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A short review of Lesson 13: The Textbook for Financial Astrology, Part 2
(The Saturn Uranus Opposition)
by Kaye Shinker

Astrologers will speculate on the Saturn Uranus Opposition for the next 18 months.

Both planets will move back (retrograde) and forth (direct) within 10 degrees of each other. The exact date is not as important as the months leading to the exact date of the opposition or the applying aspect. The trends are set in motion during the time before the exact date of each opposition.

Opposition means the crisis has found a solution. In the case of Saturn and Uranus, the Chief Financial Officer (Saturn) must finance the new inventions of the Chief Information Officer (Uranus).

The Saturn Uranus opposition will occur five times with Saturn in Virgo and Uranus in Pisces, with the final opposition on the Equinox points of Aries and Libra. I expect the final aspect to initiate the Green Revolution.
November 4, 2008
February 5, 2009
September 15, 2009
April 26, 2010
July 26, 2010

Saturn and Uranus were conjunct February 13, June 26, and October 18, 1988, and about 70 companies were incorporated and/or went public.

History will give us clues as to the effect of Saturn Uranus aspects.

Previous oppositions occurred five times when Saturn was in Pisces and Uranus in Virgo:
April 1, 1965
August 28, 1965
February 24, 1966
November 8, 1966
January 8, 1967

During this period of time in the 1960's, action in Viet Nam increased, antiwar movements began, the voting rights bill was passed, and there were race riots.

Financial folks noticed the passage of Medicaid, the rise of the Beatles, and the Northeast Blackout. On February 24, 1966 the market started a 9 month drop of 25%, and appearing in American Scientist was a how to article on how to build your own computer. The Personal Computer was born.

The conjunction of Saturn and Uranus occurred May 3,1942 and no companies were incorporated or issued IPO's during the months leading to the conjunction.

Previous oppositions occurred five times with Saturn starting in Leo and moving to Virgo, while Uranus was in Aquarius moving to Pisces:
October 1, 1918
January 25, 1919
August 13, 1919
April 27, 1920
June 7, 1920

During this period of time World War I ended, and the Influenza Epidemic claimed the lives of millions. The League of Nations was formed and Prohibition started. The first scheduled air passenger service began.

Saturn and Uranus were conjunct January 5, June 1, and September 9, 1897, and no surviving companies were formed during the year.

How does this information about Saturn and Uranus apply to making money using Financial Astrology?

Mundane astrologers look at history to see if the past can give us a clue to future trends. The opposition indicated failure.

However, there are a few survivors. They tend to be #2 in their business.

Surviving IPO's from 1918-1920 were PG&E Corporation, Pepsi, Philips VanHeusen and GATX Corporation.

Surviving IPO's from 1965-1967 number seventeen. Public companies include Smuckers, and Wolverine World Wide.

With the conjunction in 1988, there are about 70 companies that have survived to date. They include Dell, Cypress and Vodaphone.

According to Mike Munkasey's Company Data, no IPO's survived 1942 or 1897.

Since March of 2008 about 20 companies have gone public and none since September of 2008.

The first Saturn opposition to Uranus is exact on November 4th, and will return to an exact opposition February 5th.

This means that the applying aspect really never stops during this time period. One of the aphorisms of Financial Astrology is that all of the power of an aspect happens as it moves to exact. Once the aspect is exact, Its power is complete, or when it is over it is over.

Ok, think of Saturn as the Chief Financial Officer and Uranus as the Chief Information Officer and they are sitting across from each other at a large round table.

They can see each other, but they cannot hear each other. The CFO says, "we can't afford it", and the CIO says, "if we don't have it, then we are out of business".

Neither one can hear the other. New computers are ordered without a purchase order; the company has a problem. The message of the aspect applies to the macrocosm and the microcosm.

This particular opposition seems to indicate that companies formed from 2008-2010 will be unable to get their act together.

This is not a good time to start your own company or to buy shares in an new IPO.

It is a good time to read about new inventions that will come to market as soon as the aspect passes. The aspect is global and your financial future depends on your ability to recognize the inventions that will come on
line in 2011.

Print this page and then read Timelines in History. Make notes, then add this page to Lesson 13 Part 2, in your The Textbook for Financial Astrology.

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Information provided in this report can help you become a more knowledgeable investor, however, none of the information contained constitutes personalized financial advice, and should be used for educational purposes.
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