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Economic Implications of a Solar Eclipse in your Personal Horoscope
by Kaye Shinker

Zodiac positions of the next solar eclipses from August 2008 through 2014:

9° 31' Leo, Aug. 1, 2008

06° 29' Aquarius, Jan. 26.2009
29° 26' Cancer, July 22, 2009

25° 01' Capricorn, Jan. 15, 2010
19° 23' Cancer, July 11, 2010

13° 38' Capricorn, Jan. 4 2011
11° 01' Gemini, June 1, 2011
09° 12' Cancer, July 1, 2011
02° 36' Sagittarius, Nov. 25, 2011

00° 20' Gemini, May 20, 2012
21° 56' Scorpio, Nov. 13, 2012

19° 31' Taurus, May 10, 2013
11° 15' Scorpio, Nov. 3, 2013

08° 51' Taurus, April 29, 2014
00° 24' Scorpio, Oct. 23, 2014

It is an excellent idea to start a business around a solar eclipse. If you look at the Dow 30 in The Textbook for Financial Astrology Book 3 you will notice that more than half have the North or South node within 30 degrees of the Sun in either their Incorporation or IPO chart. The sign of the Nodes is the sign of the Solar Eclipse series during that particular year.

How a Solar Eclipse effects the financial side of planets in your personal chart

Calculate your personal chart and take a look at each of the planets as you read. My analysis of an individual's chart is focused on the financial implications of the planets in their signs and houses. This article will provide a few clues as to how an eclipse to any one of your planets will effect your future finances.

In the past I have explained New Moon wishes. The directions state that when a New Moon is applying to exact, it is time to sit down and write 10 wishes on to any ole scrap of paper. I suggest that the first wish always should be for healthy wealthy and wise family and friends. The last wish should be for the same for the whole world. The 8 in the middle are just for you and your goals.

Ok, this New Moon is also a solar eclipse. That means be careful what you ask for because you will get it!  And if the eclipse is conjunct one of your planets, you can be sure you will get it!  Be specific and state exactly what it is that you desire. For example: The eclipse falls on your Mars in the 3rd house. You write, "I wish for a new 10 speed Schwinn mountain bike with a basket on the handle bars ready to ride",  and you will use the bike to exercise, have fun, and meet lots of interesting new people.

Remember your guardian angel is 'none too bright' and needs specific instructions!

List of Eclipses

I'll list some of the 21st century eclipses and you can check them against your planets. Give a 5 degree orb on either side of the planet. For example: Your Sun is 15 degrees Aries. An eclipse between 10 and 20 degrees Aries will be conjunct your Sun as it was on April 8, 2005 . If your birthday is 5 days on either side of any of the dates mentioned below then the eclipse that year fell on your Sun.

16° 01' Aquarius Feb. 5, 2000
10° 14' Cancer July 1.2000
08° 11' Leo July 31, 2000
04° 14' Capricorn Dec. 25.2000

00° 10' Cancer June 21, 2001
22° 56' Sagittarius Dec. 14, 2001

19° 54' Gemini June 10.2002
11° 58' Sagittarius Dec 4, 2002

09° 19' Gemini May 31.2003
01° 13' Sagittarius Nov. 23.2003

29° 49' Taurus April 19, 2004
21° 05' Libra Oct 14, 2004

19° 05' Aries April 8, 2005
10° 18' Libra Oct 3, 2005

08° 35' Aries March 29, 2006
29° 20' Virgo Sept. 22, 2006

28° 07' Pisces March 19, 2007
18° 24' Virgo Sep. 11, 2007

17° 44' Aquarius Feb. 7, 2008
9° 31' Leo Aug. 1, 2008

06° 29' Aquarius Jan. 26.2009
29° 26' Cancer July 22, 2009

25° 01' Capricorn Jan. 15, 2010
19° 23' Cancer July 11, 2010

13° 38' Capricorn, Jan. 4 2011
11° 01' Gemini, June 1, 2011
09° 12' Cancer, July 1, 2011
02° 36' Sagittarius, Nov. 25, 2011

00° 20' Gemini, May 20, 2012
21° 56' Scorpio, Nov. 13, 2012

19° 31' Taurus, May 10, 2013
11° 15' Scorpio, Nov. 3, 2013

08° 51' Taurus, April 29, 2014
00° 24' Scorpio, Oct. 23, 2014

Now use this list to check the planets in your horoscope to see if any were near an eclipse point

Sun Your work increases your income. You find new ways to earn money. You are able to take intelligent risks with your money. You initiate new methods for setting aside the extra money you are earning. You also find lots of fun ways to spend your extra cash. If you see it as a crisis, you will lose money. Odds favor finding a new home. You will experience a milestone in your life.

Moon You take an outrageous risk and it pays. Your income is very volatile with various sources of money contributing to your bank account. It is time to rebuild your self-image. Circumstance requires a move to a new house

Mercury The decisions you make concerning ways to invest your money are excellent. You are able to see the various issues surrounding these investments.

Venus You have accumulated rainy day funds during the past year. You are able to win cash or prizes during the year that follows the eclipse. A bonus you did not anticipate comes into your life. You need to spend your regular income wisely during the year following the eclipse. Business partnerships formed during this time are often successful.

Mars Outline your goals and determine what you need to do. Use your competitive energy wisely and take risks you might otherwise avoid. Make sure you have control of your money and protect it from yourself and others.

Jupiter Income as well as savings are spent on capital investments. Events work together to make these investments and excellent idea. Winnings from speculative activities often manifest. Educate yourself in trading or stock market investments before the eclipse manifests.

Saturn Thrifty is your first and middle name. You can't buy anything that isn't on sale. You negotiate every deal to make sure the seller makes a minimum profit. This will mark a turning point in your career. You gather your assets and start counting. If you are happy with the count, you retire. If you are unhappy, you reset your goals.

Uranus This eclipse will effect everyone your age. Suddenly a business opportunity comes into your life. You consider the risk and develop a plan to attempt to take advantage of the opportunity. At first the opportunity may seem outrageous, therefore give yourself time to evaluate every angle.

Neptune This eclipse will effect everyone your age. Creativity in your life takes many forms. You find a new hobby or you capitalize on your current hobby. If you find ways to earn money pursuing your hobby you will forget financial security issues and indulge in the enterprise. In fact you may combine several hobbies or special interests to initiate a new business.

Pluto This eclipse will effect everyone your age group. You look at your material possessions and determine which ones go to your garage sale, charity, or the trash. You may even hire helpers to accomplish the task. When you complete this task you dismiss extra people in your employment or household. Your goal is efficiency as well as the power to control your environment.

Now take this reading of the solar eclipse and the planet it conjuncts and apply it to the area where you will notice its effect.

Over a period of about 19 years an eclipse will fall in each house of your horoscope. Sometimes it will skip a house but most of the time the eclipse will occur twice in the same house. If the eclipse makes a close conjunction to a planet then the intensity of the meaning of the house. Consider all of the meanings.

1. The appearance you present to the world

2. The income you acquire one dollar at a time

3. The vehicles in your life, siblings and neighbors

4. The home, your house, where you start and finish your day

5. Entertainment and your ability to take a risk

6. The actual work you accomplish

7. Your partnerships: business, and otherwise

8. Insurance and taxes

9. Travel and education

10. Career

11. Earnings and dividends resulting from career

12. Chronic problems

For example: The current eclipse is at 9 Leo and after you look at your chart you find that you do not have any planets between 4 Leo and 14 Leo that does not mean that nothing will happen. It means that the changes are minor. The changes happening around you do not have a direct impact on how you live or earn money. However the eclipse will have an impact on the house where 9 Leo falls.  Example: If it falls in the 8th house then you could expect to make minor revisions concerning insurance and taxes.  If 9 Leo is in house # 3 then you would spend extra time working on your vehicles.

When a persoanl planet is involved in an eclipse then there is some sort of crisis concerning that particular house as well as the planet.

Folks born between 1945-1948 have Pluto near the current eclipse.  President Bush, for example, has a lot of trash to clean up before the eclipse of January 26, 2009, when the next eclipse occurs. Or think of all the junk Laura Bush has to deal with before she returns to her ranch.

Yes, an eclipse to the planet in an incorporation or IPO chart has an effect.   As I discuss in The Textbook for Financial Astrology Part 3, we have researched this phenomena and suggest that if you see an eclipse to any planet move on to the next stock on your buy list.  Cross the stock off you list as possible buys.

Example: Citicorp has Mercury at 21 Aquarius and it was hit by the Feb. 7, 2008 eclipse.

Kaye Shinker

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