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The World at Large - March 15 & 16, 2008
Astrological conditions affecting stock markets combined with technical analysis
by Randall Ashbourne

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Awoe! Alas! The sky is falling – again; the banks are broke – still; and the Emperors of Wall Street have no clothes.

Is there any part of this we didn’t know already?

One of the ratings agencies has declared the banks are “probably” now halfway through their writedowns. For some reason, the markets found that reassuring – as if it’s somehow nice to know the banks which are broke now will be only twice as broke in the
near future.

The US Federal Reserve, acting in concert with other Central Banks, pumped another couple of billion greenbacks into the banking system last week. Not quite enough, apparently, to fill the tellers’ drawers at Bear Stearns.

This coming week, the Fed meets again – facing demands from the Masters of the Universe to slash interest rates by as much as one full per cent.

Everything that glitters is gold; oil is a gusher; and there are rumours that the US dollar is now so low they’re used as wallpaper in Zimbabwe.

The news is awful, awful, awful. And that’s before the banks actually begin reporting in the next week!

And yet. Stock markets, particularly the American indices, are still holding at the levels I showed in a series of charts back on January 12 when it looked as if a worldwide crash was imminent.

The only questions we really have are … will markets be able to produce a strong rally from these levels – and, if so, when?
We’ll turn to the technical charts in a minute to see what they might be able to tell us.

But first, an update on the astrological conditions …

The admission by Bear Stearns that it’s now in real danger of going belly-up comes as the money planet, Venus, opposes Saturn this weekend – to be followed almost immediately by Mercury making the same aspect.

It’s interesting that as Venus made its entry into Pisces, the sign of its exhaltation, the Fed announced new moves to help bail out the banks.

The key question is whether, between now and the end of the month, Mercury and Venus travelling together repeat the pattern of the Sun’s recent transit through the same aspects … that is, “translating” a high-energy negative pattern from Saturn to Uranus and, thus, sparking an extraordinary volatility.

I outlined my personal belief last weekend that it will not have nearly as adverse an impact as the New Moon conjunct Uranus because the difference is that Venus is now exalted and under special protection from the other Gods of Olympus.

Symbolically, I think we are seeing that in the initiatives being taken by the Central Banks. I’m certainly not expecting to see any good news from the overall banking sector!

The simple interpretation of Mercury opposed Saturn is “bad news”. Too, the Moon is heading towards its monthly conjunction with Saturn this coming week – and the Moon conjunct Saturn is nearly always a depressing aspect.

We also need to consider that during the waxing phase, between the New Moon and the Full Moon, the conditions highlighted at the New Moon “grow” in their worldly effect. The Sun will soon renew itself in Aries – and will square Pluto, before moving on to
square Mars.

Now, it is entirely possible that my interpretation of the astrological symbolism ahead is way off – and it is very likely that the coming week will see some volatile reactions to both the Fed’s decision and the results from the American banks.

Nevertheless, the weight of the astrological aspects over the next few weeks leans more towards a display of positive energy than the high-energy negative aspects of the past few weeks.

I would not be in any rush to pile on Long positions in the markets just yet, but it does seem to me – because of the astrological conditions I’ve outlined in some depth over the past two weekends – that the tide of energy is beginning to turn.

We all know that even if we are already in a developing new Bear market, there are strong rallies within the long-term downtrends.

And as I explained a couple of weekends ago, the Big Picture astrological conditions for this year – on top of the fundamental conditions of the Asian markets – tend to suggest we should put in one, perhaps two, more High marks before the Bear market really starts.

So, let’s look at the charts …CLICK TO READ MORE

Click HERE to download the full version of this report with technical charts and further comments in PDF format.

The World At Large is delivered in advance to Astrological Investing Premium Member subscribers.  Randall Ashbourne is a former journalist and political strategist residing in Australia. *QHT Technical Charts created using Quick Harmonic Trader Software, by P.A.S. Astro-Soft, Inc. makers of Galactic Investor Astrology software.


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