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Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio, 2007
by Kaye Shinker - October 2007

Mercury goes Rx October 12, 2007 at Midnight EDT, and will remain Rx for three weeks until November 1

Mercury Rx October 12 - November 1

Mercury goes retrograde three times a year.  This is often enough to establish an aphorism or two.  

One aphorism is something traders really don't want to read:  Don't trade, you'll make mistakes!

I know you all love the Mercury Rx effect and in June, as I said (read my article, "Can't Beat It: Mercury Rx") - it was absolutely precise.  (On June 15,2007  Mercury went Retrograde and the DOW was 13619 that day.  July 9, Mercury turned direct and the DOW 13649.)  

So here I am RE-peating myself: "85% of the time the Dow is within 1% at the Mercury Direct station as it was at the Mercury Rx station."

Ok, you say, "I'll take the vacation from the trading site.  Now what do I do?"

Second Aphorism: If it starts with "re" you can do it!

Start here with read.  Go to the real hard bound dictionary that your kids insisted you had to buy and then left it at home, because, who needs a dictionary at school?   Look up "re" there is your 'I can do' list.   Pick a few.

It probably will take all three weeks of Mercury Rx to reawaken your senses to appreciate the rewards of all your hard work.

Pretty good "eh"?

Happy Mercury Rx, see you soon - Mars Rx begins November 15!
Kaye Shinker

Need a heads up?  Check out The Textbook for Financial Astrology, Book 1 for more details.

Kaye Shinker NCGR C. A.
Instructor of Financial Astrology, and author of The Textbook For Financial Astrology

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