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Summer Planning 2007
by Kaye Shinker

I thought I would give you all an astrological hand at planning your summer vacations. This should be a terrific summer with lots of weather and plenty of adventure. Remember Mother Nature is in charge and our job is to have an adventure.

Let's take a look at the signs Mars will transit.  From now until the end of June Mars is in Aries and you will be full of energy and ready to try new thrills. Mars transits Taurus from the end of June and through July so you will feel like building sand castles and lounging on the veranda. Mars transits Gemini through August so you'll need to find books to read, friends who chat and plenty of minutes on your cell phone.

We start the summer with Mercury retrograde.  Mercury is RX from June-15-July 10.  OK, you love adventure and don't mind loosing your stuff then start you vacation June 15. It's like a guaranteed adventure. However, save yourself a few headaches right now.  Make a duplicate record of your passport, your credit card number and buy travelers checks. Assume you'll lose everything and nothing will get lost.

Time for quiet fun.  July 10- July 27 is the big grace period this summer.  If you have a high stress day job, this is the best time to schedule a holiday.  Nothing is happening and you can actually enjoy the countryside or the beach.  Mars in Taurus will allow you to feel lazy and if you fall asleep reading the new Harry Potter book you won't mind.

Venus Retrograde Forget Summer Love.  July 27- Sept 8 Venus is Retrograde which means forget finding summer love, avoid shopping, and watch those cell phone minutes.  If you are a full time astrologer, turn off the cell phone and write letters to your clients.  Read your Harry Potter book, go to the movies, take your camera sightseeing and it's ok to draw pictures on napkins and enjoy a concert. Your money wants to stay safely hidden in your savings account.  You will be surprised by your thrifty ways.  You will also be surprised at how much fun you can have without spending a cent.

Ok now to my friends who trade the markets.
 Same schedule different suggestions!

June 15-July 10 Mercury retrograde.  All of our trading friends work hard and deserve the three 21 day vacations that is the gift from the universe other wise known as Mercury RX.  This will be the best time to take a vacation from the market, put in your stops and develop Wall Street Amnesia. The Dow starts and ends the Mercury Rx cycle within 1% about 80% of the time.

There is another reason to develop Wall Street Amnesia on this particular Rx cycle. Monday, June 25 will be the third time Saturn opposes Neptune.  Let's review the previous Saturn Neptune oppositions. The Dow moved only a few points August 31 when the first time aspect occurred. 

When Mercury was retrograde February 28 the next time, the aspect was exact, and leading up to the exact aspect the Dow dipped 400 points or 3+%.  The market remained confused until April.  

One could expect the market will react with confusion again. This is why I suggest your stops should be firmly placed.  Mercury will turn direct you could have a bit of cash to play with when you return to your computer on July 10.

July 10- July 27 Time to Get 'er Done

Work your timing trigger fingers to the bone from July 10 through July 27.  Do diligent research and check the Moon's position.  You will find yourself able to finish projects in a hurry and avoid doing the same thing twice.

July 27- Sept 8

Save yourself a lot of heart ache and probably some money. Venus turns retrograde July 27. Not a good time to start a romance, ask for a raise, or start a new project. This cycle is best defined as there is no such thing as a bargain.

Traders need to be aware that while Venus is retrograde, Jupiter will turn direct Aug. 7. and Saturn is changing signs.  Trends and fashion are changing.  It is not a pretty picture especially for retail.  New fads will take over the markets and only your favorite teenager has a clue as to exactly which ones will move merchandise.
Jupiter Direct August 7 will raise the markets especially the volume. It will be a very select group that benefits.

Read the July and August New Moon report for specific suggestions. Saturn changing signs will be discussed several times during the next few New Moon reports.

These cycles are the first tier of all other cycles. In addition to my suggestion to read Harry Potter, I might add that you add The Textbooks for Financial Astrology to your list.

The Textbook for Financial Astrology Book 1 discusses in detail Mercury and Venus Retrograde.  Textbook 2 discusses Jupiter and Saturn direct, retrograde and changing signs.

As a matter of fact you could even take a class starting in August.  I will attend the Project Hindsight conclave ( late July) and I always return with interesting ideas from the ancient Greek writings.

Kaye Shinker NCGR C.. A.
Instructor of Financial Astrology and author of The Textbook For Financial Astrology

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