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Jupiter and the Money In Your Chart
Part II of Money in Your Chart
by Kaye Shinker

We are in the "'The Paradigm shift" and "Demand Destruction" is connected to the Ingress of Pluto into Capricorn. (Read the article titled, Fall Equinox.)

You have to buy a ticket. Your horoscope can help you with timing the moment to take a risk, but you have to be ready to take the risk. Jupiter transits have a tendency to just make you very lazy. They pass by and you wonder what happened.

In this article I will tell you about the house placement of Jupiter in your horoscope. The house Jupiter appears in your horoscope is where you expand your knowledge, where you benefit yourself and others with your talent, and where you earn the major portion of your income. The house position of Jupiter in your horoscope can give you a clue as to where you need to take a risk to increase your wealth.

Take out your horoscope or calculate it using an astrology charting program.  If you don't have one there is a link on our web site where you can download a free program that will calculate your chart.  Go to the Astrological Investing Astrology Articles page and in left hand side navigation bar there are links listed under "Online Resources".   In that column is a link where you can download free astrology software. (This navigation bar is found on all the main pages at Astrological .)

You will need a good birth time.  By "good birth time" I mean you need a time from your birth certificate, or written in a baby book, or from your parents if they have a good memory as to the exact time of day you took your first breath. An approximate guess will be fine to calculate the horoscope if that is all you have.

Ok, now that you have your chart, look at the house Jupiter occupies. Each house has "rulership" over specific areas of your life: 1st house, the personal you;  2nd, the money you earn;  3rd, your communications stuff, for example, cell phone, auto, bike, pager;  4th, home, your house, your family;  5th, fun, gambling, sports, children;  6th, physical work and service;  7th, your business partners, and spouse, business competitors, vendors, suppliers;  8th, taxes and insurance;  9th, travel, education, religion; 10th, your career;  11th, friends, income from career, wishes;  12th, hidden enemies, chronic illness, institutions.

Jupiter in the Houses

Jupiter in the First House

You have flamboyant personality. You are able to express your profession by using your appearance, your speaking style, and natural charm to earn the income you need to support your lifestyle. You recognize everyone as very special and easily remember their name and occupation. You are very generous with your time and money. You expand your personality by trying new things

Jupiter in the Second House

When you need to earn money you find the most lucrative position available. There is a strong indication of financial success. You are very trustworthy and often hired to care for the monetary transactions of a business. You attract money in large chunks. As an entrepreneur you like to help other handle their income. You are able to acquire material wealth, and love to spend your money on books and travel. You expand your wealth because your self-worth is tied to your need for security

Jupiter in the Third House

You like to work on commission because you like to earn money in chunks. You can sell almost anything because of your ability to communicate. You are able to write and speak clearly and these are the skills you use to earn money. You network easily especially in your neighborhood. You expand your wealth and position through community endeavors and relationships with your extended family.

Jupiter in the Fourth House

You consider real estate the best way to invest your time and earn your income. Some of your income is provided by inheritance/trusts. You rely on your ability to make friends with your coworkers and neighbors to network your talents. You know how to barter. You always are looking for ways to improve your environment and happy to help others do the same. You tend to own more property than you need, therefore, you learn the tricks of sales early in life. You expand your wealth buying and selling real property.

Jupiter in the Fifth House

When given a few excess dollars you are able to successfully invest in speculative markets. You have an excellent sense of timing because you learn quickly from your mistakes. You like to share your experiences with investing and you love to teach others the lessons you learn as a speculator.  Your positive mental attitude gives you the opportunity to make excellent investment decisions. You expand your wealth when engaged in creative pursuits.

Jupiter in the Sixth House

Success at work is indicated because you make every job a fun experience. You find employment good fun and you have had some type of job since you could legally have a paid job.  As an entrepreneur you are able to choose employees that enjoy working with you. You enjoy helping people and look for ways to get paid for the services you perform. You expand your wealth through service to others.

Jupiter in the Seventh House

Partnerships bring you prosperity. You often subsidize a business. Your ability to collect bits of knowledge and apply the information to business circumstances makes you a valuable partner. You are able to use your personality to earn the respect and loyalty of your partners.  Every partnership benefits when you are involved in keeping the parties in a cooperative mode.  You expand your wealth through close relationships.

Jupiter in the Eighth House

With Jupiter in the eighth you will increase the prosperity of your partners by understanding the best ways to invest and distribute the funds of your partnerships. You tend to collect knowledge about the marketplace and share the information with your partners to your mutual benefit. You may use your psychic or mystical talents to discover overlooked problems or even accounting errors. You expand your wealth through your own resources and your latent talents.

Jupiter in the Ninth House

You will move mountains to earn the degrees, certifications, and permits to earn the money you perceive that you need. You love working as a professional teacher, doctor, lawyer, preacher, and judge. You cherish the knowledge you obtain through formal education and are always willing to share it for a price. You will save your earnings to spend on adventure travel. You expand your wealth in your search for truth.

Jupiter in the Tenth House

You have the ability to tell stories and remember jokes . This is a huge advantage when working as a salesman, manager, CEO or entrepreneur. Jupiter in the 10th suggests you are someone who really prefers to be the boss since you are self directed and really enjoy people. You bring wealth wherever you are employed and expect your employers to share. You are able to hang onto your earnings stashing them in whatever investments you consider safe. You find work easily and you are equally gifted at finding work for others. You will find recognition or fame in your career. You were mentored and love to mentor others. You expand your wealth through your career.

Jupiter in the Eleventh House

Jupiter here indicates the master of networking. You can remember unique details and you are able to capitalize on this talent. You are excellent at raising money for charity since you know how to make a great party. You are popular and have good manners. You have to be careful about becoming too dependent on friends. You expand your wealth by sharing your career talents with groups and organizations.

Jupiter in the Twelfth

Jupiter in the twelfth is called a good luck charm. Your instincts are reliable and you know how to get out of most of your problems because you know how to rely on your intuition. You are compassionate and ready to help others and you are constantly aware that you need to profit on this aspect of your character. You expand your wealth through your ability to assist behind the scenes especially when involved with large organizations.


Kaye Shinker, author of The Textbook for Financial Astrology - March 18, 1940 - November 18, 2011. Though she is no longer with us, her spirit and her teaching continues on. . We are proud to offer Kaye Shinker's Textbooks for Financial Astrology for sale on this web site, click here to purchase The Textbook For Financial Astrology..

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