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by Kaye Shinker

Spring Equinox (an overview of the three months ahead)  
The Spring Equinox occurs on March 20 2008 at 1:49 am EDT. The chart is set for Washington D.C.

There will be a Super New Moon May 5 and June 3, therefore, earthquakes can be very destructive especially along the USA West Coast.

Saturn turns direct May 3 and Jupiter turns retrograde May 9. The accounting department will send the salesmen on vacation. 

Mercury retrograde begins May 26 and ends June 18, if you buy something that costs more than $10 expect it will self destruct.

Personal Responsibility
Pluto falls in the first house. Folks want things to change and they feel self confident enough to make the changes they envision. There is an attitude of personal responsibility and that with a wee bit of help here and there, change will happen. Various government agencies are turning their investigations of corporate officers on fast forward and the dirty laundry is displayed for the public.

Jupiter is also in the first house. People feel good about their accomplishments and many feel the entrepreneurial spirit. They want to go shopping, but they need something unique to buy. Now is the time to start thinking about the old adage " find a need and fill it." Employment will improve and the trade deficit will fall dramatically as soon as creative folks give retail some exciting new products.

Neptune is in the second house. Debt and paying it off is the focus of attention. Corporations and individuals are taking seriously the various ways they can put money to work to clean up their balance sheets. Those old enough to remember the late Seventies and the sky rocketing inflation will find themselves less nervous than their young friends.

Mortgages and credit instruments are discussed and creative new banking products are the result. Watch for higher interest rates on Certificates of Deposit. Commercial real estate and housing are suffering from tight credit. This will continue throughout spring and into the summer.

Transportation is the Issue
This Equinox and the Summer Solstice speak to the dramatic change in the way energy is used in personal transportation. The Sun appears in the third house of each chart and the price of getting people and goods from here to there is the focus of attention. Various communications devises are also capturing the attention of consumers. Consumers will purchase any devise that promises to save time and energy.

The Quickest Transition in History
Uranus in the third inspires sudden changes in fuels and energy production. Adjustments on the service side of the equation are required. Dealers will find customers demanding stacks of information on fuel economy, service and maintenance. Mechanics will need to learn a whole set of new skills to meet the demands of these consumers. People will buy new vehicles, but they demand efficiency and many are shopping via the internet to find the best information concerning fuel efficient automobiles and trucks.

Efficiency Plus
There is a stellium of Sun, Uranus, Venus and Mercury in the third. Old media is suffering. People are finding many creative ways to use the new media to save fuel. The internet and cell phones will provide a forum to self-educate the public. Consumers will find every way possible to spend their funds efficiently. Some are actually using pencils and paper to calculate.

Mars is in the seventh.  Mergers and acquisitions are the news in the market place.  Corporations and even small businesses are striking up partnerships to assist in moving their products. Relocating a business closer to the homes of the managers and talent will be the focus of every change.

CFO's Work Overtime
Saturn in the eighth is particularly difficult for the health of older citizens. Problems with insurance and taxes will annoy Corporate CFO's as well as the accountants for small business. Containing costs in this area of business will be a huge challenge requiring very sharp pencils. The tax rebate is also pushing tax accountants to finish their work in a timely fashion.

Moon in the ninth suggests that business as usual isn't happening and marketing gurus are trying to determine how to entice folks into spending. Advertising is in the middle of enormous change. Targeting is very sophisticated and probably too much so. Advertisers could be missing segments of age groups or interest groups that may buy their products. Foreign travelers to the USA are an overlooked group for example. As weather improves in the Northeast tourism will become a factor and advertising will have a new audience.

Goldilocks continues...
Goldilocks has moved to the story of Ferdinand the Bull. She loves him, she loves Spain, and she loves to bring all types of exotic flowers for him to sniff. However, Ferdinand's lifestyle is eating her dollars as quickly as she acquires them.

Secretly she is dreaming about a handsome young fellow in London named Dick Whittington who owed a cat.

Kaye Shinker
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