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Michael Munkasey's Financial Astrology Software -
The Company Database

Review by Kaye Shinker

I collected Company Data on my own through the 1980's and early 90's. I had a very thick and heavy notebook because I printed the incorporation charts and the IPO charts in my collection. I used them to buy stocks. I was a rookie financial astrologer then and wow did I learn quickly just how important these charts can be when trying to determine whether to buy, sell or hold a specific equity. Every Dell split was right there in the chart. Every Red Flag for Tyco screamed from the chart.

Then one afternoon Michael sent an e-mail describing his collection of company data. He included the comment that he had the Incorporation dates and IPO dates of about 3,000 companies. I was impressed, my collection was about 200. I asked if I could use it on a Mac. He said Yes. I sent him a check and he sent the disk. I was the happiest girl in Alaska.

This is my theory: If you are going to spend several thousand dollars on a stock, you better know more about it than their web address and the opinion of a few dozen research analysts. Mike's company data gives you the date of incorporation which will tell you something about how things are going at corporate headquarters as well as on the production line. It also gives you the IPO date, so you can determine if the other traders/public feel that this company can make money.  The data is very concise, accurate, and the explanations of other important dates in the history of the company are included in the "notes column"

Included are a number of Mutual Funds and also exchange traded funds. Whenever I speak or write about any company I verify all of my information with Company Data. It is Financial Astrology's version of the Lois Rodden data bank. It is an indispensable tool.

Description:  Read Michael Munkasey's Company Database information by Michael Munkasey

Michael Munkasey's Company Database contains company information on over 11,000 companies. The company information is delivered on a CD-R in an easy-to-read and -use format. There are currently over 5600 active companies in the data base and over 1600 mutual or electronic traded funds. There are also about 4000 historical records for ticker symbols which have been removed from the NYSE, the AMEX or the NASDAQ. In addition to the company information there are several 'information-style' files included in the overall package. THE most updated, informed and official source for First Trade Dates and Incorporation Dates used by financial astrology software programs.

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NOTICE - Michael Munkasey's updates data daily. When ordering The Company Data, Mr. Munkasey will ship you the most completed database he has worked on to that date.

Michael Munkasey's work has been an invaluable asset to the astrological community.  In May 2008, Michael Munkasey received the Marion D. March Regulus Award for Discovery and Innovation and Research - an award that recognizes those who have developed new tools or concepts to advance the study and practice of astrology.

However, updates to the data are increasingly difficult for Mr. Munkasey to obtain due to web sites now charging exorbitant rates for previously free access to their data. This makes it impossible to maintain the data with his prior diligence.

"Just because an exchange posts data, there is no guarantee that the data posted is accurate. Their data has to be checked through other sources. In my experience, only about 75% of the posted "official" exchange data is correct. Checking to ensure accuracy is / was another large time consuming effort. It did help some to have certain free-access web sites for this, but these web sites are now charging for their access.

Updating the company data has to be done independently through checking the postings at each US (or foreign) exchange. The major US exchanges presently active are the NYSE (which includes the Arca, the Euronext, and the old AMEX); and the NASDAQ (which itself now has three levels). There are also the "Over the Counter" (OTC) markets, which recently have been subdivided into several classifications depending on the reporting requirements for listing on the subdivision (the OtcBB has the highest standards; while the "Pink Sheets" have the lowest standards = virtually none).

Probably due in some part to security concerns the exchanges have tightened access to their data. They have also, over the past two years, started to charge very large fees for previously free data.  In the past I spent about 20 to 50 hours a week keeping the data current. With the increasing costs of data, and with the increasing restrictions on who can access the exchange data, it is no longer feasible for me to continue this effort.

Thus, pressured on all sides (inaccurate data, increasing costs, etc.) -- I have had to scale back on what I will or can do with the data. - M. Munkasey


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