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Ask Markay -'s Business Astrology "Dear Abby" Column
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October - November 2008

Dear Markay, What do you think about investing in gold coins. Do you know whether gold is going to make a come back? There is so much talk in the financial arena about the dollar losing all taking a dive due to the high debt in the US and that gold will go very high. I am wondering what you think. Thanks so much, Hillary

Kaye's response -

Here is the problem with gold. If you look at the past technical charts for gold, you will see that it is a seasonal commodity. It's seasons are weddings. Look carefully at its price history, however, use an astrologers calendar marking the Solstice points and Equinox points instead of the actual business calendar dates.

Winter Solstice usually marks the time for a high demand for gold. Wedding months in India and China are January and February. Gifts of gold jewelry are traditional and craftsmen begin to fulfill their orders starting about the beginning of December. Another factor is lack of supply during the winter months when miners take weather vacations. During 2008 a large supply of gold made it to the pawn shops and you could anticipate that the price will not return to the highs of late 2007 and 2008. However, gold has a series of good aspects until Summer solstice 2009

If you draw the location of Jupiter into the chart for Gold in The Textbook for Financial Astrology Part 4 you will notice that Jupiter seems to be in control of the chart until June 15, 2009. Jupiter likes to expand and produce as much as possible. At the moment governments that produce gold coins can not keep up with demand. My expectation is that gold coins will continue the trend until June 15.

Trading gold stocks on the exchanges will remain volatile until the end of January because of the aspect Jupiter square Uranus. This aspect along with Pluto conjunct the Sun could mean difficulties in the mines caused by government regulations, earthquakes, and management shakeups.

The actual metal will increase in value and the numismatic value of coins will also increase. Speculators on gold as a commodity should keep in mind the seasonality of gold and for sure avoid any contracts that expire in 2010.

Marley's Response - I have not researched Gold like Kaye has. I have traded the Gold ETF, GLD. I make my buys and sells based on technical analysis and using Kaye's advise regarding it's cycle.

We get a lot of email not specifically addressed to Dear Markay, however some of the answers to those questions are those our other readers can benefit from. Here is one...

Question from one of our subscribers... I am having trouble grasping why certain planetary aspects are used over others that occur close together as to which of those should influence a market or change its direction of trend. Using previous highs and lows or natal charts have yet to enlighten me on which planetary combinations matter to which stocks or indices.

Kaye's response -

Here is a brief summary. This works for intermediate and long term trades. In the incorporation and IPO we look for three or more aspects in a row that are favorable, meaning conjunction sextile or trine. Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune making a favorable aspect to the planets on an incorporation chart during a time period of about a month often signals an increase in price. Saturn, Uranus and Neptune making a square or opposition to planets in the chart usually bring down the price. Many squares over a period of a few months really will signal the price going down. There are plenty of strategies for using this information.

This is what I do. I print out the historic prices for about 10 years. Then I draw the aspects onto the list. I just use the Dow 30. What happens is when conjunctions of Jupiter, Saturn Uranus and Neptune as well as sextiles and trines congregate the price goes up. No particular planet is stronger than the other. It is the aspect.

Marley's response - You might be interested in reading my article, Using Planetary Aspects in the Financial Market. In that article I list aspects that have more often than not proved reliably as favorable (or unfavorable) and generally have moved the market and stock prices.

August 2008

"Hi, I love to read your lines every month. Thank you very much. It's useful for my job. I'd like to know what are you seeing about the construction sector? Is the worst over?
Thank you very much. God bless you. Jose Manuel."

Kaye's response -

No one talks about this. All the media talks about is the credit crunch which is real and will fade slowly as Jupiter moves into Aquarius.  But, besides banking problems and a credit crunch, there is another huge problem that is insurmountable and it is called the "baby bust". Few children were born between 1970 and 1988 and that is the group currently at the proper age to buy houses, and the stuff to put into the houses.

In 1990 there was a blip up in population growth called the baby boomlet and they will be eligible to buy houses in about 5 to 6 years - especially if their grandparents help.

I'm sorry but the astrology of the construction industry is even more pessimistic since Pluto is in Capricorn and redesigning the entire construction of commercial buildings. Pluto will move to Aquarius in 2024. You might consider learning how to install solar panels or repairing them.

Marley's response -

Kaye makes a good point in regard to supply and demand. I think, if anything construction may have not found its bottom yet, and when it does will not make a vigorous comeback.

In this article, U.S. Existing Home Sales Fall in July to Two-Year Low, Bloomberg summarized : “Sales of previously owned homes in the U.S. fell more than expected in July, resulting in the biggest supply of unsold homes in more than a decade, as higher mortgage rates discouraged would-be home buyers... Purchases declined 4.1 percent last month to an annual rate of 6.33 million, the lowest since January 2004, from 6.6 million in June, the National Association of Realtors said today in Washington. Sales fell 11.2 percent compared with a year earlier.... The National Association of Home Builders/Wells Fargo's index of builder confidence plunged this month to the lowest level in 15 years, a report showed last week.” .

However, even though there is less demand from brand new first time buyers, population is growing and people need places to live. More people may be renting and construction of housing projects will also provide substantial homeownership opportunities.

I agree also with Kaye's suggestion regarding Green Construction. Green renovations and smaller, greener housing will come to be in demand.

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July 2008

"...My wife and I are looking for tech stocks for 09 as Jupiter will move into Aquarius. Must be something Green solar? electric cars? Arnold just gave an electric car company tax breaks to open up in Ca. Thanks and good luck"

Kaye's response -

I think that we have about 6 months to solve the energy problem and electric cars are a good start. Unfortunately, I haven't started the research for the Jupiter in Aquarius stocks for my stock club and am reluctant to suggest stocks. There are some stocks such as Owens Illinois and Praxair that fit in the category because they supply materials for Green Energy companies. However, we are not there yet and what I suggest is that people look at the Investors Business Daily's lists and research each individual company on the lists. (which is what I will do for my stock club).

Marley's response -

Green energy stocks should do well. If we don't come up with an energy program soon we will begin to think that $4.00 gas was cheap. I'm of the opinion that stocks of companies that provide the technology to help solve this problem should do very well.

Ray Merriman believes that energy is ruled by Uranus, and he makes a good enough argument for the idea that I agree. Since Aquarius is also ruled by Uranus we'll should see the bubble burst in the energy/oil sector with Jupiter's entrance into Aquarius, if not sooner. Oil companies have already begun working toward moving into green energy.

However, I also haven't begun my research for Jupiter in Aquarius. In September I'll begin my research beginning with looking at the ETF's in tech and looking at the IPO charts of the stocks they hold.

May/June 2008

Dear Markay, The oil prices are on a high, but the gold prices have receded quite a bit.
Will the gold prices start trending upward from now after touching support or will they be going much further down. Is the dollar strengthening a temporary phenomenon or are we in for continuing strength going forward? s krishnan

Kaye's response -

December 31, 1974 the USA went off the gold standard and onto the oil standard, yellow gold for black gold. Theory based on that concept would suggest that there should be a relationship, but there isn't.

Here is the basic demand premise for gold:

As a useful commodity, gold is limited. It is ruled by the Sun and, therefore, seasonal. The middle class consumes most of the gold jewelry.  Gold is a wedding present and the demand increases two months prior to popular wedding months, May/June in the West and January/February in the Far East.

The price for gold follows its seasonal chart. Price moves up when the Sun is in Sagittarius and Capricorn and the high is usually around March 1st. Then it will not move very much until it hits a little bounce with the Sun in Leo and levels until the Sun moves to Scorpio.

Oil is current phenomena. First Gusher at Spindle Top January 10, 1901 is the chart I use.

Currently, Pluto is making exact conjunctions to Jupiter and Chiron (both planets have horse overtones) until December 2008. Jupiter is conjunct the Sun of this chart until October.

If you think about it, perhaps the end of 2008 is when the USA will begin to come to terms with the reality of weaning themselves off oil as a fuel for vehicles.

I like to hint at a prediction early, but it could be in 2009, however, I'm fairly certain that the pain comes between October and December when the Wall Street Journal reports the event. However 2009 will probably be accurate in the eyes of the public when the NY Times reports the event.

Since I've already mentioned that Sagittarius and Chiron have horse overtones, I'd like to use a horse analogy here. Weaning a foal is a very heart wrenching event! They cry, whinny, and whine for a week. They are not consoled by the other foals who are also being weaned.  Horses are a herd animal and in the wild the mare will kick the foal sending them to the edge of the herd, and sometimes a mare will actually kill the baby. Tame horses are separated by miles and the breeders just turn up the sound on the TV and clench their teeth.

Weaning is painful and Neptune is running into the conjunction with the USA Moon.

If Mike Munkasey's AM 4th of July chart is accurate, then Neptune is applying to the conjunction now.  If the Sibley PM chart is accurate, then 2009-10 Neptune is conjunct the Moon.  

Neptune pokes with his trident and it hurts.

Americans invent their way out of problems and then sell it to everyone, however. When the USA invents itself out of a problem the dollar strengthens.

First dollar coined is October 15, 1794. At the moment Saturn has just moved off of its natal Uranus. a set of excellent aspects begin July 24, 2008 and continue through 2009.

Dear Markay, Question on Mercury Rx. Kaye says and I have noticed that during this period the markets are volatile I have also noticed a Bradley turn seems to pop up during these periods as well. Monday is a holiday. If price on the DOW is to come within 1 percent of when Mercury goes Rx what price is more accurate? Fridays close? or Tuesday open? I am thinking Tuesdays open. Or might you check the ES price ? Thanks for any info you can provide on this for me.  Rick

Kaye's response -

All my research on this phenomena is with the DOW, and it is about 80% accurate. Friday's close and Tues. open should be about the same. Not always I grant you but within the 1%. I did a quick check of volatility during Mercury Rx. It is volatile and you need the quick wits of a commodities floor trader to keep up with it.

When the Bradley curve works it works great. You have to watch the trend daily when you use it.

Marley's response -

I hope you have read Randall's World at Large report sent Saturday, May 24, and paid attention to his remark about price lines sticking close to the Mercury planetary lines in the Galactic Trader Software. I find that to be very true for many individual stocks that I watch as well as indices.

February 2008

Dear Markay,
I bought your course from the internet recently. I have skimmed the material and I was very surprised to see that you were using jupiter to natal transits to both the IPO and incorporation dates.
Alphee Lavoee states that Incorporation dates don't work. Bill Meridian uses IPO dates and has published a whole book on IPO dates. I also use the IPO dates via a proprietary model. The point I'm trying to make is, you can't have 2 birthdates for a stock, just like you can't have 2 birthdates for a person. Doing this breaks on of the basic rules of astrology. So why are you using both dates? Jbadura

Kaye's Response

OK, I use both - as do Grace Morris and Michael Munkasey. Consider that I started the study when they did about 1984. We are long term investors looking for dividends as well as a price gain. We have listened to Alphee and to Bill offer their views, and they are looking for short term gains. We have different goals. Also, experience has suggested not to throw out the concept of using both INC/IPO charts.

First, I look at the Incorporation chart to make sure that the company is having a successful year and that it will continue. I will give you an example from an article I have been writing for the web site:

Mercury Neptune square is a RED FLAG whether natally or by transit: Countrywide Financial has this transit of Neptune square Mercury from July 1,2007- Feb.10 2008.

This mortgage company, as are many others, are momentarily "Accounting Challenged" (a quote from CNBC Mark Haines). Mid August while transiting Neptune opposed transiting Mercury the accounting challenged company was brought to the attention of traders.

How can you tell whether an individual company has difficult financial problems using astrology? Set up the chart and determine whether transiting Neptune is square Mercury in the Incorporation or IPO (First Trade Chart). Example: CFC, Inc date Dec 3, 1986 Neptune square Mercury exact Aug. 27 2007. Novastar NFI is another example: the IPO, Oct 31 1997 has a long transiting Neptune square Mercury Aug - Dec.

The Inc chart tells you about the workings of the company. The IPO chart tells you how the market will perceive the value of the company. It is all we have to work with unless you know the date and time that the person who started the company first received payment for their product. That is the natal chart of the company.

Marley's response

Everything has a chart. A company has a chart and the stock symbol of a company has a chart. To not consider both when investing would be foolish. And I found this out the hard way! Because I trade for shorter time periods I rarely considered looking at an Incorporation date of a stock I was trading; and when NFI appeared to have a VERY favorable chart, I bought in and lost a great deal of money as the stock plummeted south before I had a chance to blink. So, it doesn't hurt to look at both. If the Inc chart has no unfavorable transits, and the IPO chart has some very appealing ones, then you can rest assured that you won't get caught in a situation like I did with NFI.

Dear Markay, This is more a philosophical question, I guess - for long-term investing, like an IRA, what would you look for? I haven't studied the ETFs you had picked - the Australian & Emerging Growth - but that seemed like a possibility.

Kaye's Response:

Dear Mayra, For an IRA I'm looking for dividends. Stocks that pay dividends are usually stogy old companies with excellent customers and a predictable demand. However, you won't look at your portfolio, if it is boring. Therefore, you need some stocks that you find amusing. One that I've had for a long time is DIA which is a basket of stocks pegged to the Dow. I keep it in my IRA portfolio and it is fun to watch daily. The Dow stocks pay dividends frequently at irregular intervals, and I find the amounts of the various dividends amusing because sometimes they will be 2.4316 cents and sometimes 30 cents. Yes, I know other folks find Google or Apple fun.

Marley's Response:

Dividend paying ETF's, Mutual Funds, and individual stocks are great for IRA's.  Even with the dividend tax payment relief congress passed in 2003 - 15% for most people - dividends are taxed. However, in IRA accounts they are not subject to income tax until later, and then possibly at a lower rate. But Kaye is right, many dividend paying stocks and Mutual Funds are slower growing and not as much "fun" to watch as you watch your portfolio grow. But the idea of long term investing is such that you WANT to invest in fundamentally sound instruments that don't take "watching". You should invest in a certain amount of these - and forget about them for a good many years. Many ETF's, on the other hand, pay dividends, and are easily traded - and even shorted. If you are interested in trading your portfolio, ETF's are a type of investment that can be traded as easily as stocks. Emerging Markets should still do well in 2008. And the Australian market is much more stable than many - and it's ETF, EWA, has plenty of growth to come. I'm still interested in acquiring both of them, but am holding off during this Holiday/Mars Rx period and I will probably re-evaluate them both during Mercury Rx. I sold off my Mutual Funds before Saturn went Rx (and am I glad I did!) and am holding off buying anything until I get a good look at the technical charts that Randall provides us in his weekly reports. There will be buying opportunities when Mars turns direct and Mercury goes Rx. Unlike Kaye, I do trade during the Mercury Rx period, but very cautiously. There are often great buying opportunities during Mercury stationing periods - but I warn you, it's risky, and it's very important to be very careful if doing so! If you are not familiar with the technical charts I would warn you to wait until after Mercury goes direct again.

December 2007

Dear Markay,   My husband just started his own small company….Are there any indicators in the natal business chart that show if the business will go well….The date is: 04 October 2007 at 09.15 am in Arta Greece (20E59, 39N09).
Waiting for your reply... Marianna ( chart attached)
PS. I don't know if that helps but the business is about selling espresso coffee and providing service of espresso coffee machines. Thank you again.

Kaye's Response: Dear Marianna, Thank you for your question.  Espresso coffee is great especially if it is brewed to perfection. Thank you for sending a chart of the business, but it wasn't necessary.  We just need the Date, Time and Place. In The Textbook for Financial Astrology Book 1, I explain the rules for setting up a small business. I also explain how to predict its first year.

The Moon is Void of Course. This will force you to pay close attention to details even though the Moon is in it's own sign Cancer. People will feel comfortable working with your husband, but maybe too comfortable and forget to pay him for the service. He may find that his real opportunity is keeping the espresso machines in good repair.

Water is a problem for the business. Neptune in the 4th. If you know it will be a problem you can anticipate the need to be aware of flooding in the shop and maintaining your supply of good water to make the espresso.

Mars sextile Saturn. He is able to communicate this idea and if you teach him how to hand the customer the bill when the service is complete, you will be able to keep the business financially viable.

Jupiter and Pluto in the second indicates that he will earn a lot of money with his business and his customers will think he is very smart, but collecting the fees for service is a problem. You will have to help him and I think you will have to be creative.

I think it will be about a year before you begin to show a profit as you will probably have to purchase more equipment than you anticipated. It will take about 22 months for you to feel comfortable in the business and then at 27 months you will find that you need to change your location. In the USA we believe that it is OK to make mistakes when you start your own business as long as you learn from each mistake. My husband and I made quite a few, but eventually we were successful.


November 2007

Dear Markay, In Kaye's Dow Predictions, she suggested Bill Meridian got it wrong in his July 3, 1884, chart for the DJI and she believes May 26, 1896, is the correct one. Which chart are we to use?  Randall

Kaye's response:   I recently wrote to Bill Meridian asking him what exactly was the basis of his choice in using this date. He wrote back saying, "That is the date for which Dow first calculated the index."

While it is true that Charles Dow introduced an index in July of 1884, it was NOT the Dow INDUSTRIAL Average that he introduced, rather, it was an average that consisted of railroad stocks which eventually evolved into the Dow Jones Transport Average. May 26, 1896 is the date when Charles Dow introduced a new average, an average that included industrial stocks. Since it is the DJIA that we are concerned with, and not the Original Dow Average which became the Dow Jones Transportation Average, I believe May 26, 1896 is the date to use for the DJIA. This date works best for me in the research I've done on the DOW. I am currently writing an article about my research which will be available to read on our web site,

Marley's response:  Kaye has done the research comparing the charts and finds success using the May 26, 1896 chart. Well, that's certainly good enough for me! If a chart proves itself with successful results, then that's the one I'll use!

There is no doubt that that data is correct. For those who are interested in reading the history of the DOW, here is a very good source: "The Official DJIA Celebrates 110 Years Web Site".

Another site, "Brain Bank" is one the following quote is from:
"(Charles Dow) ...began in 1884 with 11 stocks, most of them railroads. Railroads were among the biggest and
sturdiest companies in America at that time, which is why they dominated Dow's first average. Few stocks of
industrial companies were publicly traded, and those were considered highly speculative. On May 26, 1896, he
introduced the industrial average. In October of that year, Dow's original average shed the last of its non-
railroad stocks and became the 20-stock railroad average. To complete this line of history, the utilities
average came along in 1929 -- more than a quarter-century after Dow's death at age 51 in 1902 -- and the
railroad average was renamed the transportation average in 1970."

September 2007

Dear Markay,"You have stated that Jupiter will increase demand for products in the sectors ruled by Aries and Libra. Do you think the upcoming square to Aries from Jupiter in Capricorn could point to not just a recovery of the resources sector (iron ore etc), but perhaps a renewed vigor?" Randall

Kaye's response: Yes, but it will be a slow recovery until Jupiter and Uranus move into Aries in 2010. Then you need to watch the conjunctions of these planets and hop into metals stocks.

The low price for these stocks will be when Jupiter is at 15 Sag.  Research now with the idea of moving into base metal mining and manufacturing around the second week in October. Look at companies that have survived the summer with very little change in their stock price. The Libra Newsletter will have some suggestions for the virtual stock club.

Marley's response:  I would tend to believe it would, but defer to Kaye to answer this. She has done the research and is really the expert on that.

Dear Markay,"Do other planetary transits to other signs energize a particular industry for transit to natal chart with reference to page 18 of The Textbook For Financial Astrology, on the "what do the planets represent?"  Flor

Kaye's response:   The easy answer is Yes. Each planet has an effect on the sign it is transiting. Jupiter has to do with sales, so you will see his effect easily. Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto move slowly and their effect is over a longer period of time. They effect markets, but it is over months for Saturn and years for the rest.

When I write predictions for the newsletter, I take these transits into account. For example: The transit of Uranus through Pisces is turning the world of music inside out, upside down and backwards. This is a slow transition and probably a company like Disney will benefit over the long term. Uranus through Pisces will do the same to oil and perfume. I usually write articles on these transits and they appear on the web site.

I have been hoping to teach a Level IV class on line where you all can join in the discussions and maybe write articles for the web site that add to the information for our members/subscribers.

Flor continues...I understand that some planet transit to certain zodiac sign could be detriment, fall or exaltation.

Kaye's response:  When we made the lists of industries in the Textbook for Financial Astrology we took that into consideration. However a new industry emerges from time to time (for example: computers) and then we debate which planet and sign will rule the industry. Up for debate right now is Alternative energy

Thank you for the questions,

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July 2007  (Marley was traveling through Switzerland and left Kaye to answer the column this month.)

Dear Markay, What do you think of JSDA, HANS and Vitaminwater? KO just bought Vitaminwater for 4.1 bil.
There is a new crop of flavored vitamin waters in the market. Some from Brazil also trade in the US and are doing really good.

Kaye's response:  It's summertime and everyone is thirsty. Yes, it is a good time to check the labels on the plastic bottles that litter the trash containers along the bike path. HANS Hans Natural Corporation 4/25/1990 Denmark IPO 12/06 1986 NYNY. JSDA Jones Soda 2/14/2000 WA 11/28/2008 9:30 am NYNY. Check the The Textbook for Financial Astrology for lessons on reading these charts.
HANS has been trading in a narrow range most of the Spring from $38-45. Jones recently lost their spot at Starbucks and the share price has been plummeting from $32- 16. I would just put them on a watch list and since I suspect Jones could recover. Keep your eye on the trash.

Dear Markay, My charity group is planning a trip to Israel in Nov. Do you think they will be safe? Linda

Kaye's response:   Israel is one of the few countries with an exact time of organization as a state. It is possible therefore to do a solar return for the country I use Easy Predictions and sort of interpolate what Deanna Rose says to apply to a whole country. Yes, other countries plan to aggravate Israel, but they will be very determined to defend their territory. Others will see that determination and avoid direct conflict for a while so your group should have a lot of fun and learn a great deal from the experience.


May 2007

Dear Markay, I believe that when Pluto exits Sagittarius, this whole terrorism thing
will begin to fade...what is your opinion? GERZAN ARGUETA

Kaye's response:  Stay tuned to our web site - I will write a bunch of articles on Jupiter and/or Pluto in Capricorn.  I have done a lot of research on the topic.  Jupiter expands events as well as problems.  Pluto in Sagittarius was more about mass migrations and those who couldn't adapt became thieves or terrorists. Jupiter expanded our knowledge of the problem.  Pluto in Capricorn is about the redistribution of property and the reorganization of business.  Jupiter will expand our awareness of the events associated with people moving their businesses out of the office and onto the web, folks buying land/homes in small convenient towns, and changing business management systems.  These changes will again cause people who are unable to adapt to react with violence.

Marley's response: Terrorism is not a Pluto in Sagittarius phenomenon.  It's been around a long time and I think Pluto's transit through Sagittarius only has given terrorism an opportunity to become more globalized as well as giving it world media attention through television and the internet.   We all were able to watch in horror of the events of 911 in our living rooms! (And then only to see it again in movies, television specials and on the internet.) I don't believe terrorism will "fade" with Pluto's ingress into Capricorn, but will evolve into something more indicative of Pluto in Capricorn. (and that's another topic!)

Dear Markay, Some people say the bubble in China will burst this year (I'm one of them), others say their economy will continue expanding until next year due to the Olympics. Is there an astrological explanation? DIANA 

Kaye's response: Diana, I have been stung by foreign stocks and I think it is because I use the IPO dates for the listing on the New York exchange. I'm giving them up - I make enough mistakes without compounding them with bad IPO data.

Marley's response: I'm not an authority on foreign markets and don't want to get into predictions regarding China, but astrologically, with Jupiter joining Pluto in Sagittarius this year SHOULD be a global year for investing! And foreign and international companies have, so far, done very well.  Next year both Jupiter and Pluto leave Sag, ingressing into Capricorn, and the emphasis will change as well. (As it should, astrologically) It is the emphasis in the market that changes when Jupiter changes signs. Strong stocks in foreign companies in the right sector (Capricorn ruled - earth ruled - water ruled) will continue to perform. 

Hmm...Kaye, I'm not so sure about the "bad IPO" data argument! IPO data that one uses when a stock is first traded on a particular exchange should be the same as any other (as long as it is correct data!) When a stock gets a new symbol, it gets a new IPO "birth date" so to speak, and we use that new data - because that is the date of when it first was able to trade under that symbol. Foreign stocks should not be an exception.

One more question: is it better to buy/make an investment/start a business or something when Jupiter is Rx or Venus is Rx? I know that ideally both should be direct, but when having to choose one or the other direct, which one is better to be direct?

Kaye's response:  My best answer is both need to be direct.  Starting a business is a big investment of time and money.  It is in your money's best interest to have Jupiter and Venus direct.  Jupiter Rx is difficult for generating sales and Venus Rx tends to turn businesses into a money pit. Check The Textbook for Financial Astrology Book 1 for a detailed explanation.

Marley's response: I couldn't agree with Kaye more.   Financial astrology is a tool that allows us to use timing to our advantage! Why would one position oneself to choose between something akin to "the lesser of two evils"?   My choice would be to wait until they are both direct and would scrutinize any reason to proceed with something that I know, through my understanding of financial astrology, would not be beneficial to the outcome.

Q. Dear Markay, Most IPO's have the Sun in the 11th house of their chart because the exchanges open at 9:30 am Eastern Time. When starting a small business is it wise to have the Sun in the 11th?
Kaye: The purpose of an IPO is to return income to the investors. The 11th house represents income received from an investment or professional employment. However a small business such as a night security guard business might prefer their Sun in the 6th house so that the energy of the business is directed toward routine work. Signs and Houses in a business chart are detailed in Textbook One.

Q. Dear Markay, Do you program stops into your personal online trading account?

Marley: Truth? Well...I have, but not as often as I should. It's essential to use a stop order if you are unable to watch your stocks for an extended period of time, and when I'm traveling or in a situation where I can't watch the market, I do set stop losses. But I don't make it a habit when I'm home watching the market. (And many times I honestly could kick myself for that because I've paid dearly!)
Almost all traders will tell you that setting a stop loss is an important part of trading discipline. And it is. By setting a stop loss when you enter a trade, you are making a conscious decision to prevent a small loss from becoming a painfully great loss which ends up eating up your trading capital.
The biggest problem for me is if the astrological reason (or fundamental reason) that motivated me to purchase the stock remains intact, and the stock goes down, it might actually signal a buying opportunity instead! Which is why setting a stop loss when you are most objective is key. The reality is, if the stock is going down and you cut your losses, you will have the capital to buy back the stock at a lower price. And if you want, you can even buy more shares at that low price.

One of the most difficult things to do is selling at a loss when you BELIEVE in the reason you bought the stock in the first place. So set your stop losses when you are most objective!

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March 2007

Q. Dear Markay, "Please give me some advise on saving money..."

Kaye: Waiting in the Airport reading Caroline Casey's book and giggling under my breath, I caught the attention of a young lady. She saw the book jacket and said she was interested in astrology. I told her I was a financial astrologer and she asked "Please give me some advise on saving money".

You don't have to ask young people if they have internet access. I gave her my card and told her to surf on over. But just to tweak her imagination, I gave her a tidbit. Start a change jar, then find out on the web when the moon is in Taurus, then go to the bank and open a savings account. Better yet, I added, April 21st the Sun will be in Taurus and you will have 30 days to get the job done. In the Textbook For Financial Astrology I talk about saving 10% and a few other details.

At the NCGR Conference in Baltimore, I lectured on "How to Start a Stock Club".   My audience listened very politely and then I said the magic lecturer words. "Any questions?" "Where is the market going?" Three hands queried.

I gave the usual smart eleck remark, "UP and DOWN."

I expect that we are stuck in a sideways trading range until June and then again October when I expect a shake up in leaders and laggards. Follow the newsletter for specific details. Right now everything revolves around the business of real estate.

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February 2007

Q. Dear Markay
Do you know when the next big increase in the price of oil will occur? That's when the next major terrorist attack will be. If the barrel of oil dips below $50, expect an attack on civilians. Do you know when the next spike will be?

Kaye's response -

Diana relates dips in the price of oil to an increase in terrorist attacks and makes an excellent case for the relationship.

My analysis will go with OPEC chart. The Nicholas Campion's chart for OPEC (September 14, 1960 Baghdad 9:00 GMT) has 9 degrees Sagittarius rising with Jupiter moving back and forth over the ascendant.  January 5th Jupiter moved over to the 1st house and the price moved down.  With Saturn moving to a conjunction with Uranus on January 20 the price reached $49.  A new Chairman for OPEC was appointed.  The follow-up aspect Jupiter sextile Venus on February 2 is in effect through June.  I would suspect that the price hovers throughout the spring in the $55 range since this price does not encourage Americans to invest in alternative sources.  After June 28, Pluto moves to an opposition with Mars which is a totally unique aspect that could destroy OPEC, but will push up volatility of supplies and therefore the price of oil.  This summer will force the US to do something and I believe you should start researching oil supply companies (HAL, DO, GW) It would be also be wise to check water stocks.  Jupiter stations at 9 degrees Sagittarius on OPEC's ascendant from June 28- September 6.

Marley's response -

I really can't give a better response than what Kaye has said.  However I do have something to add to that.  I personally do not believe the price of oil has any thing to do with the possibility or cause of another terrorist attack.  The price of oil has everything to do with supply and demand - or a perceived idea of supply and demand - terrorist attacks cause the market to react because of the threat of supply, and not vice-versa.  I do think if we had another major terrorist attack the price of oil would go up because of the perception or anticipation of the possibility of lack of supply.

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The following question comes from Kaye!
Q. Dear Markay
I consider Mercury RX a reason to quit trading. You beg to differ. Why?

Marley's response -

I think one can't just quit doing what one does during Mercury RX!  The businesses affected by Mercury RX don't just stop operating, and so, if you are a day trader or a short term to intermediate trader you don't need to just pack up and go fishing.  Not that I'm saying one shouldn't pay attention to Mercury RX, but if it's business as usual, then one should just proceed with caution and the understanding of the risks one takes during Mercury RX. (see Marley's article - Mercury RX)

Also there are some stocks that actually do well during that time! EPEX is one that I've tracked.  It seems each time Mercury goes RX the stock price rises. I'm sure there are others...I just know about EPEX because I have been watching it for a long time now. (It will be interesting to see how that stock price actually does for the next few weeks.) It's very true that certain stocks resonate to the vibrations of certain planets, and Mercury RX can be a good thing for those stocks who vibrate to that energy!

However, I do try to avoid trading during the stationing* periods of Mercury RX because the market is so volatile and there is much more risk involved. This stationing period right now in February has been devastating to a couple of the stocks that I'm holding and even so, I continue to hold them instead of going by my "sell if the stock drops 8%" rule because I don't want to trade anything during this "stationing period".  Often the stock will change it's momentum during a stationing period but then it reverses and goes back up even higher after. (I sure hope so with the stocks I'm holding right now! We'll see. I will let you all know!)

*By stationing period I mean when the planet begins to slow it momentum forward or backward, usually within three days before and after the planet changes direction and not the actual time and day when it changes direction.

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January 2007

This question comes from Marley!
Q. Dear Markay
What's with the price of oil?

Kaye's response -

Supply and demand is the economist's answer. The astrological explanation is that Uranus (upside down and backwards) is in Pisces the sign ruling oil. Uranus is in mutual reception (constantly switching sign emphasis) with Neptune (lord of all liquids) in Aquarius (the sign of electronics). Thus, every time the price of oil goes up another electronic gadget comes along and knocks down the price. Example, cell phones save unnecessary trips. Global positioning saves driving around in circles. A gallon of gas here, a gallon of gas there and pretty soon you are talking about real money. This will continue until 2012 when Neptune moves into Pisces and takes control of oil, water, milk, honey etc.

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This question comes from Kaye!
Q. Dear Markay
Do you think alternative energy stocks will ever take off?

Marley's response -

As long as the price of oil is cheaper than what it costs to explore and develop alternative energy, no. However, I have an idea that when Pluto moves into Aquarius in March of 2023, world governments will stop exploiting the earth for energy resources and begin to rely upon other "non-earthly" sources for energy. Sources from air and light (Aquarius) such as wind, solar, hydrogen fuel cells and atomic energy.

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Q. Dear Markay
(Cynthia asked about Mutual Funds.) Do they have a birthday?
Kaye's response -

Yes, it is called an inception date. Usually the date is mentioned in their prospectus. Morning Star gives each fund one full page in their book.You can find the inception date somewhere along the last few lines of type at the bottom of the page.

Marley's response -

Cynthia, I think using the inception date as a natal chart for Mutual Funds is pretty risky because (in my opinion) the success of the mutual fund is very much a reflection of the natal chart of the person in charge of the actual trading for the mutual fund. My advise is to carefully study whatever mutual fund you are interested in to see if the "birthday" (the inception date) follows the transits of Jupiter and Saturn. If you see a correlation then it's possible to use the chart.

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December, 2006

D’Aine asks…Dear Markay:
Q. Would the New Moon chart be a good time to BEGIN my plans for investing?
How about joining an investment club?
Kaye's response -

The New Moon is the best time to begin any project. In fact some researchers at the University of Michigan proved statistically that S & P 500's percentage gained was higher between the New and Full Moon than between the Full Moon and the New Moon.
Joining an investment club is an excellent way to get an education in the stock market. Whether it is the questions or the answers or the research by each member, the club will provide you with a group of your own private tutors.

Marley's response - Marley agrees wholeheartedly!

D’Aine also asks: Q. What do you see as the major downside for this New Moon from a global perspective?
Kaye's response -

The Sagittarius stellium will probably upset folks who are used to American generosity. Suddenly Americans are stuffing their dollars in their pockets. I know it is hard to believe. It could be that the dollar has been devalued or maybe we have determined it is time to let go of the bicycle seat.

Marley's response -

The Sagittarius stellium adds fuel to the extreme energy of Pluto’s transit through the first house of the U.S. (Silbey chart) First house energy is very much in tune with Aries (Mars) energy and Pluto in the first generates extreme forcefulness. In doing so it attracts challenges from others (7th house) and it makes relationships with others exceedingly difficult. It’s no wonder the U.S. is becoming more and more unpopular globally!

Diana asks…Dear Markay:
Q. Do you think there will be a terrorist act in the United States around the Winter Solstice?

Kaye's response -

The chart for the Solstice has a weird answer for the question on terrorism. The stellium in 5 could be children terrorists. Uranus in the 8th could suggest unusual cause of death. Honestly, I'm thinking Centaur shoots an arrow so that maybe misses are the culprits in the next attack. Of course the concentration of energy works both ways. The guys in white hats are as focused on catching the guys in black hats as the black hats are bent on death and destruction. Pluto is caught in the middle of the stellium, my guess the black hats make a few mistakes and the white hats arrest them before they activate their destructive missiles.

Marley's response -

I use the Silbey Chart with Sagittarius rising for the U.S. Right now Jupiter is transiting the 12th house of the Silbey chart, and I have come to believe that Jupiter in the 12th house acts as "a guardian angel".  So, if there were a terrorist attempt I think our "guardian angel" would protect us from it being a successful one.  However, with transiting Mars on our Ascendant, the U.S. would retaliate forcefully in that event.

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November 2006

Dear Markay,

Here's a financial question for you:

I finally sold my old house on the lake after exactly one year, and 12 days on the market, and four prior lost sales.   Alleluia! It has been a rough year in the real estate market.  I want to refi my current adjustable rate mortgage on the new place (actually been here a year plus now) I sign before or after Mercury RX????
signed, Laura Jean
Kaye's response -

Re fi is a tough question because of the RE part of the question. Generally speaking, it's probably OK. However, you are signing papers that need to be read with a magnifying glass on a topic where surprises can be expensive. Therefore, I would suggest that you take your time and read everything twice times twice. Since you are the customer I suggest that you stall until Mercury turns direct. However, reading the whole contract is still required.

Marley's response -

If you proceed during Mercury retrograde be prepared to deal with frustrations, delays, surprises and whatever else can go wrong at the closing as well as the possibility of REgret. I'm not saying these things will happen, but Mercury retrograde periods insure a greater chance of Murphy's Law kicking in. ("If anything can go wrong, it will"). However, business can and does go on during Mercury Retrograde periods all the time. So, if you can't avoid waiting, and you are certain that this is exactly what you want to do, then by all means do it - but proceed cautiously, and be prepared by double checking and reconfirming all details. My husband and I once signed a contract to purchase a piece of property during Mercury Retrograde and this is what happened: 1. There was a mistake on the credit report that caused a delay; 2. We went to the wrong building and had to be redirected to the correct place for the signing; 3. Our agent was late for the closing; 4. We were not told to bring certain documents that were needed for the signing which caused a delay as these things had to be brought to the closing; 5. We were surprised with some hidden costs that were totally unexpected; and, 6. (wouldn't you know it, but the funniest thing happened) my pen ran out of ink during the signing of the documents! Of course, none of these things were serious problems but they are an example of things that might be extremely frustrating. We are still happy that we purchased the property, but have had nothing but delays and a lot of disappointments with what we've done so far in preparations to build on it.

Diana asked, "did you see the hurricane on Saturn?"

Kaye: Yes, the hurricane occurred at the South Pole and appeared to be the same structure as an Earth hurricane.

If you follow the Earthquake sites you will notice that 5 and 6 Richter scale earthquakes occur a few days before and a few days after a New or Full Moon.   If you have seen any photo's of Jupiter lately you will see that this planet has developed another eye. The Sunspot activity is at a minimum.
My opinion, "the universe is up to no good. " If we humans want to take credit for the mess and call it Global Warming go right ahead. I think, however, there is a universal force stirring the soup and making a mess and no planet is exempt.


October 2006

Dear Markay,
1 - Am I wrong to think that punishing North Korea is a bad move because the direct consequence will be to increase Muslim terrorism all over the world and in fringe places (Thailand, Philippines, Europe, the Americas, Australia, Russia, etc.), and in places where there hasn't been a terror attack yet?

2 - Will there be a man-made or natural disaster when the moon moves into Capricorn this month (Oct. 26-28)?

3 -What will happen once we enter Scorpio and the New Moon in Scorpio?

4- How low do you think gold and silver will go before it rebounds slightly? I read an article that some analysts say it will go to $850.00 or more.  - Diana

Kaye's response -

Regarding punishing North Korea - I think that the actual punishment will probably never happen. I think that the people will take control of their country via military type coupe.

North Korea's birthday is Sept 10, 1948. It will have a Saturn return next August and I have to suggest that no other tough aspects exist. Usually the 59 year old Saturn return causes you to look at your path ahead and if you are on the one that is best for you, it will be a non event. What is so hopeful is that Jupiter is moving to a conjunction with North Korea's Sagittarius Moon. The people will be fed. The people will obtain prosperity. I'm fairly sure that the population will take control of their lives and dismiss their current government and this will probably happen before Winter Solstice. I think the positive Jupiter aspects to this chart will force regime change and the population will benefit.

Regarding natural or man-made disasters -You picked up that message on your own Diana. I think you were correct to anticipate the huge earthquake in Hawaii. In fact there have been earthquakes over 6 for the past two weeks. These will continue and some will hit in populated areas. There is tremendous movement around the ring of fire and until a few of the volcanoes in the area erupt, the earthquake activity will continue. The Libra New Moon chart has Mars on the 4th house cusp and that is an excellent indicator or natural disasters. I noticed that the Madrid fault is also under pressure and near Saint Louis there is a Nuclear Power Plant located right on that fault line.
Regarding what will happen with the New Moon in Scorpio - I guess you will have to wait till next month on that Diana but I will explain that the planets are bunching up together and their energy will pull on the Sun causing solar storms.

Regarding the price of Gold and Silver - $850 is a little high. $550 is a little low. No honestly I believe the price will continue to hover around $600. The first week in December is when the price will change. It will crawl upwards through Dec. I doubt if it goes beyond $650.
Thank you Diana once again for all of the questions. Kaye
Dear Markay,
What might I expect to see as a result of the upcoming August 31 2006 Saturn - Neptune opposition along with Pluto turning direct September 4? - Diana
Kaye's response - (Diana is one of Kaye's students)-
Thanks for asking the question! August 31, Saturn opposes Neptune early in the morning, however actually this is in effect all of August. That means that any action concerning this aspect will take place at least a few weeks before.

Usually this means deceit concerning accounting or management in financial astrology. Therefore you could expect an Enron style scandal.  You might also expect a severe weather problem, but it is hurricane season.  I think the current breaking scandal concerning bribes to government officials concerning oil and oil shipments might very well take the headlines. Therefore if you have any investments in this area you might put in a stop loss.

Sept 4 is Pluto direct - Pluto direct usually means things hidden are found. This can also be a whistle blower aspect. That does not mean lost and found!  On a personal level it means that if you hid something from yourself you will find it. Example I hide chocolate chips in the refrigerator. On a macro level the Israelis might find stashes of weapons they didn't know they had. I'm thinking their intelligence might jam computers.

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