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I'm watching some aspects coming through in the Summer of 2007.   Saturn is currently at 24 Leo and will Station and go retrograde at 25 Leo on Dec 5 2006.   We should be getting some hints of what Saturn has in mind for us during the next 9 months.

Highlighted all winter will be the acute labor shortage.

Saturn will be close to an opposition with the USA Moon (Sibley chart).  The moon represents the public and Saturn represents hard work and difficulty.  I'm not sure the USA public can work 24/7 but I think we are going to try.  Fortunately when Saturn is retrograde his penchant for hard work is moderated.  So maybe we will just go for 60 hour work weeks?

Eventually Saturn will go direct April 19, 2007 and the opposition to the USA moon will be exact Aug.11, 2007. Simultaneously, Pluto is sextile the Moon suggesting an inflow of people looking for an opportunity to become capitalists. Whatever the opinion of the USA public has about immigration, it is definitely going to change.

The richest people in the world need time to spend their money even if they prefer working.  Saturn's opposition says. "forget it, vacations not allowed!"

Everything you wanted to know about Saturn but were scared to death to ask...

Saturn rules Capricorn and by tradition Aquarius.  It's chief influence is over the elderly, farms, mines, produce and junk. From Saturn you are supposed to learn patience, efficiency, and thriftiness.  Saturn teaches you to be organized, build for the future and to be tactful. If you don't comply strictly to the above, Saturn fixes that and makes you sick.

Saturn is determined and struggles to express itself and to be recognized.   He has to do with obstacles, difficulties and overcoming them.  Leo has to do with prominent entities and Saturn moving through Leo has a tendency to want to depose them.  If the prominent person does not solve their problems quickly then they lose their power positions.

Now what exactly does an opposition mean?

You are sitting at round tables.  Pretend you are the Moon and the opposite someone is Saturn. Try looking at each other.  Try talking to each other.  Notice that you can see each other without straining, however talking requires a bit of effort.  That is an opposition.  Each can see what the other is doing although they may not be able to understand it.

The Aquarius moon makes us mad for all sorts of electronic trinkets.

Saturn can see the US natal Moon and is trying to tell the public, "it's your electronic junk that will bring you fame and glory but also an equal amount of problems.  Get your electronic act together boys and girls."

The Leo Saturn says. "you guys are crazy if you think I'm going to let you sit at play stations all day!  You even want to construct a virtual wall along your borders."  Then Leo Saturn adds, "I'm not financing that!"

Leo Saturn is determined to depress everything that is fun.

Saturn in Leo is restricting the funds available for participating in all the fun things.  He is restricting services and employees so that folks can get some time off from their chores.  He even made it illegal for the USA Moon to gamble offshore via the internet.  You have to drive or catch a bus to the Indian casino.  He has the cell phone video camera working night and day just to make sure that public figures choose proper words.

Previous transits of Saturn in late Leo...

Ok, we have one more year of Saturn spoiling the games Americans play.  Are we going to invent ourselves out of this dilemma again?  We did in 1919, 1948 and 1977.

Ford was incorporated July 9, 1919.   In 1948 Williams and Kilburn invented RAM giving the computer the ability to store data.   An interesting company Halliburton issued its IPO in 1948.   Apple computer, introduced at the first computer fair to sell the Apple II, was incorporated in 1977.

My predictions...

Expect that 2007 will bring online one extraordinary invention that will make this current method of communication with you all totally obsolete!   Also set aside a few bucks to invest in the new concept.

Remember the 10% I suggested that you set aside in Textbook for Financial Astrology, Book 1?  Remember the overtime I wrote about at the begriming of the article?   Start a small savings account when the Moon is in Taurus, you'll have the required funds to invest, OK.

Kaye Shinker

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