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The World At Large
Week beginning July 27, 2008
by Randall Ashbourne

Astrological conditions affecting stock markets combined with technical analysis

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Contradictions abound. Even within the North American markets, the divergence between some indices just doesn’t make sense – and that’s not including the behaviour of the Canadian stock market.

We now appear to have a double non-confirmation of the overall Bear trend from the Dow Jones Transports.

The Nasdaq looks as if it’s primed to rally. The small cap stocks are outperforming the big caps, which is just bizarre if we’re really in a Bear market.

Earnings are outperforming expectations.

For the year to date, the Midcap 400 and the Russell 2000 are down a touch more than 7% - HALF as much as the DJI and the S&P 500.

Let’s recap a moment on where we are … actually, more specifically, where United States stock market players think we are.
Recession. Maybe Depression. Banks collapsing. Home buyers being forced onto the streets.

And yet, in this climate, more money is finding its way to mid-sized, Midwest firms you’ve probably never heard of – rather than into DJI giants with global reach which alleviates fluctuations in domestic demand?!

The 500 is down twice as heavily as the Russell 2000 … and of the 248 companies which have reported so far, 72% have surprised to the upside, compared with a two-year average of 66%?!

The phrase “Only in America” comes to mind.

Oil and gold appear to be ready for a corrective bounce higher within a more intermediate-term decline. Stocks appear to be set for an intermediate-term rally, but could bounce both ways this week – with the more dangerous astrological conditions
starting to bite next week and lasting into mid-August, as Mars translates Saturnian energy into its opposition to Uranus and the Sun, Mercury and Venus begin moving towards a conjunction with Saturn.

The negative astrological conditions unfolding during August could send various world stock indices to a retest of the recent Lows. But, these weird contradictions remain.

Dow Jones Transports [click to view the charts and download the entire Adobe PDF file]

Let’s start with a refresh of classical Dow Theory. Late last year, both the DJI and the DJT put in lower Highs … they confirmed each other with a primary trend change signal from Bullish to Bearish....CLICK HERE to download the FULL version of this report with all technical charts and further comments. (PDF format)

The World At Large is delivered in advance to Astrological Investing Premium Member subscribers.  Randall Ashbourne is a former journalist and political strategist residing in Australia. *QHT Technical Charts created using Quick Harmonic Trader Software, by P.A.S. Astro-Soft, Inc. makers of Galactic Investor Astrology software.


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