 12/02/1919, 10:00 am EST

Sector - Industrial Products. International corporation. Manufactures construction and mining equipment, diesel and natural gas engines, and industrial gas turbines. Operates in three primary lines of business: machinery, engines, and financial products.

Astrology: Upcoming Jupiter transits to the Sun, Mars, Mercury and the Moon.

Technicals indicate it is a buying opportunity. The stock has pulled back and is oversold, trading below its 10, 20 and 50 day moving averages. It opened today with a gap-up and the day’s activity resulted in a close higher than the open.

I own this stock.

12/27/06: Bought 100 shares of XOM @ $76.73

Exxon-Mobil - IPO - 12/01/1999, 9:30 am EST

Sector- Oils/energy. A global corporation.

Astrology: Jupiter square it's sector. Upcoming transits to Sun and Pluto.

Technicals indicate a buying opportunity. The stock has pulled back slightly and is trading below it's 10 and 20 day moving average. It opened today with a gap-up and the day’s activity resulted in a close higher than the open.

I own this stock.



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