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The World At Large
Week beginning May 25, 2008
by Randall Ashbourne
Astrological conditions affecting stock markets combined with technical analysis

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Both Mercury and Neptune go Retrograde early this week as Venus makes another harsh aspect with Saturn – and, this time, without the benefit of any special protection.

Oil is in an accelerating blow-off and oil prices are likely to be affected negatively by Neptune’s apparent reversal, since it has joint rulership over the oil sign, Pisces.

The Mercury Retrograde indicates a need for extra precautions. A number of expert financial astrologers, like Kaye Shinker, rarely trade during the Mercury Rx period. Kaye’s research, outlined in her Textbook For Financial Astrology, suggests indices like the
DJI very often end the Mercury Rx period with prices within a per cent of where they were when the period started.

Of course, they can go a lot further than a mere one per cent before arriving back at the starting gate!

However, in my experience using the planetary lines available in software from Galactic, I find an index will tend to hook on to a Mercury price line and stay with it for the duration of the Rx period.

Since the Rx lines curve, this is what brings them back to within a per cent or two of the price they were at when the phenomenon started. We need another week of price action on the charts to see if indices like the DJI, the FTSE and the ASX 200 repeat their normal pattern of Mercury Rx behaviour.

If they do, we are more likely to see what reveals itself as sideways action, rather than another precipitous drop.

In last weekend’s report, I urged great caution with Long positions because markets were very likely to drop after making an exhaustion move higher.

That position unfolded very early in most markets, with the Dow, the S&P 500, the FTSE and the ASX spiking higher on Monday and collapsing strongly for the rest of the week after the Monday push could not hold the gains.

The potential for that collapse to happen became pretty clear as we examined last week’s charts.

Unfortunately, I cannot be as confident about predicting the precise form the price action is likely to take over the next two weeks.

I know many market watchers are now predicting a retest of the March Lows and that some are predicting a huge and ongoing fall – a return to primary Bear conditions.

I do not have that level of confidence. A bounce higher in the next few days is likely, but
it is likely to be a trend of first-degree – meaning it would last only one to three days and not be a terribly strong bounce.

It is the nature of the decline which follows the bounce I am more uncertain about. I expect it will be of at least a second-degree nature – meaning a probable decline lasting a minimum of 7 days in total.

I just cannot predict with any certainty how deep it will go, because the indices have a habit of hooking on to a Mercury line and sticking with it during the Rx period.

One facet of Mercury Rx periods which is reliable is that there can be “confusion” with communications. Internet links suddenly go awry, technical signals get whip-sawed, and the “news” can be contradictory.It’s even possible during Mercury Rx to hit the “Sell” button when one intended to hit the “Buy” button!

I’ve been travelling for the past week and, on top of that, lost my Internet connection for two days at the end of the week when a heavy rainstorm flooded the basement of my apartment building in Bangkok. C’est la vie as Mercury goes Rx.

So, once again, this weekend’s World report will be shorter than the usual. We will return to normal reports, with a full range of major world indices, the following weekend.

In overall terms, we are approaching a period which should see an important trend change. A cluster of Fibonacci turn dates is approaching from the end of May to early June – and a major Bradley Model turn date is due to occur in the same period.

In addition, there is a cluster of cycle bottoms also due at the same time.

All these factors – the planetary Retrogrades, the cycle and Fibonacci clusters, the Bradley indicator – suggest we are should soon settle the question of where the markets will go for the next few months.

At this stage, I am still expecting a bottom to form so that stock markets can rally for a few months, before another significant drop towards the end of the year.

However, we need to see exactly how the charts set up over the next few weeks before we can judge the real potential for that scenario to unfold.

In the meantime, I believe an imminent crash scenario is unlikely, even though we could normally expect a fast downtrend to resume following the exhaustion into temporary price highs early last week.

Not only is the astrological energy not as negative as it was early in the year, but there has been no confirmed Hindenburg Omen. No Hindenburg is a pretty good signal there will be no sudden crash.

But, let’s see what the charts are suggesting lies immediately ahead.

Dow Jones Transports
[click to view the charts and download the entire Adobe PDF file]
Last weekend, I suggested the Transports were at a level where a pullback in prices would be completely normal...

CLICK HERE to download the full version of this report with all technical charts and further comments. (PDF format)

The World At Large is delivered in advance to Astrological Investing Premium Member subscribers.  Randall Ashbourne is a former journalist and political strategist residing in Australia. *QHT Technical Charts created using Quick Harmonic Trader Software, by P.A.S. Astro-Soft, Inc. makers of Galactic Investor Astrology software.


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