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Resources to Trade the Stock Market Using Astrology
by Marlene Pfeifle

In an article I wrote for this web site, "USING PLANETARY ASPECTS IN THE FINANCIAL MARKET", I ended with a personal author's note stating,

"Astrology is a precise market timing tool,  but it can not sensibly be used as a stand-alone strategy for financial investing.   For example, astrology cannot be used to determine market trends like technical analysis, nor can astrology be used as a key to determine whether a particular stock has a sound and solid economic basis like fundamental analysis.   Success in the financial market begins first with the understanding and use of the principles of what has been considered traditional types of market analysis,  and then applying geocosmic principles as a final step in one's investment strategy.    Kaye Shinker offers a course on Business and Financial Astrology that addresses how to choose stocks and I strongly recommend taking her on-line courses.

An interested student of financial astrology wrote me just the other day asking about using special astrological financial trading software and wondered if I could recommend any for him to use.  After writing, I decided it would be worthwhile to post this information as an article here at to be used as a reference for anyone with the same question on their minds.

Having an understanding of financial astrology is essential, which you will gain from reading Kaye Shinker's book, The Textbook for Financial Astrology.  Kaye's textbook is sold only on our web site and comes as a downloadable e-book. (Click for a description of her book. You may have to disable your pop-up blocker)

You really don't need special financial astrology trading software to trade the markets for intermediate trading and long term investing.

For intermediate trading and long term investing using the astrological principals lined out in Kaye Shinker's Textbook for Financial Astrology, all one really needs is an accurate astrological calendar that gives the daily transiting planetary aspects, and an astrology program to calculate astrological charts. (You can purchase a calendar from our Amazon affiliated bookstore from web site.) We post monthly aspect calendars on our blog that you are easy to use.

However, for short term trading and day trading, I believe it is essential to use financial astrology trading software along with traditional stock market trading software.  

There are links to sources of astrological charting software and financial astrology trading software found on all the main pages* of Astrological Investing's web site from the left side navigation column.  Scroll about half-way down, you'll see them listed under Online Resources & Links.  All the links are good sources.  There are even some free ones!

* NOTE: The main pages are the tab links from the heading of this page.  And, at the bottom of this page there are referenced links to the software I mention in this article.

For doing astrology charts, I have a PC, and use a version of Solar Fire software, from, and recommend it. Kaye Shinker uses astrological charting software written for Apple computers.  But again, they are all pretty good for casting charts, it really just depends on what other uses you may decide to use your astrology software.

Kaye Shinker doesn't day trade, but does intermediate trading and longer term investing. She doesn't use financial astrology trading software, although she owns several kinds manufactured by companies listed in our links and resources navigation column on our main pages.

For astrological financial trading software, even though I own and have used Alphee Lavoie's AIR financial trading software, I am more comfortable using Galactic Investor software when I'm trading.   AIR software is great for researching planetary aspects however I find it far too complicated, and have found success using Galactic Investor software, and I prefer it.   Galactic Investor offers a free 30-day trial version of their software on their site. (There are many demos you can download for free to use for 30 day trials at their web site, If you are interested in Alphee's AIR software, I believe it is best to buy the most expensive version their Market Trader financial trading software, and I would not recommend the smaller and lesser expensive versions.

I use Galactic Investor's Galactic Trader v4. along with Scottrade's Elite On-line Trading Platform that I get free for having a Scottrade account.  Most on-line brokers offer financial trading software when you open an account with them - because I've only ever used Scottrade, I don't know much about others, but I think they are all good.

I do know many skilled financial astrology traders, however, who use Alphee's AIR financial trading software with success; so, again this is a personal choice and a matter of how much time you are willing to spend on learning the software, and money you are willing to spend.  

Neither of these astrological software trading tools are simple to use.  And don't let any salesperson fool you, or talk you into buying their astrology trading software with promises that they are simple and easy to use, or that they can guarantee you successful trades within a couple clicks of using their tools!

While it is true that you don't need to know astrology to use these astrological financial trading tools, they take time to learn and understand, let alone to be skilled at using them.   And as I said at the beginning, it IS necessary to have a basic understanding of financial astrology to be a successful financial astrologer trading the market!

One can not sensibly use astrology as a stand-alone tool for trading, and that is the other reason I use Galactic Trader.  I use the end-of- day program, Galactic Trader v4.GT4 which has a great assortment of technical analysis tools along with astrology charts and planetary harmonic price lines.  

Randall Ashbourne trades using Galactic's software Galactic Trader v4. He has written an eBook that we have available for sale on our web site, The Idiot & The Moon in which he shares with us his method of successfully trading using Galactic Trader and Incredible Charts. Incredible Charts in the delayed timing version is a free stock trading tool that Randall recommends. His book will help you understand with far greater accuracy how to use technical tools and the planetary lines in Galactic Trader than anything I have ever read and I recommend it highly.   (Most of the charts Randall uses in his articles, The World at Large, written for Astrological Investing, are done using Galactic Investor software.)

Although the financial astrology trading software I own comes packaged with databases of company data and charts, I always refer to Michael Munkasey's Company database for my company information and use Solar Fire astrology software to do the astrological charts.

THE most important thing when trading individual stocks is having the correct data to do the astrology charts! If you don't have accurate data, the charts are useless.

Kaye and I use Michael Munkasey's Company Data for all our charts. It comes in Excel database format, and is NOT software.

There are sources 'out there', in books and on the internet, where you might find dates for incorporation and first trades, however, Michael Munkasey's Company Database is the only source I trust.

This database is the only source of complete, accurate, verified and updated information of company incorporation dates and first trade dates (IPO's) available.

Kaye Shinker's Textbook of Financial Astrology gives updated chart information on the indices and all the stocks that make up the DOW, however, her source for that data is Michael Munkasey.

Book Four of the Textbook For Financial Astrology has data on commodities which Kaye has personally researched. This data is not found in the Company Database.

Hope this helps!

Happy Trading!

Links to referenced astrological and trading software are not sponsored or sold here at Astrological Investing:

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Galactic Investor financial astrology trading software -
Scottrade's trading platforms - Scottrade
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