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The Master of Time, An Epos of W.D. Gann's Master Time Factor, by Victor Ledeboer
Book Review by Kaye Shinker:
The Master of Time,
An Epos of W.D. Gann's Master Time Factor,
E-Book edition, by Victor Ledeboer

A few lessons in Financial Astrology and suddenly the student hears the teacher mention with admiration the writings of W.D. Gann! Naturally, the students are curious about the man and his writings.

Of course they ask their teacher, and hope the teacher will suggest a readable book.  

Usually the teacher explains that reading W.D. Gann’s original books is a challenge in decoding. They continue with a few references to books written by current researchers.  However, recommending one that is written in a style that is elementary enough for the beginning student to understand is difficult - perhaps impossible!

Mysterious and elusive W.D. Gann was the first modern master of Financial Astrology.  His writings are eclectic and a challenge to decipher.  However, his books are filled with tremendous insights as to market cycles and often referred to by researchers of Financial Astrology when predicting the outcome of a current cycle pattern. He was considered the Master of Time, but many researchers only describe him as the master of numbers.

The first problem a financial astrologer faces is where to start when making a market analysis using astrology.  The answer is to check out the Masters, and Gann is the original master.  He gave a very simple answer: Jupiter and Saturn.

In The Master of Time, An Epos of W.D. Gann’s Master Time Factor, by Victor Ledeboer, the author starts with a biography of W.D. Gann, and gives an account of Gann’s true mastery, the connection between planetary cycles and the timing of the markets.   He demonstrates the Square of Nine and then a historical review of the Jupiter and Saturn cycle and it's influence on the financial market.

(Excerpt from Page 23 )

“There is a lot more to say about the Master Time Factor from Gann but these Master numbers are very important and we need to get to work with them. The past repeats itself because human behaviour never changes! The repetition of human behaviour can be traced in the cycle development of the Major Master Time Factor. Every 10, 20, 45, 50, 60, 70 and 90 years the same themes occur, the same political and social choices are made and the same bull markets and panic waves occur. The numbers nearly cover a whole century. This requires some relativity and view of his theory. The numbers are not randomly chosen; they are backed up by theory. Stronger still, we can keep making the numbers smaller and more specific but the core is the above row of numbers, of which only one cycle has the status of Master Cycle and that is the 60-year cycle or its dividend – the 20-year cycle.”   Victor Ledeboer Click for Details - The Master of Time, by Victor Ledeboer Click here to read a synopsis written by Victor Ledeboer.

Speaking as a teacher, this is a book I'm happy to see.  After my students have read about half of my Textbook For Financial Astrology they become aware of the masters of Financial Astrology and W.D. Gann is number one.  They wonder about his application of cycles and their value to the study.  Students of astrology study each planet one by one, however it is the combination of planets aspecting each other that moves markets in either direction.

The Master of Time, An Epos of W.D. Gann’s Master Time Factor, by Victor Ledeboer is a must read for beginning students of Financial Astrology. The book illustrates the most important basic cycle - the Jupiter and Saturn cycle - and it is where one must start in applying the basic principles of astrology to the financial markets.


Kaye Shinker, CAP, NCGR IV

Victor Ledeboer is a financial astrologer and has worked for years with Gann's methods.

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Kaye Shinker, CAP, NCGR IV


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