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Jupiter and Saturn: These Planets Mean Business
by Kaye Shinker

In my opinion there are two planets that regularly effect business, Jupiter and Saturn. Your business, my business, the business in your neighborhood, city, state, and country.

Lets start with Jupiter
Jupiter is indulgent. He says, YES to everything and in fact says, if one is good then two or three is better.

Jupiter expands the sign it transits. Jupiter transited Cancer from July 2001-August 2002. The sign Cancer is all about home and family. Home builders built lots of huge homes. Every neighborhood had a plethora of buzzing saws, pounding hammers, and swirling cement mixers. Jupiter expanded the supply.

Jupiter transits Leo from August 2002-August 2003. Leo rules children and toys. Did you notice the number of pregnant talk show hostesses? Jupiter in Leo inspires folks to produce lots of children. How about toys? My TV has a huge number of advertisements for grown up toys like Humbees and not so grown up toys, Video games.

Each sign of the zodiac rules a number of things. When Jupiter transits a sign, he expands those things ruled by that sign. In addition to children and toys, Leo also rules casinos, theater, stock brokers, gold, music sports, and recreational vehicles.

Jupiter will transit Virgo from August 2003-August 2004. Virgo rules the harvest. Artists illustrations of Virgo put a bundle of wheat in her hand. Last time Jupiter transited Virgo in 1992, the bread machine became available to consumers.

Each time Jupiter has transited Virgo there has been a bountiful harvest. An abundant supply of food could mean that we all add a few extra pounds or it could mean that we all decide to eat food that will keep us healthy. Either way the cooking shows on TV and the recipes on the net will tell about wonderful recipes for left overs.

Transiting Jupiter is big and generous fellow, not content to just expand one sign he also expands everything ruled by the opposite sign. For example the opposite of Leo is Aquarius. Computers are ruled by Aquarius. If there are lots of computers, then the price will go down. The opposite of Virgo is Pisces. That would mean an abundant supply of fish. It is a good think kids like fish sticks, they will have plenty to eat.

Now to the presumed bad guy
No one likes to be told NO. Saturn says NO, and like the strict father he means exactly what he says.
Saturn is the universes comptroller. He balances the check book. He earned As in math and A+s in accounting. Saturn says, there is no such thing as a free lunch. If you earned your possessions with honest hard work he allows you to keep them. If you acquired the possessions by deceit, fraud or irrational exuberance, he takes the possession away.

Since the start of the new Millennium. Saturn has been transiting Gemini. Gemini rules the communications and transportation industries. If it talks or rolls on wheels, it is ruled by Gemini. Gemini rules telephones, walkie talkies, radios, bikes, gold carts, cars and trucks to name a few. Communications and the Auto Business have had to make some very unpleasant decisions. These industries have all had challenges, internal management struggles, and stiff competition. Saturn has focused Gemini industries to cut personnel, develop efficient manufacturing methods, and clean up the balance sheet.

Saturn holds no prisoners and believes in survival of the fittest. Saturn does not believe in surplus. Gemini industries have been forced to become efficient lean mean competitive machines. When Saturn leaves gemini the Survivors will flourish. Everyone else will close their place of business.

Transiting Saturn stays in one sign for about 2 1/2 years. When he leaves he allows that industry the opportunity to recover. The communications industry will recover but also it will be new and different. Saturn's transit has forced the industry to develop efficient and attractive products for example flat screen TVs, world wide cell phone service. Saturn moves into Cancer June 2003. Assume industries involved with home and hearth will enjoy the opportunity to meet new challenges. : ))

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C. Kaye Shinker NCGR C.. A.
Instructor of Financial Astrology

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