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Dear Intergalactic Rescue Team:
Dateline August 22, 2006 10:30 am EDT (Earth calendar)

This E mail is to correct the directions I sent March 12. 1930 (earth calendar)

I mentioned that after passing the star Sirius you would encounter a solar system around a star known as SUN. I said that you would see a large posted sign with the letters PLUTO. It seems that the cost of maintaining the sign has caused the earthlings known as Astronomers to remove it.

New directions: As you encounter the satellites revolving on the ecliptic around the SUN star, you will see a large turquoise rock with a sign post NEPTUNE. The next gaseous rock spins upside down and backwards with the sign post URANUS. It is followed by another with beautiful rings known as Saturn. Watch out for the sign JUPITER. Take a wide swing around the big orange gas ball (currently has two strangely placed eyes). After Jupiter slow down there is a speed bump known as an asteroid belt. You'll pass a dinky little rock posted MARS and be very careful with your final approach of the UFO to my current base planet EARTH. It's the lopsided spinning blue and white rock. The folks here have recently filled their atmosphere with all sorts of little communications machines that could cause a lot of havoc with your navigation systems.

FYI: I have commandeered enough fuel to rendezvous on our prearranged date. I'll meet you on the Earth's Moon Dec 21,2012 (earth calendar). Just let me know the exact time you will pick me up. I'm getting pretty hungry. On your way could you pick up a little something at the Pleiades?

Your friend and colleague,


PS Earthlings have managed to land UFO's on their Moon so be careful. I'm hoping the astronomers downgrade of Pluto to a dwarf planet will change the self-image of these folks. Earth's astrologers credit Pluto with the discovery of the Atomic bomb. That bomb really messes with my computers.

Have a safe trip!

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