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The Summer Solstice*
June 20, 2008 - 8:00 pm EDT, Washington, D.C.
by Kaye Shinker

*The Sun at it's most northerly declination, marks this as the longest day of the year in the Northern hemisphere. 
 In the Southern Hemisphere it is just the opposite.  June 20, 2008 23:59 PM UT (Universal Time) is the Winter Solstice.  This marks the shortest day (and longest night!) of the year in the Southern hemisphere.

Summer Solstice occurs June 20,2008 at 8:00 pm EDT.   The predictions derived from the Solstice apply to the next three months until the Fall Equinox.

We will look at this Summer Solstice from the point of view of the general economy.  My analysis is set for Washington D.C.  If you live in another country, set the coordinates for your capital city. The Mundane Lesson in The Textbook for Financial Astrology Part 4 is designed to help you look at the charts set for your city.

The tone of this chart is recognizing your own personal responsibilities and applying them to your personal routine.
Taxes, insurance and interest rates are the over riding concern of the general economy. You will need to evaluate those areas of your personal finance and take the time to make sure your money is well spent.

Uranus Rx.
Uranus goes retrograde June 26. The S & P and NASDAQ markets will become less volatile. Expect oil, corn and the dollar to continue grabbing all of the headlines.  The first two weeks of September promise to be very exciting.  Stay tuned for the Virgo New Moon.

Pluto has retreated into Sagittarius and appears in the 1st house.
Power is being reexamined in the light of what happened during the first six months of 2008. The question is whether our personal philosophy is what we expect to drive our financial transactions in the world economy. This particular application is to oil and how the public consumes the various oil products.  Alternative energy as well as conservation will consume the feature sections of the mass media.

Immigration and resettlement plans for various groups world wide will occupy governments.  

Plans to revise the way financial institutions use their resources to assist in the completion of these tasks will change the banks policies and government regulations.

Folks are feeling pretty good.
Jupiter is in the 1st. There seems to be a little bit more than enough money to spend on vacations and long week-ends. There is plenty of work and folks have been forced to 'do it themselves' not to save money but because they can't find workers to do the job.

The Moon is in the 1st.
The people are feeling patriotic. They are cheering for their home team. They are staying home to support their local economy. Folks are participating in local events and sharing their talents with friends and neighbors. The reality is that this is fun! The Moon in this chart is void of course, therefore, the public will admonish themselves and others for spendthrift behaviors.

Neptune is in the 2nd.
The crisis remains Energy, and how to pay for it.  Personal income must be budgeted for the purchase of heating fuels while it is being consumed by air conditioning bills.  Home budgets take on further debt and home owners in the Northeast have a challenge.

Corporate bookkeeping is a mess. Scandals will abound and some high profile CFO's will find themselves in various SEC courtrooms.  

Financial stocks will continue to suffer throughout the summer with difficult balance sheets. Again, forensic accountants will be over employed. Watch for the New Moon reports where we will discuss financial stocks in August and October and the Jupiter square theory.

Unsold vehicles continue to accumulate.
Uranus in the 3rd is very hopeful for the energy crisis. There must be a way to covert these vehicles to consume less gasoline! Uranus thinks outside the box and signals the inventions of various personal transportation devises that are electric or very fuel efficient. If you are a speculator, keep your eyes open and invest a few dollars on the risk of catching the invention that works.

Mercury in the 6th.
Discussions will center on the lack of service employees, especially uniformed workers. The other side of the coin is the dearth of well-educated employees. Retired employees will continue to find plenty of contract work. This isn't news, but local governments will push for four day work weeks to save gas on their projects as well as vehicles used by employees. Corporate workers will ask for telecommuting as well as shorter hours in the office. Managers will need to devise new management techniques.

CEO's work assiduously to add value to shares.
The Sun is in the 7th. There are continuous negotiations concerning energy and power, especially among international corporate entities. The crisis is The Value of Currency. Summer will find CEO's negotiating to buy emerging profitable companies and simultaneously spinning off various divisions of their current company.

Venus in the 7th.
Earnings, especially those in various foreign currencies, are in the spotlight.  Corporations with more than 50% of their income from sources outside the USA will find they have plenty to supply future plans.

Mars and Saturn in the 8th.
The summer driving season brings to the forefront the ability to avoid debt and still pay for fuel.

Once again the elderly are vulnerable. The elderly are particularly vulnerable to extreme summer weather.  With utility bills gradually moving higher, those on fixed incomes tend to economize to the detriment of their health. Consciousness of their problems will help communities come together.

Disaster insurance claims from the Spring storms emphasize the problems of bureaucracy.  Everyone pretends they want to help but cash does not appear. People are beyond being extremely impatient with bureaucracy whether it is governments or private insurance providers.

Goldilocks is spending the Summer in London.

Kaye Shinker


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