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Washington, DC

by Kaye Shinker

The Equinox chart from the point of view of Washington D.C. gives us a quick overview of the three months ahead.

The Fall Equinox occurs September 22, at 11:44 am, EDT Washington D.C.

Over View of the final quarter of 2008
Predictions:  Remember that the Earth moves in an elliptical orbit, and therefore nothing moves in a straight line.  Every number can curve back to the place where it started, including the Dow average. Therefore, check the number of the Dow on December 21, 2007, add the normal 4% annual increase and you will be pretty close to what will be the ending average.

The Dow and S&P 500 stocks will continue to be under stress, and many will announce the sale or spin offs of various subsidiary companies. Their dividends, as a result should be excellent, and by the Winter Solstice 14,000 on the Dow could easily be achieved.

Saturn and Uranus are opposed on election day and opposition means ending. The electorate will feel they have told the politicians that they want an honest accounting of their taxes.  This will also apply to local taxing districts where a fair assessment of real estate is a key issue.

The Santa Claus effect will begin right after the elections on November 4.

Mercury is Retrograde from Sept 24-Oct 15, therefore, if it costs more than $10, it would be a good idea not to purchase the product during that time frame.

Pluto returns to Capricorn on November 26th.* The paradigm shift is to personal responsibility.  People worldwide will insist that governments do less as well as lower taxes.  The old ways don't work especially in the economic areas of real estate and government.

Demand Destruction:
If enough people refuse to buy the same quantity of a product, then there will be a surplus of that product and the price will plummet. That is Demand Destruction, and the best example is housing and gas prices.

During the Winter and Spring of 2008 the public has learned a new fun game. Demand Destruction. They know for sure that the money in their pocket can virtually bankrupt the corporations or economic sector they choose. Pluto will return to Capricorn for Thanksgiving Dinner. The customer is ready to challenge every industry that raises prices above the fairness rating they have predetermined.

The lesson to astronomers from Pluto "Don't you dare demote me, watch your back. "I know my job 'wrecking Ball' and I love a good implosion." In my Textbook for Financial Astrology I list all of the things ruled by Capricorn. Each one will have a huge problem during the Pluto transit.

* The lesson to astronomers from Pluto,  "Don't you dare demote me, watch your back.  I know my job, 'wrecking Ball', and I love a good implosion."

In my Textbook for Financial Astrology, I list all of the things ruled by Capricorn.   Each one will have a huge problem during the Pluto transit.

Pluto in the first is sextile Venus. It is like an invitation to the Boston Tea Party only this time it is ladies dressed as savages dumping the produce overboard. The opportunity to exercise the power of the purse is happening in tiny events of everyday living. Shopping trips are combined and children are told to walk. Gasoline prices are down, old driving habits do not return and the extra cash goes to retail.

The Economy improves quickly
Jupiter is in the second and the economy has started to improve. Local and national sales tax receipts are on the rise. Banking and commercial mortgage companies finalize their write downs of sub-prime mortgage paper therefore freeing capital for investments. There is a lot of investment cash available for mortgages, and it will have the opportunity to choose carefully the area of the housing market it favors.

Neptune in the third reveals that forensic accounting has produced results. The various regulatory bodies have had little trouble finding fraud and deception. It is in plain sight Greed and corruption especially among the hierarchy of money lenders has been identified and the public is a little bit angry. Commodities speculators are either broke or under investigations. Fraud concerning auto loans will be uncovered. Be aware that regulations concerning auto design will be allowed to expire.


Uranus in the Fourth   
The housing issue continues to befuddle the experts. However they do not know how to read the census tables. The baby boom wants smaller houses and the baby bust has a limited housing budget. It will be a long time before the baby boomlet born in 1990 will actually move into their own homes.

Water and Wind damage to property will be a huge problems since it appears in unanticipated places thus driving insurance underwriters into the red.

Uranus is opposed Saturn on election day therefore, the winner at every level is the candidate that folks believe can truly offer constructive change. It is a very strange election, not one pollster will guess the result.

Moon in Cancer in the eighth
Health issues among the elderly, especially women, are the result of unintended consequences.
Folks are emotionally upset about fraudulent lending practices concerning reverse mortgages and other types of lending practices that use homes as collateral.  Property taxes are also an issue that neither political party has considered carefully.

Sun and Saturn in the 10th
Management in various companies continues to return to the founders. They are particularly upset with inaccurate book keeping. CEO's and CFO's are replaced almost daily.

Predicting elections
Some astrologers will use this chart to predict elections.   If the method works, the old guy (Saturn) with the Sun behind his back wins.   However, Uranus in the 4th indicates that it will be the weirdest wildest change in government that we have ever experienced.

Mercury and Mars conjunct suggests closed mouths gather no feet
Mars gives Mercury a lot of energy, and therefore, way too many folks talking without documentation concerning their facts or the origins of their opinions.  Both trine Neptune, separating fact from fiction becomes a huge exercise in research and a lot of other folks refuting and even suggesting law suits.

Venus is also in the 11th and women with the ability to network or manipulate networks will find increased earnings. A few will make headlines.

The Board of Directors wish to declare a larger percentage of earnings in the form of dividends to the shareholders who are more impressed by cash than buy backs. Earnings by corporations is the whole story for this quarter. Those companies that successfully manage their capital will win the favor of shareholders.


Kaye Shinker

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