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This is an important phenomena that will be very apparent in December.  I will write articles on the topic throughout 2007.  Currently the Precession of the Capricorn Solstice point is at the Galactic Center.  If you measured the rising Winter Solstice Sun you would be able to line it up with the Milky Way's midpoint.  It is believed that the Mayan Calendar chronicled this point.

Go outside and find the Milky Way - the Galactic Center is in the middle.  Okay, you live in a big city and can't see it but sometime this summer go out into the country side and look for it.  Look for the belt of Orion and turn 180 degrees.  You should be able to see the Milky Way.

What exactly is the Galactic Center?
The Galactic Center was discovered by Karl Jansky in 1932 while he was searching for the source of static interference on overseas phone lines.  Jansky built a 95 foot radio telescope to detect it.  Part of the static turned out to be created by the center of our Galaxy at 27+degrees of Sagittarius.   Astronomers in the late 1960's were astonished by the immense energies found there and identified a huge Black Hole containing the mass of millions of Suns.

The amount of area around the Galactic Center (GC) is about 2 degrees. Each day the disk of the Sun blocks the noise coming from the galactic center and those with psychic abilities notice the difference.  My theory is that if you have a prolonged period of time where the static from the GC is blocked then creative processes have a chance to become expressed ideas.  If we are aware of the time period when the GC is covered by a planet/Sun then we can give ourselves the opportunity to think creatively.  However, we can also check on others ingenious ideas and see if they are worthy of our attention.

Times when outer planets were conjunct the Galactic Center
Transiting outer planets can take almost a year to move across the GC.   Transiting Jupiter rarely takes more than a few weeks to transit the GC.   Pluto was at there in 1758, Neptune 1982, Uranus and Saturn 1988, and Jupiter in December 1995.  Most of 2007 Pluto will transit this point dashing in and out at a snails pace.
Jupiter will join Pluto in December.

Transits of the Galactic Center in 2007
Here are the important dates:  On December 9, the Moon will pass by Jupiter; then on December 11, Jupiter will conjunct Pluto; and then on December 21, the Sun will make a conjunction.  The Winter Solstice Sun has been creeping toward the Galactic center.  It is conjunct this point every 26,000 years.  Consider that the zone of GC is several degrees and the disc of Sun 1/2 degree.   2007 Jupiter and Pluto join the blockade of this point of constant chatter.

What does it mean to financial astrologers?
Financial astrologers will notice that these transits play a role in technological inventiveness.   


1758  Ben Franklin invents the 3 wheel clock and John Campbell the sextant and Watt will soon improve the           steam engine.
1982 Time magazine's Man of the Year, 'the computer'
1988 Hubbell Telescope, Transatlantic fiber optic cable, and Prozac.
1995 Java Script and DVD's.

New and improved inventions will appear and some very interesting IPO's if the past is any indication of the future.  I have listed a few companies with Incorporation or IPO's during these years.  I just picked out a few from my list that are familiar enough for everyone to recognize. 

Michael Munkasey's Company Data lists over 7,000 stocks and you could probably find quite a few more than my examples.

1982-83 Northfolk Southern, Verizon, Nash-Finch
1988 Biogen, Citigroup, Dell.
1995 Hartford Financial, ITT International, Diamond Offshore.

P. S. These Companies have a planet in the late degrees of Sagittarius therefore when Jupiter passes this point they could increase in price during the month of December.

Sources:  Neil Michelsen's Planetary Phenomena, ACS Publishing
Mike Munkasey's Company Data,  Email address
Aquarius Papers Galactic Center Conjunctions,  by Robert Wilkinson


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