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by Kaye Shinker

The Equinox chart from the point of view of New York City, New York gives us a quick overview of the three months ahead.

Super Moons will occur September 26, October 26 and November 24.
Mercury Rx - October 12 thru November 1, 2007.
Mars Rx - November 15 thru January 29, 2008.

Weather is the economic challenge.  This promises to be the weirdest Fall on record.   Erratic weather will affect the agriculture sector of the economy.  Watch for Winter wheat acreage reports.

Super Moons

Super Moons occur when the moon is full and close to the earth and appears to be low in the sky.  This means that weather will be a challenge.  A number of ring of fire volcanoes are itching to show off.   Also several Caribbean volcanoes have been active since the Spring Equinox.

The Fall Equinox is accompanied by a Super Moon as was the Spring Equinox.  Usually a Super Moon will set off the Ring of Fire, causing earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunami's and violent storms. Seafood will be expensive.
The path of the eclipse focused attention on South America and the lines associated with the Super Moon also emphasize this area of the world. Erratic weather will bring up the price of imported fruits and vegetables. Freeze or can any extras you harvest this Fall and plant a winter garden.

Commodities traders need to keep their eye on Spring planting in South America.  The hurricane season in the Gulf is not over yet; be aware of Mexican and Venezuelan sources of oil supplies. It might be wise to research companies that provide spare parts to oil rigs, transporters, and refineries.

October 7, Jupiter hits 15 degrees of Sagittarius.

Watch the markets change their focus. Companies who manufacture precision instruments will have a backlog of orders. There will be a renewed interest in hair, hats, eyeglasses and teeth. CNBC will give their commodities reporters extra face time.

Commodities of special note are the metals. Steel, aluminum, nickel, copper, lumber are in demand world wide. The supplies are limited, because infrastructure world wide is under construction.

The demand for luxury items will continue, including original arts and crafts. The related stocks such as Tiffany, Nordstroms, Newmont, and all of their competitors are cheap. Fashion has skirts at every possible length. This means that the exchange average will go in every possible direction. The fashion in Home furnishings is changing and designers are suggesting new ways to display electronic toys. Watch this trend carefully since it could spawn an exciting group of new franchises.

Jupiter will conjunct Pluto on Dec 11

I have watched this aspect in corporate IPO charts and it has pushed up the price of the stock.  I suspect the first two weeks in December will signal another all time market high.  And then Jupiter will move to Capricorn December 18.   Whenever Jupiter changes signs the markets become extremely volatile. This means they lose as much as 5% of their value very quickly. My statistics on this phenomena show that the markets move down quickly about 90% of the time.

Winter Solstice, December 22, will bring another newsletter from Astrological Investing.   Kaye and Marley promise to speculate on Pluto's transit of Capricorn.   But one preview of the media headlines:  Corporate officers are under so much pressure that they will retire. Conservative economics rules. Everything sold will be inspected whether its sale price is $1 or $1,000,000. Research sites will have millions of hits.

Saturn has just entered Virgo

Virgo is best represented by the goddess Ceres whose statue sits atop the CBOT at the end of La Salle Street in Chicago.  The folks at the CBOT are working extremely hard and earning a great deal of money.   Underneath,  the economy is very strong.   I list the areas of the economy under the control of Virgo in The Textbook for Financial Astrology Book , page 32.   If you buy the best company in the sectors mentioned you will make money.   Stocks in these sectors will grow at a good pace for the next two and a half years.   I'll mention these sectors throughout the next two years, but here is a sample:

Infra structure construction is making up for the slow down in housing construction. These projects spend a great deal of money on professional technical because there is very little margin for error.  Contracts are being let, so expect business to go shopping for heavy equipment.

Employment may gain media attention, because the jobs offered will have some unique twists.  If you are flexible or creative, you will find employment.

Gaming stocks will draw the attention of investors as folks want action with their entertainment. Educators will demand creative materials for their students.

As we enter Mars Rx energy related stocks will remain so stable they are boring. Examples are Exxon and Valero. Others will be only slightly volatile.  Folks have learned "gas thrifty" therefore reducing demand.   Retail sales for Christmas will be erratic at best.   Books are a popular gift as are gift cards.  Fashion is making a dramatic hem line changes to conservative mid-calf, therefore women will appreciate a gift card.  Men, as usual, are buying electronic junk.

Kaye Shinker


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