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Can't Beat It: Mercury Rx
by Kaye Shinker - July 14, 2007

Mercury went Direct July 9th at 10:15 pm EDT, and will remain in it's shadow until it reaches the degree it stationed Rx, on June 15th at 11.36° of Cancer

I know you all love the Mercury Rx effect and this time it was absolutely precise!  On June 15 Mercury went Retrograde and the DOW was 13619 that day. On July 9th Mercury turned direct and the DOW was 13669.

85% of the time the Dow is within 1% at the Mercury Direct station as it was at the Mercury Rx station.

My opinion of Astrological Cycles is if you can't beat them Join 'em! And I assure you that you can't beat them. That is what I like about cycles. While I certainly don't understand every cycle, I really understand Mercury Retrograde.

From time to time I actually write long articles about Mercury Retrograde and The Textbook for Financial Astrology contains my favorites.

My husband and I have natal Mercury Rx.  Neither one of us can get away with making decisions or purchases during a Mercury Rx.  This Mercury Rx found us sending fax messages three times in order to get a prescription correct.  This past month we have spent countless hours with Dell Tech Support trying to survive the Vista software.  Now that Mercury is direct, I plan to try again.

You will hear from a lot of astrologers that Mercury Rx has very little effect on their life.  Bologna Salami! If you can remember to call them during a Mercury Rx day, ask what have you done today that you had to repeat twice.  I hate it when I have to do the same thing twice, but I expect it when Mercury is retrograde.   Repeating anything is costly in terms of time and money. For example: repeating an E trade means you get to pay the brokerage fee twice.

Evidently very successful folks such as J.K. Rohling know the value of astrological cycles.  My grandchildren are huge Harry Potter fans.  Notice that the release of the movie is right after Mercury turned direct July 11, 2007 and the release of the final book in the series occurs July 21 ahead of the Venus Retrograde cycle.

Check the Cancer New Moon forecast for more info on Venus.

Kaye Shinker

Marley's note: Let's all watch Apple and the "Free the Iphone" controversy regarding the goal of convincing Congress and the FCC to toss out the five-year exclusivity period between AT&T and the Apple iPhone. The Iphone was released during Mercury Rx on June 29th.  (I am not yet personally convinced of buying a high tech gadget that was debuted during both Uranus and Mercury Rx!) It will be interesting to watch.

Kaye Shinker NCGR C. A.
Instructor of Financial Astrology and author of The Textbook For Financial Astrology

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