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The World At Large
Week beginning May 11, 2008
by Randall Ashbourne
Astrological conditions affecting stock markets combined with technical analysis

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Despite strongly positive astrological conditions which should be helping to push markets higher, the rally in some world stock indices is showing worrying signs of weakness.

However, it would take a dramatic slump in prices and confidence to cancel the odds now in favour of a new Bull market developing over the next few months.

Major stock indices are continuing to hold above their new uptrend lines and positive divergence is emerging in both the British FTSE and the Australian ASX 200, both of which last week decided to brush off Wall Street’s latest bout of Chicken Little bird flu.

The Bullish divergence also continues in the Dow Jones Transport Index which went very close on Wednesday to breaking last year’s Highs – in spite of the current bubble in oil prices.

Some of the positive astrological energy I expected to drive stock prices higher obviously has been diverted to the crude oil market. I should have given more weight to the fact that Jupiter is the original ruler of Pisces, the sign which rules oil.

On Friday, Jupiter went Retrograde and later this month, so, too, will Neptune – the modern ruler of Pisces. Between now and the end of the month, the oil bubble should pop.

By late June, Uranus, now transiting Pisces, will also go Retrograde and that may further relieve pressure on oil prices.

In the meantime – not this coming week, but next – Jupiter will again perfect its sextile aspect with Uranus. Since Uranus has specific rulership of stock markets and Jupiter is the symbol for expansion, we should begin seeing more of the positive astrological energy shift away from oil and back to stock markets more generally.

There was a 9-month cycle due to bottom last week and there is still a major Bradley Model turn date due in early June. I mentioned last week that the first week of June is also the timeframe for a bottoming of the 10, 20 and 40 week cycles.

So, it is possible that these cycle Lows due in the next few weeks are what is reining-in the upside in stock markets and causing the astrological energy to be transferred to other markets, like oil and various commodities.

However, I did make the point quite strongly very early in last weekend’s report that we had to expect a price pullback to the new uptrend lines I had added to various technical charts.

I said: “But, “but” I must! And the reason is simple … at some stage within the coming days, or weeks, the breakout will be tested for its strength and resilience.”

When we come to the charts to try to get a handle on what lies ahead, we will see that the Dow Jones Industrials, the S&P 500, the FTSE and the ASX 200 all stopped their drops at precisely the price points we expected Support to show itself.

The question for the week ahead is whether the uptrend lines continue to hold.


Jupiter went Retrograde on Friday and Mars is shifting signs to Leo this weekend. I indicated last weekend that both are market-moving energy shifts.

The key remains Jupiter again forming an exact sextile with Uranus, which I touched on earlier. This aspect represents an “opportunity” for markets to expand.

On Monday and Tuesday, the Sun will light up that energy by making its own sextile to Uranus and trine with Jupiter.

And then, as the following week gets underway, Venus will repeat those aspects from her home base in the very stable sign of Taurus – and the Venusian charge comes just before the Jupiter-Uranus sextile is exact.

This is a re-emphasising of the energy patterns I went into at some length several weeks ago when I suggested the emerging pattern of Venus-Jupiter-Uranus energy pointed to a surprising turnaround in world stock markets.

And since it does re-ignite the pattern, especially with the Sun adding its warmth, I seriously doubt the Bulls are about to allow the Bears to reassert control over the markets.

In fact, the underlying strength of the mood behind the rally can be seen from its relative resilience, given the bubble in oil prices and some food commodities, and the fact that a number of significant cycles are trying to make their Lows.

Certainly, those factors are hampering the gains. We are entering that period in the middle of the month, when markets can tend towards softness, and Americans are probably aware of the old saying: “Sell in May and go away … Don’t come back until
Labour Day.”

So, we do have to balance some weak seasonal factors, as well as bubble market factors, against the positive flow of astrological energy.

I’m not sure the “sell in May” strategy will hold true this year – especially if the major Bradley Model turn date in early June coincides with a stock market Low.  If it does, I’d expect it to be a significantly higher Low than the January-March troughs … because I suspect we’re now trying to find a High for the first leg of a new Bull run.

But, let’s turn to the technical charts to see what they can tell to view the charts and download the entire Adobe PDF file

CLICK HERE to download the full version of this report with all technical charts and further comments. (PDF format)

The World At Large is delivered in advance to Astrological Investing Premium Member subscribers.  Randall Ashbourne is a former journalist and political strategist residing in Australia. *QHT Technical Charts created using Quick Harmonic Trader Software, by P.A.S. Astro-Soft, Inc. makers of Galactic Investor Astrology software.


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